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Mon Sep 18 2023
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Sophia Diggs caught people's attention for being linked with the American rapper RZA as his sister. She is also known for being romantically linked and sharing a love life with Ghostface Killah.

If you want to know if Sophia and Ghostface Killah were married? then this piece is for you. By reading this, people can clarify their doubts about Sophia's children and net worth with other details. 

Unfold Diggs' Relationship Status: Is She Dating Or Has A Boyfriend?

Sophia Diggs is possibly single and isn't seen hooking up with someone sharing a relationship. She has kept a low-key profile revealing nothing about her present relationship details.

Sophia Diggs's former romantic partner Ghostface.
Sophia Diggs's former romantic partner Ghostface. (Source: Pinterest)

Diggs wasn't always single from the start and did share a romantic relationship with Ghostface Killah. Her ex-partner Ghostface is an American rapper and member of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan.

Diggs and Ghostface's relationship was the talk of the town which created various curiosities. Were they married or not? was the question and topic of curiosity that revolved in people's minds.

Diggs and Ghostface always had a secretive relationship and most of the details remain unknown. It was reported that they dated each other from 2006 to 2009 glancing through the Internet. 

Were Diggs And Ghostface Married? 

The people were always interested to know if Sophia Diggs was Ghostface Killah's wife or not. Some said they were married while some were in dilemma and we will clear up this confusion for you. 

Sophia and Ghostface were never married although they did share a romantic relationship. There is no concrete proof to claim that they tied the knot and were a married couple. 

All the available sources point out that Diggs and Ghostface never settled down as a married pair. They did share an intriguing love life in the hip-hop community but were never married. 

Who Is Sophia Ex-Partner, Ghostface? 

Dennis David Coles known by the stage name Ghostface Killah is a well-recognized American rapper. He also got the attention of people for being a member of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. 

In 1966, Ghostface released his debut album Ironman which showed his lyrical prowess. Over the years, he has released several notable albums like Supreme Clientele and Fishscale.

Ghostface's soundtracks have been featured in movies like Ironman, Nerve, and Blade: Trinity. His enduring impact on hip-hop culture has solidified his place as one of the genre's legends. 

About Diggs And Ghostface Killah's Baby

Sophia Diggs and Ghostface Killah shared kids but which baby belongs to Sophia is unclear. Speaking of Ghostface, he is the father of four children but the mother's identity is unknown. 

The picture of Ghostface Killah's son Infinite Coles.
The picture of Ghostface Killah's son Infinite Coles. (Source: Instagram @ 4everinfinite_)

Dennis Ames famous by the stage name Sun God is Ghostface's son who is also a rapper. He shares other two rapper sons Supreme-Intelligence and Infinite Coles respectively. 

There is also another daughter of Ghstoface but her name is yet to be disclosed right now. Among all those kids it was reported Sun God and Infinite Coles is her child but the answer remains vague. 

The Curious Case Of Sophia's Net Worth: Explore Her Fortune!

Sophia Diggs has made an astonishing net worth of $1.2 million that matches Alisha Wainwright. All of her income details are undisclosed but it is known that she is a lawyer by profession. 

Furthermore, Diggs specializes in intellectual property law and corporate law. She has worked with notable entertainment studios like Marvel Entertainment and Universal Studios.

On the other hand, Sophia's brother RZA commands an admirable net worth of $18 million. He is a renowned American rapper and actor making money through a career in the showbiz world.

As per Social Blade, Rza's hip-hop group Wu-TangClan makes $33.5K to $535.4K yearly from their YouTube channel. He also earns money through his official songs and albums royalties.  

Is Sophia Active On Social Media?

Sophia Diggs is not active on social media platforms and loves to keep a low-key profile. She doesn't have any accounts on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Diggs would have wanted to stay behind the shadow of digital platforms away from the public. People are often looking out for her Instagram but it's not available at the moment. 

Regardless, you can easily find Sophia's brother RZA active on all social media platforms. His Instagram page is found under the username @ rza with over 1.4 million followers. 

A Peek Into Diggs' Family And Age

Sophia Diggs's birth details remain unclear but was reported born in 1992 and is the age of early 30s. Sophia's father was a bus driver and her mother was a teacher whose names are unknown.

Sophia Diggs' brother RZA during a concert.
Sophia Diggs' brother RZA during a concert. (Source: Instagram @ rza)

Likewise, Sophia comes from a big family having nine brothers and two sisters. Among all the siblings, the lady's brother Robert Fitzgerald Diggs aka RZA is a well-known American rapper.

Some of Sophia's other sibling's names are Mitchell Diggs and Terrance Hamlin aka 9th Prince. She being a private person herself hasn't revealed much about her other family members. 

Diggs' Educational Background 

RZA's sister Diggs carries a well academic background having a bachelor's degree in Law in 2014. She completed her bachelor's by enrolling at the University of Pennsylvania.

After graduation, she then attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School. At that University, she received a Juris Doctorate. completing her graduation in 2019.

Is Sophia Involved In The Music Industry? 

Sophia Diggs isn't involved in the music industry like her siblings and is involved in the law sector. Similarly, she has specialized in intellectual property law and corporate law.

Diggs has worked with notable people like former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and Mayor Bill de Blasio. She is also a member of the New York State Bar Association serving as co-chairman of their Diversity Committee. 

Sophia working with clients like Universal Studios and Marvel Entertainment is an example of her phenomenal work. Sophia is doing fine with her career although she is not enrolled in the music industry.

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