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Business Woman (1947)
Sun Mar 12 2023
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Stacey Weitzman is the wife of Henry Winkler, a famous American comedian, and actor. Her husband Henry is best known for his role as Coach Klein in The Waterboy. 

Weitzman may have risen to fame as a celebrity wife but is an American businesswoman and activist. She owned the fashion PR firm. 

What About The Net Worth Of Stacey Weitzman?

Stacey Weitzman may have earned admirable money but net worth details are undetermined right now. Her exact round figure is under the wrap and undisclosed. 

Weitzman has generated money from her business work adding to her net worth. As noted earlier, she added money from her clothing store located in Beverly Hills

The picture of Henry Winkler clicked in the TV series Barry red carpet. (Source: GoldDerby)

Although Stacey's net worth is unidentified, we do know that her husband Henry Winkler net worth is $40 million. He made this empire from the fortune made through his career in the showbiz world. 

In 1974, Henry was paid $50 thousand per episode for the TV series Happy Days. He has earned money for his acting works in the TV show Barry

About The Real Estate Of Weitzman and Winkler

One of Winkler's valuable properties is his Los Angeles home purchased in 1993 for $3.4 million. It is currently estimated to be worth between $11-15 million

Likewise, Winkler sold his longtime Toluca Lake home to actor Andy Garcia for $2.26 million. He sold it in the same year he purchased the Los Angeles property.

The First Meet Of Winkler & Weitzman

Stacey and Henry had their first introduction in 1976. They met Winkler at Jerry Magnin's clothing store located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. 

On the day of their first meeting, Winkler came to the shop looking for a sports coat. He approached Stacey for help and she gladly assisted him in finding the perfect coat.

During the interaction, Winkler was struck by Stacey's beauty and charisma. However, neither of them took action at their first meeting remaining neutral. 

A week later, when Winkler returned to the store to pick up his coat, Stacey happened to be there. Winkler seized the opportunity to ask her out and they began dating.  

When Did Stacey & Henry Complete Their Marriage?

Stacey Weitzman and Henry Winkler completed their marriage ceremony in 1978. They tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony at a synagogue in New York City.

During their time of marriage, Winkler's acting career was on the rise and was becoming increasingly famous. This fame brought a lot of attention to the couple.

The marriage ceremony picture of Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman
The marriage ceremony picture of Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman. (Source: People

Throughout their marriage, Weitzman and Winkler have remained committed to each other. They have tackled ups and downs in their married life and stayed strong. 

Many celebrity couples separate after several years but that doesn't apply in the married life of Stacey and Henry. They have stayed together for 44 years with no news of divorce. 

Stacey And Henry's Lasting Marriage Reason

According to Stacey Weitzman, people change over time, but the important values that are held dear remain the same. She explains that it takes effort to maintain a long-term relationship.

Weitzman's perspective on marriage is rooted in her own experiences with Winkler. In the Interview with People, she said:

We're not the same people we are when we got married. But certain of the tenets you hold dear are still intact

Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman are married for over four decades
Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman are married for over four decades. (Source: Yahoo Finance

Stacey explains that couples who want to build lasting relationships have patience and understanding. Similarly, the willingness to work through challenges together.

Past Relationship Of Stacey Weitzman

Stacey was previously married to Howard Weitzman before marrying Henry Winkler. Her former's husband Howard is an entertainment American lawyer.

Howard was active in matters ranging from intellectual property to criminal defense. It's unfortunate he passed away on April 7, 2021, at the age of eight.

Howard Weitzman is the former husband of Stacey Weitzman. (Source: Wikipedia)
Howard Weitzman is the former husband of Stacey Weitzman. (Source: Wikipedia)

The former couple Stacey and Howard completed their marriage ceremony on October 19, 1969. They stayed together for seven years before the divorce. 

Unfortunately, things between Stacey and Howard didn't work out. They eventually made the decision of separating and completed divorce in 1976. 

Stacey Is The Mother Of Three Children

Stacey and Winkler welcomed their first child daughter Zoe Emily Wrinkler on September 30, 1980. She was welcomed two years after their marriage. 

Weitzman gave birth to their second child and named him Max Winkler. He was born three after three years of Zoe's birth on August 18, 1983.

Stacey Weitzman with her husband and three children.
Stacey Weitzman with her husband and three children. (Source: People)

Stacey was already a mother before welcoming Zoe and Max with Winkler. She is the mother of Jed Weitzman from her previous marriage with Howard Weitzman. 

Henry's wife Stacey is now a proud grandmother. Weitzman and Wrinkler have spoken about how much their grandchildren mean to them and how they enjoy spending time with them.

Stacey's PR Firm Details

Weitzman attended the University of Southern California(USC) completing her graduation in business. After graduating, she started her own fashion public relations firm.

Stacey's PR firm didn't take long enough to grab success. She worked with high-end clients such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Jag, and Jerry Magnin's, a clothing store.

It's not covered whether Stacey continued to work in her PR firm. She may have left it after sharing a romantic life with Henry Winkler. 

Is Weitzman Related To Children's Action Network?

Winkler and Weitzman are both passionate about working with children. In 1990, they partnered with six other couples, including Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, to found the Children's Action Network.

The organization focuses on improving the lives of children by offering free vaccinations and running a national adoption program. It has made a significant impact on the lives of many children.

A Lookout At Weitzman's Early Life

Stacey Weitzman was born to her parents on November 15, 1947. Her parents may have raised her in Los Angeles, California, United States. 

The name of her mother is Stacey Cooper Frustman while her father's name is not known. Her father used to work in a private office while her mother's profession was a nurse.  

Weitzman used to respect the decisions of her parents. Although she was fond of studying fashion design, she studied economics and business at USC at her parent's suggestion. 

Stacey's illness And Health Update

Stacey isn't suffering from any illness right now. However, she had health complications in her past suffering from cancer and battling with it for a long time.

Weitzman underwent a lumpectomy and intensive chemotherapy, but unfortunately, cancer came back. It was a devastating time for her family and close colleagues. 

Ultimately, Stacey then decided to have a double mastectomy to prevent the cancer from recurring. The surgery was successful, and she has been cancer-free since then.


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