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Mon May 30 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Susan Andrews

Husband : Tucker Carlson
Susan Andrews married to her boyfriend, Tucker Carlson on 1991.

In a successful marriage, there is immense love between the husband and wife, which clears out all barriers in their relationship. But, sometimes, it takes time to find love, and eventually, some lucky ones find themselves meant to be from their childhood, and together. When it comes to Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson, they are together since they were in school.

Andrews was born in the United States of America and belongs to a white ethnicity/race. Moreover, she holds American citizenship. To know more in details about Susan's personal life, read the article till the end.

Andrews & Carlson's Married Life

Susan Andrews and her husband, Tucker Carlson are living the most joyful moments in their marital relationship. The couple tied the knot in 1991, in a private ceremony attended by their close ones.

The soulmates are childhood sweethearts who met while studying at the St. George's School situated in Middletown, Rhode Island. Shortly they became friends and started dating upon graduation.

Susan Andrews and her husband, Tucker Carlson with their relatives
Photo: Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson with their relatives in Los Angeles, California on 16th April 2019. 
Source: Getty Images

At the time of dating, the pair were 15 years old. More to that, Susan and Tucker decided to get married while studying at Trinity College, located in Hartford, Connecticut. Susan later went to her father, George E. Andrews II, who was the principal of St. George's School and asked him for his permission to marry Tucker.

Fortunately, Susan's father approved her request, and shortly they fixed her engagement with Carlson. After graduating from college, Susan and Tucker united as husband and wife and still keeps a cheerful bond even after 28 long years.

Parents to Four Children

Susan and Tucker are blessed with four lovely kids. At the beginning of their new journey of life, they welcomed their first member of their family, a daughter, Lillie Carlson on 22nd November 1994. Currently, she reached the age of 25 and enrolled at the University of Virginia.

Susan Andrews' husband, Tucker Carlson carrying his first daughter, Lillie Carlson
Image: Susan Andrews and her husband, Tucker Carlson welcomed his first daughter, Lillie Carlson. 
Source: Instagram @tuckercarlson

The couple later welcomed a baby boy, Buckley Carlson (born in 1997), and the family went on a family trip to Little St. Simons Island, Georgia. Eventually, Buckley and Lillie started playing a friendly alligator. But, the tour guide told them not to play, and the kids stopped thankfully.

Susan Andrews and her husband with their children
Picture: Susan Andrews and her husband, Tucker Carlson with their kids. 
Source: Pinterest

The pair also shares two beautiful daughters, Hopie Carlson (born in 1999) and Dorothy Carlson. As of now, their daughters attend St. George's School, where Carlson is in 9th grade, and Dorothy is in 6th grade.

Net Worth of Susan's Husband (Tucker)

Susan Andrews' spouse, Carlson maintains a whopping fortune of $20 Million as of 2019 which is a way more than Karen Finney. Meanwhile, he earns a lucrative salary from his profession. Likewise, the average wage of a political analyst is $94,747 annually. So, his income might be similar to a political commentator in the US.

Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson sold their Kentucky house
Image: Susan Andrews and her husband, Tucker Carlson listed their house for sale. 
Source: DC Curbed

On the other hand, Susan and her husband, Tucker also bought a house in Kentucky for $2 Million, but later, sold out at $4 Million. Their former rooftop consists of six bedrooms, eight bathrooms on 4,800 square feet. In addition to his earnings, he also receives quite a paycheque through his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight where Greg Gutfeld has also appeared.

Andrews' Spouse (Carlson)'s Publication Works

Susan's husband, Tucker wrote his first book, Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites: My Adventures in Cable News in 2003, which is about the professional works done by Carlson in the field of politics. The book also garnered four and a half out of five from 59 reviewers.

The frame of  Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites: My Adventures in Cable News
 Cover: Susan Andrews' husband, Tucker Carlson wrote his first book, Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites: My Adventures in Cable News. 
Source: Amazon

As of now, the book is listed on the price at $69.99 in audio, cassette, which includes used ($30.99) and one new ($30.00). But, you can also buy it for $24.23 in the Kindle edition, which includes both new and used.

Carlson also wrote and published his second book, Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution on 2nd October 2018. For his book, he listed #best seller of 2018 by The New York Times.

The cover of Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution
Frame: Tucker Carlson wrote his best selling book, Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution. 
Source: Amazon

The book is rated five out of five stars from 2,001 ratings by the readers. His book currently prizes for $28.00, but you can buy it for $12.48 in hardcover, including 254 used ($1.49), 54 new ($6.17), and eight collectible ($13.51). Similarly, it also costs $11.99 in the Kindle edition.

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