The Story of DMX's Son Tacoma Simmons - He Might Be As Successful as His Father

Sat Jan 22 2022
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Successful musical composer Tacoma Simmons was born on 27 August 1999 in Mount Kisco, New York. He was born to the American rapper DMX (Earl Simmons) and  American actress Tashera Simmons.

DMX's son Simmons shares three siblings and eleven half-siblings of African-American ethnicity. His biological siblings are Xavier, Sean, and Praise Marry Ella.

Net Worth of Tacoma Simmons

A picture of Tacoma Simmons. Source: Tuko
A picture of Tacoma Simmons. Source: Tuko

No offense but Simmons is still just a starter in the industry. He may be the son of the late rapper, DMX but he still has a milestone to reach. Even with his new career, he has been able to make quite good money. The estimated net worth of the son of the late DMX, Tacoma Simmons is above $150,000. 

Though he has already stepped towards his career and made his own name, let's not forget he is the son of one of the famous rappers, DMX who had an estimated net worth of $10 million, made through his career before his death. Moreover, the wife of DMX or the mother of Simmons possesses a total wealth of $ 500,000.

Death Of DMX

The Billboard Music Special Award holder DMX passed away on April 9, 2021. This news blew up and many fans were saddened to know about the death of the rapper.

Reportedly, the rapper died due to a severe heart attack at White Plains Hospital, New York. The news said that the heart attack was induced by the intake of cocaine which blocked the blood flow up to the brain.

Childhood of DMX's Son

Simmons was the second child of his family. The Best Rap Video award winner's son was charming and shy from an early age. 

DMX kissing his son Tacoma Simmons.
Photo of DMX kissing his son Tacoma Simmons (Source:

The young boy's parents separated when he was 15. However, he has always remained close to his parents.

Let's Know More About The Young Composer's Parents

Guitar Center manager's father Earl Simmons aka DMX was an admired American rapper and actor who was born on 18 December 1970. He owns the songs: And Then There Was X, We Right Here, I Miss You, and more. 

Besides, his mother Tashera Simmons is an actress in Uncensored, Starter Wives, and Trippin.

Earl Simmons(DMX) with his wife Tashera Simmons.
Photo of Earl Simmons with his wife Tashera Simmons (Source:

What About Simmons' Studies?

According to sources, DMX's son, Simmons completed his high school studies at Fox Lane High School. And reportedly, he is pursuing his Bachelor's degree in the United States. Since he never makes updates on himself,  it wouldn't be a surprise even if he has already graduated from college,

Nonetheless, there is no denying that the actual facts about the academics of Simmons are still not known, so there's a possibility of him having already dropped out.

Facts About Tacoma Simmons

Tashera Simmons posing with her children.
Photo of Tashera Simmons with her children (Source: Instagram@tasherasimmons)
  1. The talented melodist is fond of movies like The Day After Tomorrow, Fright Night, etc.
  2. He follows TV shows: The Walking Dead, Guy Code, and Talent shows.
  3. The cute lyricist loves to read books. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is his all-time favorite.

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