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Interior Designer and TV Personality (1973)
Wed May 03 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Taniya Nayak

Husband : Brian O'Donnell.
Taniya Nayak married Brian O'Donnell in 2007.

Taniya Nayak is an Indian American television personality who is a respected name in the field of Interior Design. She holds celebrity status for her interior works.

Nayak runs a successful interior design firm. She spent her young days in Boston, MA. She may have been raised in Boston, but she originally comes from Nagpur, India. She was born on February 22, 1973.

Nayak's Net Worth:

Taniya Nayak is a successful woman having her own business and television works. So, it's no surprise that she accumulated a lot of wealth. Her net worth is believed to be around $1.2 million.

Taniya is wearing an orange top with pink skirt whereas, Sabrina is wearing a yellow dress
Taniya Nayak with her friend, Sabrina Soto at The Soto House (Source: Instagram @taniyanayak)

Her firm Taniya Nayak Design, Inc., has been a tremendous success and has established itself as one of the top Boston-based Interior designing firms. Her income generated by the business has not been disclosed.

Nayak's Education:

The love for designing took Nayak to pursue her education in the related field. The renowned interior designer also holds the degree of Master of Arts in Interior Designing from Boston Architectural College.

You can't apply for a Master's Degree without completing your Bachelor's Degree. Nayak did her Bachelor's studies in Marketing at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

In addition, she did her high school education at Weymouth High School.

Nayak Is Married To Brian O’Donnell:

Taniya Nayak changed her relationship status from single to married in 2007. She tied the knot with a successful Boston-based restauranteur Brian O'Donnell

Brian is wearing a white polo shirt and Taniya is wearing a yellow dress.
Taniya Nayak with her husband Brian O'Donnell (Source: Room Fu)

The romantic couple met at the restaurant and were engaged for a while before exchanging their vows.

About Nayak's Parents:

Nayak is the daughter of BD Nayak and Leela Nayak. She feels blessed to be raised by parents like them.

Like Rudy Pankow, her father, BD Nayak, is an architect. He is a respected name in Boston. Her father had a significant influence on her life growing up. Her love for designing came from her father.

Who Is Brian O'Donnell?

Nayak's husband, Brian O'Donnell, is a celebrated Boston restauranteur who owns numerous restaurants and is involved in its functioning as he brings his culinary skills into action.

He is known for owning famous restaurants like Lower Mills Tavern, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, and the highly rated McGanns Irish Pub.

Flynn: Nayak's Pet Name 

Nayak may not have a kid, but she sees herself as a mother to her pet dog Flynn. Flynn is a Bulldog that Nayak often posts about on her Instagram. She has even done a comical skit with her dog on her Instagram.

Taniya taking a selfie with her dog.
Taniya Nayak with her pet dog Flynn (Source: Instagram @taniyanayak)

On Flynn's seventh birthday, she posted a video about him. The video caption says:

Happy lucky 7 to my big boy! @flynnthebulldog_ love you buddy!
I think we’re technically the same age now. 

Physical Appearance: Height & Weight

Taniya Nayak is always rocking her brown hair, further complimented by her contagious smile. Also, she has beautiful brown eyes. 

Her slim body type is associated with her weight of 54 kg (119 lbs). She is also one of the shortest celebrities in Hollywood, standing at the same height as Stevanna Jackson at 5 ft 3 inches (160 cm).

Nayak's Dog Is On Instagram:

It's not only Nayak who is on Instagram but her pet dog as well. Nayak's dog Flynn is a bit of a celebrity as this famous bulldog has his own Instagram account. 

Flynn is wearing a green tie and a hat.
Flynn dressed up for St. Patricks Day (Source: Instagram @flynnthebulldog_)

It is, however, unclear if it's Nayak herself or someone else who handles his Instagram. You won't find new Flynn posts every day, but essential life updates on him, such as his birthday, are provided to his followers through his Instagram handle @flynnthebulldog_

In addition, you will also find Flynn's presence on Nayka's Instagram @taniyanayak.

Taniya Nayak's Social Media Presence:

You will find Nayak active on her social media with all the frequent updates she provides to her followers. She uses social media not only for her life updates but also to promote her business. The woman lives her best life and shares it with the world through social media.

She may be on Facebook (@Taniya Nayak) and Twitter (@TaniyaNayak), but Instagram is her go-to social media. You will find something new on her Insta handle @taniyanayak almost every day. That's not to say she doesn't regularly post on Twitter and Facebook.

Despite regular uploads, she hardly gets any engagement on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. But her Instagram followers are highly engaged with her posts compared to her other social handles. That might explain her activeness on Instagram over other social platforms.

Nayak's Work With HGTV:

HGTV (Home & Garden Television) is an American TV Network that exclusively focuses on producing reality television shows. Nayak's central portion of television success comes from this network.

Most television audiences recognize her for HGTV's Battle on the Beach, which aired in 2021. Despite the show getting poor ratings on IMDb, she left an impression on the show's audience through her role as the Mentor in the show.

HGTV has given her more television exposure by giving her a role in some of their other series, such as Designed to Sell, Build It Forward, and HGTV Showdown. HGTV has played a considerable role in providing her with television success.

Nayak Has Her Own Business:

Nayak's interior designing skills have gained her celebrity status, which has led her to massive success and fortune through television. However, this sole thing is not the only reason behind her reputed name in the world of interior design.

Tanya Nayak Design Inc. is an established name in the world of interior design. The success she has achieved through this firm is no joke. This Boston-based company is a recognized name, with some notable works being Ruth's Chris Steak House, Sydney Street, and Foxfire Grill, among others. 

You can learn more about her company through their website taniyanayak.com.

Nayak's Television Works:

Her interior designing credentials landed her on television. Some major US TV networks like HGTV and Food Network approached her, and eventually, she became a bit of a celebrity herself.

Taniya and Alison are wearing a black dress with Denim Jacket whereas Ty is wearing black sweater, blue jeans and a yellow hat.
Taniya Nayak on HGTV's Battle on the Beach alongside Ty Pennington (Left) and Alison Victoria (Right) (Source: Instagram @taniyanayak)

Her first television role came through ABC's 2003 show Knock First. The show was about the designer whose task was to give a complete makeover of a random teenager's room that the show would pick. Nayak was told that she got the job due to her ability to connect with the teens.

Her success in television has only gone uphill since. She has gone on to feature in numerous TV series. She was also the judge for the show The Great Christmas Light Fight. Furthermore, she has been invited to popular talk shows like Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Nayak's Accolades:

Nayak has some accolades to her name that solidifies her status as an interior designer. She has made her way to prominent magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The Boston Globe, and Design New England, all featuring her design works and tips.

She also made it to the top 10 list of INDIA New England’s Business Women of the Year. Furthermore, she also has received an award from ASID New England in Excellence in Design category.

Nayak Hosts A Podcast:

Besides all her business and TV works, Nayak also hosts a podcast. The podcast titled The Break aims at inspiring people to achieve what they want in their respective fields by sharing the success stories of the guests to motivate the listeners.

Taniya taking a selfie with her black colored mic. She is a wearing a floral patterned dress.
Taniya Nayak posing with her podcast mic (Source: Instagram @taniyanayak)

The podcast has seen a fair share of success, with some top companies like Spotify and Apple providing the platform for the show. You can check the Insta handle @thebreakwtaniyanayak for all the developing updates on the podcast.

Nayak Is A Philanthropist:

Nayak is also attached to some cause and does everything she can to help. She doesn't hesitate to fight for what she believes in. More importantly, she is a believer in Gandhi:

Be the change you want to see

She is associated with many charitable organizations like Akshaya Patra, Habitat for Humanity, Together She Can, and many others. She works closely with these organizations in raising funds and helping the needy.


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