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Wed Feb 22 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Tanya Tay

Husband : Jack Posobiec
Tanya Tay married Jack Posobiec in 2017.

Tanya Tay is the celebrity wife of Jack Posobiec, an American political activist. She is of Slovakian nationality but later moved to the United States, gaining fame after marrying Jack.

Tay's husband, Jack Posobiec, is a far-right political activist and a correspondent. He is widely known for his pro-Trump stance on Twitter. Let's dive into this article to know more about this lovely couple Tanaya and Jack's personal life. 

Marriage Of Tanya Tay And Jack Posobiec

Tanya Tay first met Jack Posobiec at a bible study in 2015. They quickly fell for each other and dated for about two years before getting married on November 5, 2017. It is also the marriage year of Erica Stoll and Rory Mcllroy.

Tanya Tay's marriage day with Jack Posobiec
A beautiful wedding picture of Tanya Tay and Jack Posobiec.
(Image Source: Twitter)

It looks like the marriage was held privately. And only close friends and family were invited to the wedding ceremony. During the wedding ceremony, Tanya wore an A-line white dress, while Jack wore a matching navy uniform for the occasion.

Who Is Tanya Tay Son? 

A year after the marriage, Tanya gave birth to her son on May 2018. She and her partner Jack never revealed their son's name, but many speculate it to be Jack Jr.

Since birth, Tanya's son's image has widely circulated on the internet as the married couple often shares it on social media. It seems that this lovely couple might reveal more about their son in the coming days. 

Jack Posobiec Wife, Tanya, Was Born Outside The US

Yes, Jack's wife, Tanya Tay, was born outside the United States. She was born and raised in Slovakia, a beautiful country in Europe. However, other details, including her parent's identity, haven't been disclosed to the public.

After some time, Tanya migrated to the US, and during that period, she met the love of her life. By age, she seems to be in her early thirties. However, it's just speculation because she has not revealed much about her details. 

Net Worth Of Tanya Tay's Husband

Being a celebrity wife, Tanya lives a prosperous life but has not revealed her profession in any media. Because of that, her net worth is hard to estimate. But it is for sure, she lives a lavish life with her husband's fortune just like Cathryn Sealey and Elina Gollert.

Tanya Tay and her husband on Trump Day
Tanya Tay and her husband, Jack Posobiec on Trump Day
(Image Source: Twitter)

On the other hand, her husband, Jack's net worth, is not that hard to estimate. Jack's main source of income is as a host and political activist. He has an annual salary of a little over $100k. As of now, Jack Posobiec's net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. It should be enough to live a comfortable life. 

A Little About Jack Posobiec

Jack Posobiec was born and raised in Pennsylvania, US. He is popular for being an alt-right activist and as a correspondent. He was born on December 14, 1984. He describes himself as a Republican. However, both of his parents were democrats. 

Jack became College Republican's chairman while he was studying at Temple University. And that might have had an effect on his political view.

Jack Is A White Supremacist & Antisemitic Supporter

Tanya Tay's spouse, Jack Posobiec, has been linked to various white supremacist movements, a movement where people think white people are above every other race. His various social media posts also contain the 1488 slogan, a white supremacist code.

Similarly, Jack's tweets also contained triple parentheses, which is widely considered to be an antisemitic symbol. Needless to say, these things have only worsened his public reputation.

Did Tanya's Husband Promote White Genocide Conspiracy Theory?

Tanya's husband, Jack, often promoted White Genocide or White Replacement Conspiracy Theory. It's a conspiracy theory often used by white supremacists. The theory states the deliberate plot to promote mass non-white immigration, abortion, and many other things, which are often blamed on Jews.

The main purpose of this theory is the justification for white nationalist agendas. And Tanya's husband, Jack, is often seen promoting these theories, which have negatively impacted his reputation. 

Spread The Fake Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory

Jack repeatedly spread fake information propagating the Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory.  It claimed that the high-ranking officials of democrats were involved in the child sex trafficking ring. However, the claim has been debunked as false after multiple investigations by the Washington D.C. police.

Tanya Tay's husband, Jack Posobiec, giving a speech
Tanya Tay's husband, Jack Posobiec, giving an interview.
(Image Source: Southern Poverty Law Center)

Despite being repeatedly discredited as false allegations, it continued to spread on Twitter for a while, with over a million users of the hashtag #Pizzagate.

Jack Previously Worked In A Navy

Jack started has served the US Navy just like Rorke Denver. He started serving in the US Navy Reserve in 2010 and went on several tours. He served at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base for ten months and at the Office of Naval Intelligence. 

Jack also worked as a director for a pro-Trump organization, though not an official one, in the 2016 election. Just a year later, in March 2017, he resigned from ONI ending his Navy journey.

Jack Also Worked For The Media

The former US Navy officer Jack was employed as a bureau chief for Rebel News, a Canadian far-right website, from April to May 2017. As such, he was granted press access to the White House in April 2017.

Jack also worked as a political correspondent and presenter for the OANN, a far-right TV channel, in 2018. In May 2021, he left the organization and began working as a senior editor in Human Events, a conservative political publication.

Jack Posobiec in White House
Jack Posobiec in the White House
(Image Source: Hope not hate)

Posobiec also mentioned that he worked for CBS News in his Twitter Bio. However, it was refuted by CBS News themselves, saying he never worked for them.

Bumble Banned Jack's Account: But Why?

Bumble, a dating app where woman sends the message first, reportedly banned Jack Posobiec's account in 2018. Lindsey Ledford first reported the account on Twitter and messaged Bumble with his history of promoting conspiracy theories.

In response, Bumble officially banned the account, stating:

"We are so grateful to you, Lindsey, for bringing this to our attention. Our team has removed Jack from our platform. Bumble was founded on the core values of kindness, respect, integrity and equality, and we do not tolerate anyone who does not uphold these values on our platform."

Tanya Tay's spouse, Jack Posobiec, Twitter chat with a reported for Mashable.
Tanya Tay's spouse, Jack Posobiec, Twitter chat with a reported for Mashable. (Image Source: Mashable)

However, later the real Jack Posobiec explained that it wasn't his real account and was used by an impersonator, saying he doesn't need to use Bumble:

"Everyone knows I have a hot Eastern European wife and we just got married."

But, as per Buzzfeed News, Bumble confirmed that the account was connected to Jack's real Facebook account.

Social Media Presence

The celebrity wife, Tanya Tay, is very active on her social media accounts. On Instagram, she is active under the username @realtanyatay. There she has achieved more than 6k followers.

Similarly, on Twitter, Tay has already garnered over 74.6k followers. There she is active on the username @realTanyaTay.


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