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Sun Dec 01 2019
By   Bibek

Tara Setmayer is widely respected by people, mainly because of the work she's accomplished. Her personality is what makes her relatable to many people. As much as her followers know about her professional life, very few are familiar with her personal life.

It is not a secret that she is a married woman. The CNN correspondent tied the knot in a destination wedding with her husband, but the couple is rarely spotted together. We're curious to know more about their marital life, are you? If you are, then read along.

The Mystery Man in her Life

Setmayer walked down the aisle with her husband on September 4, 2013. The lovely pair took the trip to Sicily in Italy for their big day. Tara and her spouse were accompanied by their loved ones at the venue of Castello di Caccamo. 

Tara Setmayer and her husband at their wedding in Sicily at Italy
Image: Tara Setmayer and Marcelle Love enjoying their big day in this photo collage. 
Source: Twitter @TaraSetmayer

Even though not much information is known to us about her husband, Tara revealed in her Tweet about her better half being a law enforcement officer. According to her tweet, on November 25, 2014, Setmayer told her partner is in the service for nearly two decades now.

Setmayer has so far kept the identity of her husband a secret. As per many online tabloids reveal that her husband's name is Marcelle Love. The duo is often spotted taking a vacation in exotic destinations on her social media.   

Does she have any Children?

It's been six years to their marriage, but Setmayer and her partner are still not ready to expand their family. Tara does not have any children as of now, but in the future, the duo might consider expanding their family.

Tara Setmayer and her husband enjoying a holiday
Picture: Tara Setmayer (left) and Marcelle Love (right). 
Source: Married Celeb

There are no official records about her past relationships. She might've been in a romantic affair with men in the past. The same can be said for her husband, too; there are no official records of his previous relationships as well. 

Becoming the CNN Starlet!

After completing her education from the George Washington University, Tara took jobs which provided her with varied on-the-job experience. She started her professional life as a research fellow and communications specialist for the Coalition on Urban Renewal & Education (CURE).

She left the job and grabbed the opportunity to work for the US House of Representatives, Dana Rohrabacher. Setmayer started her work from 2006 to 2013, before moving to work for various magazines. Her publications work experience comes by serving in magazines like Ebony Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and The Hill Newspaper.

Tara Setmayer for CNN
Frame: Tara Setmayer on CNN. 
Source: Mediaite

In addition to that, Setmayer started to work at the CNN from 2014 as a political commentator. At the prestigious news network, she provided her viewers with updated news alongside other journalists like Anderson Cooper, Susan Hendricks, and Jeff Zeleny, to name a few.


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