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Mon May 15 2023
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Tatiana Pajkovic has lured the attention of people for being the wife of Boyd Holbrook. Her husband Boyd is a prominent American actor who won the hearts of millions appearing in Logan

Even though Pajkovic is famous for being Boyd's wife,  she also has made a name for herself as an actress. People know her for appearing in the movie The Transporter Refueled and playing the role of Maria. 

The Relationship Status Of Tatiana With Boyd: An Overview 

It is known that Tatiana Pajkovic shares a lovely marital life with her husband Boyd Holbrook. They have completed the timeline of over four years of sharing life together. 

Pajkovic first encountered Holbrook in 2016 and their relationship blossomed after that meeting. They spent two years knowing each other and spending time before getting married. 

Tatiana Pajkovic with her loving husband Boyd Holbrook. (
Tatiana Pajkovic with her loving husband Boyd Holbrook. (Source: Instagram @ tatianatuts)

With no further delay, Pajkovic and Holbrook exchanged marriage vows in 2018. It wasn't a flashy wedding ceremony instead was private in the presence of close friends and family. 

Some celebrity couples separate after several years of being together. However, it does not seem to be the case for Pajkovic and Holbrook. They are pretty happy and do not have any extramarital affairs.

Does Tatiana Share Children With Boyd?

Yes, Tatiana is the mother of the son Day Holbrook which she welcomed with her husband Boyd. He was born to them on January 15, 2018, and that year is special as his parents got married during that year. 

Tatiana Pajkovic enjoying time with her son Day Holbrook.
Tatiana Pajkovic enjoying time with her son Day Holbrook. (Source: Instagram @ tatianatuts)

Tatiana loves her son which can be witnessed through posts on her social media handle. She never misses out to share sweet pictures of her son on Instagram.

Day Holbrook is still too young to pursue any professional career. Regardless, fans eagerly wait to see if he will pursue a career like his parents in the entertainment sector. 

Was Pajkovic Formerly Married? 

Tatiana Pajkovic wasn't married to anyone and Boyd Holbrook is her first husband. However, Boyd was previously engaged to the American actress Elizabeth Olsen. 

Boyd Holbrook with his former fiance Elizabeth Olsen.
Boyd Holbrook with his former fiance Elizabeth Olsen. (Source: Pinterest) 

Boyd and Elizabeth started dating after meeting on the set of their movie Very Good Girls in 2012. They soon completed their engagement ceremony in March 2014. 

Likewise, Holbrook and Olsen never got married as they broke up a year later after their engagement. It is reported that Olsen ditched him through a call, on the same day his best friend died. Likewise, Holbrook has also dated Maika Monroe.

Tatiana Pajkovic Net Worth

Tatiana Pajkovic is the owner of a handful amount of money worth $900 thousand just like Leslie Hamilton Gearren. She has earned most of her wealth through her professional acting career in the showbiz world. 

Pajkovic characterized the role of Maria in the movie The Transformer Refuelled. It was a blockbuster movie that collected $72 million over the budget of $22 million at the box office collection. 

Tatiana Pajkovic has a net worth of $900 thousand.
Tatiana Pajkovic has a net worth of $900 thousand. (Source: Instagram @ tatianatutus) 

On the contrary, Tatiana's husband Boyd Holbrook has an estimated net worth of $3 million. His fortune is made through his professional acting career in the showbiz industry. 

Boyd has six upcoming projects on the line from which he earns money through her acting work. He may earn a handful of money through the upcoming movie Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny with the other five on the line. 

Know The Details On Tatiana's Parents 

Tatiana Pajkovic was born in Copenhagen, Denmark celebrating it every year on the 25th of January. Her father is Dragomir Pajkovic while the name of her mother is unidentified. 

The picture of Tatiana Pajkovic with her mother from childhood.
The picture of Tatiana Pajkovic with her mother from childhood. (Source: Instagram @ tatianatutus) 

Although the details of Tatiana's mother is not known, she shares picture with her mother on her social handle. She often shows admiration toward her mother on her Instagram posts. 

On the other hand, Tatiana's father Dragomir Pajkovic is a Montenegrin actor, director, and producer. She may have developed an interest in acting due to her father. 

The Social Media Platform Of Pajkovic

Tatiana Pajkovic has fully made the utilization of the digital world. She stays active on social media sites interacting with thousand of fans through it. 

Tatiana Pajkovic's Instagram post with her son Day Halbrook.
Tatiana Pajkovic's Instagram post with her son Day Halbrook. (Source: Instagram @ tatianatutus)

Pajkovic is primarily active on the Instagram platform for personal life and other updates. People can connect through the handle with username@tatianatuts having over 13 thousand followers. 

The Devil Town actress Tatiana mostly shares pictures of her family life. There is a Twitter handle with the username@TPajkovic but it is not known whether it is her official account or not.

Pakjkovic's Husband Boyd's Acting Career Detail 

Boyd Halbrook is a famous American actor who made his debut in the movie Milk in 2008. He has completed the circle of over a decade in the entertainment industry. 

People love Boyd for his acting role in Narcos. It is a television series in which he portrayed the role of Steve Murphy appearing for a total of twenty episodes. 

Some of Halbrook's notable acting attributes include Logan, The Predator, and The Host. Also, he has bagged Hamptons International Film Festival Awards. 

Halbrook strives to provide entertainment to his fans through his acting appearances in TV series and movies. You can see his amazing acting in Last Meals, Executioner, and The Bikeriders with some other upcoming projects. 

An Introduction To Pajkovic's Career 

Tatiana Pajkovic is an actress working in the entertainment industry. She landed her debut on-screen acting appearance in the movie Nynne playing the role of Flona. 

Pajkovic's notable performance came in 2015 playing for the movie The Transformer Refuelled. You can see her playing the role of Maria in that movie. 

Tatiana Pajkovic with her husband Boyd Halbrook.
Tatiana Pajkovic with her husband Boyd Halbrook. (Source: Instagram @ tatianatuts)

Similarly, the role of Ali in the short film Devil Town is her last seen acting appearance. She hasn't worked in any television series or movies since 2021. 

Additionally, Tatiana is the CEO of Tatiana Pajkovic Studio which was established in January 2020. However, no details are found regarding the projects released by the studio as of now. 

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