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Mon Jun 12 2023
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Chris Hemsworth is not the only Thor: Love and Thunder cast member to have his family in the movie. The director of the movie Taika Watiti is also one of them.

Yes, the director Watiti's daughter Te Hinekāhu also made her debut in a large motion picture. She was one of the Asgardians in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Who Is Te Hinekāhu? 

Te Hinekāhu is a celebrity daughter who rose to fame after appearing in the MCU movie Thor: Love and Thunder. She is the daughter of New Zealand filmmaker Taika Watiti.

Te Hinekāhu with her sister and father Taika Watiti.
Te Hinekāhu with her sister and father Taika Watiti. Source: Instagram @taikawatiti

Hinekāhu was born on May 21, 2012, in Los Angeles, United States. Her full name is Te Kainga O’Te Hinekahu Waititi.

Watiti's daughter Te is American according to her birthplace. But, she is a New Zealander from her parents. She is being raised in the United States alongside her siblings.

Te Hinekāhu's Parents: Famous Mother & Father

One's personal life comes forth when one belongs to a famous household. Similar is the case for Hinekāhu. Her parents are well-known as a filmmaker couple.

Te Hinekāhu's mother Chelsea Winstanley is a film producer from New Zealand. Similarly, her father Watiti is a filmmaker and director.

Te Hinekāhu's parents are Taika Watiti and Chelsea Winstanley. Source: YouTube @RNZ

Taika Watiti and Chelsea Winstanley got married in 2011 in New York in a private setting. The filmmaker couple was happy in their relationship. 

According to Winstanley, it was Watiti who helped her to love again. He helped her to deal with all the pain and forget about her horrible past.

The celebrity daughter, Hinekāhu's parents are already divorced now. Despite their separation, Te's parents did not let it affect her.

Te Hinekāhu's Parents Separated When She Was 6

unfortunately, Hinekāhu could not stay with both of her parents together. Her parents got separated when she was only 6 years old.

The former couple Watitit and Winstanley gave birth to two children together in their seven-year-long married life. However, life is not always good. Te Hinekāhu's parents divorced in 2018.

Taika Watiti and his Chelsea Winstanley parted ways in 2018.
Taika Watiti and his Chelsea Winstanley parted ways in 2018. Source: Daily Mail

Thor: Love and Thunder director Watiti, and his former wife kept quiet about their separation. It was only in 2020 that Chelsea hinted about their separation.

Chelsea posted a picture with her mother with the caption hinting she was single:

"This is a better one of my stunning mama date!! Way better date than a seat filler! (For those of you who have sent me sweet uplifting messages you know what I mean)."

Divorce Reason: Why Te Hinekāhu's Parents Got Separated?

The former couple, Taika and Chelsea, both have remained silent regarding the details of their divorce. However, they have given some hints about their separation reason.

In 2018, Chelsea stated: 

"I'm just sick of women portrayed as living in the shadow of their partners, that's all."

Apparently, Te Hinekāhu's parents got separated due to her mother wanting to be someone known for her work. She does not want to gain the spotlight for just being in a relationship with famous people.

Is Te Hinekāhu's Father, Taika Watiti, Married To Rita Ora?

Yes, Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Watiti is now married to singer Rita Ora. The couple first sparked their dating rumors in 2021.

Taika Watiti is currently in a marital relationship with Rita Ora.
Taika Watiti is currently in a marital relationship with Rita Ora. Source: Pinterest

Following that, Ora and Watiti began to appear in different events together. He also posted a Valentine's tribute to Rita in 2022.

According to For You singer, Rita, her relationship with Taika is like a fairytale. He made the first move after being friends for six years.

The love birds Taika and Rita got married in August 2022. The wedding ceremony was kept private and their close friends and families were only invited.

The celebrity couple kept their marriage a secret. The British singer and songwriter later confirmed their marriage in Heart Radio Breakfast. Watiti even made a tattoo of the letter R.

Let's see the Relationship Timeline of Te Hinekāhu's father Taika Waitit and Rita Ora

YearRomantic Events
2018Taika Watiti and Rita Ora met for the first time.
April 21, 2021Taika and Rita sparked dating rumors.
August 2, 2021The couple made their red carpet debut.
Feb 14, 2022Valentine's tribute post to Rita by Watiti.
July 5, 2022Rita and Taika kissed at Thor: Love and Thunder premiere.
August 12, 2022The Love Birds marriage rumors spread.
September 20, 2022Rita said her relationship with Taika is like a fairytale.
January 1, 2023Ora flaunted her wedding ring at The Tonight Show of Jimmy Fallon.

Te Hinekāhu's Siblings

Hinekāhu is Taika Waititi and Chelsea Winstanley's first child, but she isn't their only one. After three years, they had their second daughter, Matewa Kiritapu, on August 11, 2015. 

Te Hinekāhu with her sister Matewa Kiritapu and father.
Te Hinekāhu with her sister Matewa Kiritapu and father. Source: Instagram @taikawatiti

Matewa was also born in Los Angeles like her older sister. In addition to Matewa, Hinekāhus has an older half-brother named Maia Winstanley, born from her mother's previous relationship. 

Maia, now an adult, is pursuing a career in Hollywood. Her mother had him when she was 21 and raised him as a single mother. Maia even appeared as a dancer in the 2010 film Boy.

Te Hinekāhu Net Worth: Know Taika Watiti's Daughter Lifestyle

Te Hinekāhu appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder as an Asgardian kid. Chris Hemsworth's daughter, India Rose was also in the movie. However, it is still too early for her to be able to stand to support herself financially.

Te Hinekāhu's father Taika Watiti's estate
Te Hinekāhu's father Taika Watiti's estate. Source: YouTube @The Rich Life

For now, Hinekāhu is enjoying her parent's fortunes. Her father, Taika Watiti, has an estimated net worth of $16 Million. Likewise, her mother, Chelsea Winstanley, has a net worth of $3 Million.

Speaking of Te's parent's real estate, Winstanley and Watiti bought a house in Los Angelos for $2.75 million in 2019. It was listed for sale in 2021 pricing only $500k more than what they had initially paid. 

Te Hinekāhu's Mother, Chelsea Winstanley, Sexual Abuse & Accident

Did you know? the screenwriter Chelsea Winstanley was sexually abused when she was young. She was pregnant at the age of 19. She aborted her child only to get pregnant the following year, i.e. at 20.

Hinekāhu's mother gave birth to her first child, Maia. Being a young single mother, Chelsea faced a pretty rough time. Furthermore, she got into a fatal car accident. She broke her leg in three places and smashed her face.



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