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Tue Jun 06 2023
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Terrie Diaz rose to prominence for being the second wife of Cuban standup comedian Joey Diaz. Moreover, Her husband Diaz is an actor, writer, as well as producer.

Being connected with a celebrity, one's personal life always gets media attention. So, let's have a peek into the life of Jose Diaz's wife, Terrie.

Relationship Status: Terrie Diaz Is Married To Joey Diaz

Yes, the Cuban actor Joey Diaz is married to Terrie Diaz. The married couple is together for more than a decade now. Joey and Terrie tied the knot on November 25, 2009.

Terrie Diaz with her husband Joey Diaz and daughter Mercy Diaz.
Terrie Diaz with her husband Joey Diaz and daughter Mercy Diaz. Source: Legit

Terrie and Joey first met in June 2000. After a couple of weeks, the two started dating on July 1, 2000. She helped Joey in his struggle days. 

Besides Joey, Terrie is not known to have a romantic relationship with anyone. On the other hand, her husband, Joey Diaz was married once before they start dating.

Terrie Diaz Talked About Joey's First Marriage In His Podcast

The celebrity wife, Terrie is a supportive wife like Neli Leucescu as mentioned earlier. She had once talked about her husband's first marriage on his podcast. She talked about why Joey's unidentified first wife left him.

Terrie was seen fully supporting her husband. She said:

"There are people who like to sit around and poke bears and then get upset when the bear attacks."

This is one piece of evidence that Terrie Diaz loves her husband unconditionally. No wonder why there are no rumors of their divorce till now.

Terrie & Her Husband Initially Kept Their Relationship Hidden

Joey started dating Terrie in 2000, however, the love birds had kept their relationship hidden. At that time, the Cuban fame was suffering from a financial crisis.

Joey Diaz's wife Terrie Diaz talking about their relationship
Joey Diaz's wife Terrie Diaz talks about their relationship. Source: YouTube Wife of the party 

Terrie had taken him to her house. The Cuban actor had only a duffel bag with him which had all his necessary items.

The love birds Joey and Terrie both worked at the same club. He used to perform whereas Terrie used to be a waitress.

Who Is Terrie Diaz's Daughter?

The married couple, Terrie Diaz and Joey Diaz share a daughter named Mercy Sofia Diaz. The romantic couple welcomed their first and only daughter on January 8, 2013.

Pregnancy came as a surprise for Terrie. She did not expect to be a mother in her 40s was not expected. However, Terrie is a great mother now and is taking care of her daughter.

Jose Diaz posted picture of Sofia Mercy Diaz playing basketball.
Jose Diaz posted pica ture of Sofia Mercy Diaz playing basketball. Source: Instagram @madflavors_world

Mercy is walking in the footstep of her mother. She is in her school's basketball team like her mother Terrie used to be.

Terrie and her husband have kept information relating to their daughter a secret. Joey is known to keep his personal life private. He still has not disclosed the identity of his first marriage and daughter.

Know Joey Diaz's First Wife & Daughter 

Terrie Diaz has only one daughter, i.e., Sofia Mercy. Her husband, Joey on the other hand already had a daughter from his previous marriage which ended in 1991.

Joey's first wife took their child to another man's house. Further, She made her parents lie about it. Besides this, Joey has not talked much about his past relationship. To cope with this great pain, Joey started taking drugs.

Terrie Diaz's Hand In Joey Diaz's Success

You may have heard the proverb, "Behind a successful man there is a woman." This is applied in the life of Joey Diaz as his wife helped him to be the star he is now.

In their early days of dating, Terrie once discovered the potential her husband had. Thus, she started supporting her husband to bring out the talent he has.

Terrie Diaz Age, Birthday, And Basketball Career

Joey Diaz's wife, Terrie Diaz was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and spent most of her young days in the land of Tenessee. She is believed to be born in the early 1970s. Her exact birthday is not known.

Terrie Diaz used to be an Basketball player in her highschool days.
Terrie Diaz used to be a Basketball player in her high school days. Source: Legit

Terrie was in a basketball athlete team since she was in fifth grade. She has worked hard for being one of the top woman basketball players. However, she was put down by the coach.

During her Junior high school days, Terrie had a nervous breakdown. She got blacked out and kicked the secretary.

Terrie Diaz's Net Worth - How Rich Is Joey Diaz's Wife?

Jose Diaz's wife, Terrie Diaz lives a comfortable life. She has an estimated net worth of $500k similar to Sawyer Jones. She is yet to reveal her current professional life and her income source.

Terrie Diaz's husband Joey Diaz is a millionaire.
Terrie Diaz's husband Joey Diaz is a millionaire. Source: Pinterest

However, It is public knowledge that Diaz had worked as a waitress and financial analyst at a law firm. While she worked for the club at night and financial analyst during the day time, Terrie used to make $23,000.

Terrie later moved to Los Angeles in search of better job opportunities. She worked as a waitress at a blues club for a while. Currently, she is living in New Jersey with her family.

Joey Diaz, similarly, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. Yes, Terrie's husband is a millionaire and has a six-figure net worth. He is an actor, producer, as well as a writer. 

Was Joey Diaz In The Sopranos?

Yes, Terrie Diaz's husband, Joey Diaz was in the prequel movie of The Sopranos, i.e., The Many Saints Of Newark. He portrayed the role of Buddha in the movie.

It was released in 2021, and Joey received wide appreciation from the audience. Besides The Sopranos prequel, he has acted in many movies & TV series. Joey has 82 acting credits on his IMDb profile.

Terrie Diaz's Husband Has Been To Prison

Did you know? The Cuban-American actor, Joey Diaz has been to prison. He was arrested for kidnapping and robbery.

Joey was sent to prison in 1988. There he spent 16 months of a four-year sentence. Diaz started doing stand-up comedy in prison which later helped him to be a stand-up comedian.

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