How is Theodora Holmes and Troy Polamalu's Married Life?

Fri Apr 24 2020
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Hailing from the Greek origin, Theodora Holmes is happily married to legendary American football strong safety, Troy Polamalu since 2005. Born as Troy Aumua Polamalu played his entire twelve-year career with the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers.

The married couple is an example for many as their marital life is still going strong after 15 years. Theodora and Troy are also proud parents and very much prioritize their children. So, let's find out in the following parts what's going in Holmes' marital life.

Are Holmes and Troy Happily Married?

Yes, there is no doubt as they are enjoying their life happily without any controversies for about 15 years. This power pair has a long history together. Theodora first met her boyfriend Polamalu through the introduction of her brother and Troy's teammate, Alex.

Theodora Holmes with her husband, Troy Polamalu Got Hitched in 2005
Image: Theodora Holmes with her husband, Troy Polamalu Got Hitched in 2005
Source: Getty Images

At that time, Holmes and Troy had been studying at the same university called USC. Then they immediately fell in love and began dating each other during their colleges. Similarly, the pair moved to Pittsburgh when Troy Aumua drafted 39.

Finally, their love affair turned into a marital partnership when they tied the knot on 27 January 2005. They married as per the Greek Orthodox Religion. It is because of trust in Theodora and her family. And the husband, the soccer star of NFL, also became a devout Greek Orthodox.

Now, both of them believe their faith is one of the things that made their marriage so fruitful and so strong. Similarly, they were engaged before the wedding in 2004.

Parents of Two Beautiful Youngsters

Graduated pair from the University of Southern California is blessed with two sons named Ephraim Polamalu and Paisios Polamalu. Their firstborn, Paisios was born on 31 October 2008, while on 16 September 2010, the second child, Ephraim, was born.

Theodora Holmes and Troy Polamalu have Two Sons
Caption: Theodora Holmes and Troy Polamalu have Two Sons
Source: Biography Mask

For now, the couple resides in  Pittsburgh to raise their two kids. Once Troy said in an interview, “I remember telling my wife, ‘If I ever tell you that I want to live here forever, you can slap me in my face.’ And here we are settling down in Pittsburgh, raising our children here. Because it’s our home now.”

Further, Theodore and her husband Troy Polamalu have been actively participating in charity activities include Harry Panos Fund and FOCUS North America.

A Little Sneak Peak About Ms. Polamalu

Theodora was born in San Diego, California, US to Mike Holmes and Katina Holmes. Theodora's father Mike is a well-known former football player at the University of Michigan, United States.

Added to her family members, Holmes has two brothers named Alex (born on ‎August 22, 1981) and Khaled Holmes ( born on January 19, 1990), who are players in NFL soccer. Older brother Alex, 38, has played tightly for the National Football League and also for the Harvard-Westlake School near Sherman Oaks, CA in high school football.

Theodora Holmes' Younger Borther, Khaled Holmes 
Photo: Theodora Holmes' Younger Brother, Khaled Holmes 
Source: Twitter@@KhaledHolmes

A younger siblings Khaled, 30, Khaled, 30, has played college football at USC. He was drafted in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts. Some of his career highlights include Indianapolis Colts (2013–2015), Chicago Bears (2016), and New York Giants (2017).


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