Who is Tom Rhys Harries Dating in 2020?

Sun May 17 2020
By   Bibek

Tom Rhys Harries plays a superstar DJ Axel in the new Netflix Original White Lines. The actor is hitting global fame with this new series which is created by Alex Pina who took the world by storm with his Money Heist seasons.

After his soaring fame, fans, especially female fans are finding their new crush. So' if you're among that group or not, stick to the article to know more about this Wales actor's relationship status.

Is Tom Dating Someone? Know his Relationship Status

As we know, the actor is currently single and busy promoting his new series, White Lines. The actor keeps himself busy with a lot of work and rarely gives a glimpse on his personal life.

Tom Rhys Harries enjoying his holiday with his friend at Lone Rock
Image: Tom Rhys Harries (right) with his friend at Lone Rock 
Source: Instagram @tomrhysharries

Even scrolling through his social media, there are no hints about his dating life. His posts mostly feature of his co-stars and work images. 

Star of Netflix's White Lines

In the brand new show, White Lines, Tom Harries appears as the character Axel who is a superstar DJ in Ibiza. A quick synopsis for those who don't know about the show; it follows the character Zoe Walker played by the beautiful Laura Haddock.

Zoe is the sister of Axel who goes to Ibiza to investigate the disappearance of this brother. Axel mysteriously disappears in the late 90s and is found dead in a desert 20 years later. Zoe while on this journey stumbles in a dangerous path.  

Apart from Tom and Laura, Nuno Lopes, Marta Milans, Daniel Mays, Angela Griffin, and many more features in the show. The show is created by Alex Pina who is also the creator of Money Heist. For many fans, the name Alex Pina created a buzz to watch White Lines.

Tattoos, Hats, & Motorbikes; Tom Loves it All

With the hype through his new series, the actor is giving many interviews discussing his personal liking and disliking. Did you know? English is not the first language of Tom, he speaks the Welsh Language.

Similar to that interesting personal facts, Tom loves to ride motorbikes. The actor, moreover, looks like a fan of hats. He has a vast collection of hats. Tom Harries said,

"I have a vast collection of hats. I've only got one head and I've got enough hats for a small army of people. I should probably address the hat situation".

Besides that, he is into tattoos and has 6 tattoos. Tom also loves to play guitar, piano, and uke bass; basically loves to do all the creative tasks.


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