Trish Regan Husband James A. Ben Married Life

Thu Oct 22 2020
By   Selena

Trish Regan, the 47-year-old American reporter, and her husband, James A. Ben, have been living a blissful marriage for over two decades. By profession, James is an Investment Banker and Entrepreneur currently employed at Rothschild & Co. as the head of M&A, North America.

Born on 13 December 1972, Trish joined Fox News in 2015 and anchored the Fox Business Network's Trish Regan Primetime evening program. But the Network revealed on Friday, March 27, 2020, that it had broken off ways with Regan. 

Let's take a sneak peek of her marital life in this article.

Happily Married for 19 Years

The couple who have celebrated their 19th marriage anniversary in 2019 tied the knot on August 26, 2001. The wedding function was held in among their family members but not much known about their big day venue or place to the media.

 Trish Regan and James A. Ben married in 2001
Photo: Trish Regan and James A. Ben married in 2001
Source: Instagram @trish_regan

Before becoming a wife and husband, Regan and A. Ben has announced their engagement six months before the wedlock in March. For now, the united couple is relishing a happy family life together. 

Scrolling Trish's Instagram, the Bloomberg Television former anchor posts frequently family holiday photos and pictures. And even after 19 years of reconciliation, the lovebirds have fresh and deep bonding that shows no hint of divorce.

Raising Their Three Children

Ben and Trish have three young children and are proud to raise them together. Twins Elizabeth Ben and Alexandra Ben were born, after eight years of marriage, on 10 December 2009.

Trish Regan and James A. Ben are Parents of Three Kids
Picture: Trish Regan and James A. Ben's Three Children
Source: Instagram @trish_regan

And nearly three years later, on 12 July 2012, the third-born son Jamie Ben was born. The 7-year-old baby Jamie was named after Jamie's dad, Ben.

Regan and Ben First Met At Her Cousin’s Wedding

The pair both grew up close to each other but did not meet until they were adults. She said that her partner played basketball in high school with one of her cousins during a post-graduate year at school in Maine.

In fact, James even spent a couple of holidays with her cousin and relatives. But, as adults, the two didn't meet because Regan was a 13-year-old kid with braces. The day actually came out when they had their first interaction at the wedding of the same cousin.

Fox Channel Spilt with Trish Regan, Host in Pandemic

Former CBS correspondent, Regan worked as an anchor on Fox News with Trish Regan weekdays for The Intelligence Report, then for Trish Regan Primetime. But on March 27, 2020, it was announced the network had let go of Regan Friday.

The decision came weeks after she took headlines for a divisive coronavirus monologue. She said Democrats blamed President Donald Trump, "him and only him," for the coronavirus. However, the on-screen graphic read, "Coronavirus Impeachment Scam.

Trish Regan Has Parted Her Ways From Fox Channel in Pandemic Following Her On-air Monologue
Image: Trish Regan Has Parted Her Ways From Fox Channel in Pandemic Following Her On-air Monologue
Source: YouTube

Then critics responded that they do not blame the president for the virus. Fox Business revealed four days later that the Regan program was going on hiatus. On Twitter, she clarified the decision to "limit staffing levels" in order to keep workers safe in the midst of the outbreak.

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