Tristyn Lee

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Bodybuilder, Instagram Star (2002)
Sun Mar 26 2023
By   Sarthak

Hard work and dedication truly bring the best out of you. That's what Tristyn Lee has proved at a young age. He started bodybuilding at 13, and now the teenager is famous as an internet sensation. Also an aspiring footballer, Tristyn has a staggering 1.7 million Instagram followers.

Tristyn was born on August 20, 2002, in Canada. His family lives in Ontario. Both of Tristyn's brothers, Tyler and Braedon, are fitness enthusiasts. At present, Tristyn is arguably the most shredded teenager in the world. Now let's be more familiar with this young star.

Tristyn Lee Relationship Status

While most teenagers are proud to flaunt their romance, Tristyn prefers to work on his physique. Having a reserved personality, the young athlete hasn't revealed his relationship status. Hence, it is not known if Lee has a girlfriend.

Tristyn Lee is single.
Image: Tristyn Lee (18) doesn't have a girlfriend as he spends much of his time training in the gym.
Source: Instagram@tristynleeofficial

Tristyn spends the majority of his time training in the gym. Maurissa Gunn is also a fitness lover. He works hard and stays focused rather than getting into a romantic affair. At a young age, Lee has become an inspiration for young people. Besides, he is an entrepreneur, so the Canadian star is busy building a fortune. 

Tristyn Lee Net Worth

Talking about his fortune, Tristyn has an estimated net worth of $500,000. It's been five years since he has been bodybuilding, but his primary goal is to be a footballer. Tristyn is yet to make a professional debut. Meanwhile, he is already world-famous for showcasing his physical transformation. Bodybuilders such as Eva Andressa and Aspen Rae also has a decent net worth.

Tristyn Lee's net worth is $500,000.
Image: Tristyn Lee has an estimated net worth of $500,000.
Source: Instagram@tristynleeofficial

Lee has an entrepreneurial mindset. Along with his brothers, he created an 8-week training program. The trio helps their clients by providing the exercise and nutrients programs through their website called "shopyoungandhungry."

Besides, Lee has partnered with brands like Steel and the bodybuilding apparel company, Clad Crew. He also earns a desirable sum of money from social media platforms. Tristyn has over 1 million followers on both Instagram and YouTube as of this writing.

Tristyn Lee Workout Routine

Lee's workout regime includes concentrating on one particular muscle group at a time. He does a lot of cardio and resistance training. After each workout, Tristyn performs 15 minutes of cardio and dedicates one day a week to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Watch a short clip of Lee's insane workout!

Lee's workout routine includes six days a week. Every exercise is mostly of 3 sets with up to 8-12 repetitions (reps). Let's take a look at his regime.

  • Monday (Chest): Incline barbell press, Incline dumbbell press, Flat dumbbell press, etc.
  • Tuesday (Arms): Machine preacher curl, Straight bar extensions, Barbell bicep curl, etc.
  • Wednesday (Legs): Leg extensions, Leg press, Barbell squats, etc.
  • Thursday (Shoulders): Machine Side lateral, Standing Shoulder Press, Dumbbell Shoulder press, etc.
  • Friday (Back): Bent Over Row, Lat Pulldown, Seated Row, Deadlift.
  • Saturday (HIIT): Single-arm clean, double arm-front swing, goblet squat, floor crunch, etc.
  • Sunday (Rest): Lee know the importance of resting as well.

Apart from weight lifting, Tristyn practices soccer three times per week. He follows a keto diet with a macro percentage breakdown of 70:20:5 of fats, protein, and carbs.

Lee eats 4-5 times a day, and he intakes around 3000-3500 calories per day. His dish includes scrambled eggs, steak, spinach, salad, broccoli, avocado, salmon, etc.

Tristyn Lee Physique: Steroids or Natural?

While most people dream of having a ripped and muscular look, only a few go to the gym and make that happen. Talking about Tristyn, he started perfecting his body at the early age of 13. Despite his internet popularity, many people accuse Tristyn of taking steroids.

Tristyn Lee comparison before and after.
Image: Tristyn Lee started bodybuilding at 13. Besides working out, he is passionate about soccer.
Source: Instagram@tristynleeofficial

Furthermore, social media users have even criticized Lee's parents for letting him do bodybuilding at a young age. However, Tristyn is determined for his passion, and he is currently the most shredded teen bodybuilder in the world. There is no doubt that this young boy is all-natural.

The truth about Tristyn's Height, Weight, and Body Fat

Did bodybuilding stunt Tristyn's growth? Why his height is small? Is he taking steroids? Well, people on the internet always come up with questions like this. Now, talking about Lee's height, he is 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m) tall. As per the latest studies and research, bodybuilding doesn't stunt one's height.

Now let's talk about Tristyn's body fat percentage. Recently he revealed his actual body fat on a video which he posted on February 14, 2021. The video titled "TESTING MY BODYFAT PART 2... Am I 4%?" showed that Tristyn's body fat is 4.4%. Likewise, he weighed 139.1 lbs (63.09 kgs).

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