Twin Sister Paige and Jocelyn Howard Relationship Status

Mon Sep 16 2019
By   Bibek

Paige Howard and Jocelyn Howard despite being part of the prominent film industry has managed to keep their relationship status pretty private. Most celebrities struggle with this while twin sisters seem to be pretty good at it. 

All three sisters Bryce Dallas Howard, Paige Howard, and Jocelyn Howard are prominent figures in the Hollywood industry. While Bryce is already married and is a mom, her sisters partner in real life are missing. Or are the twins hiding something, let's find out.

Paige Howard in 365 days of pure happiness!

No guys, this is not a movie name, this is, in fact, a caption that Paige posted referring to her partner. Yes, Paige Howard is in a relationship. So' then Who is her Boyfriend?

Well, guys, she is in a relationship with a guy named Tim Abou-Nasr. Yes, she is very happy in her relationship and moreover, the pair started their relationship back in 2018. Not just that, Paige is engaged to her lover but there are no reports about her marriage. Ms. Howard's Instagram page is filled with lovely pics of both of them enjoying each other's company.

Paige Howard (left) with her fiance Tim Abou-Nsar (right). Source: Instagram

We're not quite sure of how Paige began her affair with Tim Abou-Nsar, but they seem to make a really good pair. There is not much information related to Tim but going through his Instagram we can see him playing guitar and singing. 

What about her sister Jocelyn Howard relationship status?

While her twin sister and her elder sister all are in a healthy relationship, Jocelyn Howard is not far behind. As per some reports on online tabloids, Jocelyn seems to be enjoying a romantic affair with a man.

Jocelyn Howard (right) with her father Ron Howard (in the middle) and her twin sister Paige Howard (left). Source: Instagram

We hit a dead end while trying to dig up some details about the love of her life. It looks like Jocelyn does not want the world to know about her partner. Moreover, she is also not active on social media which also helps to cover up her personal life. 

Well, we respect her privacy and until Howard decides to come out in the public with her lover, it is difficult to know more about her romantic love story.

They are destined to be in Showbiz but father Ron Howard had different thoughts

In an interview with the UK talk show, Ron Howard admitted he never wanted his kids to be part of the industry. Ron tied the knot with his high school sweetheart Cheryl Howard in 1975.

Ron Howard (left) with his wife Cheryl Howard (right). Source:

From his forty-four years of marital life, he together with his wife raised four kids. Three beautiful daughters and one handsome son. He said in an interview that, he took away his four children from Los Angeles so' that they would never be exposed to the likeness of Hollywood industry.

"I'm not so crazy about them getting into the industry to be honest. It's tough, particularly for women. We even moved our kids out of Los Angeles and raised them East outside of New York City, because we just didn't want them exposed to it".

His fear, however, came true as both of his daughters, Bryce and Paige are into movies and even won awards for their performance. On the other hand, his other two kids are not bothered on getting the spotlight as they are in other fields of work.

Ron further said,

"Two of our family are into it for all the right reasons, both Bryce and Paige because they really love it and Jocelyn and Reed are pursuing other things".

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