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Thu May 14 2020
By   Bibek

It's amazing sometimes how destiny plays an important role in one gaining fame in this world. A similar thing happened to Amanda Markert who swiftly rose to fame after her one night stands with Jersey Shore star DJ Pauly D.

After almost five months of a court battle for the custody of her child, Amanda is now a full-time guardian while Pauly can see his daughter during the weekends. There is not much information about Markert as she's not some media personality.

But we still have some facts that you might be interested in knowing about Pauly D's baby's mother. To know more, read along.

One Night Affair with Pauly D

In 2013, when Jersey Shore star Pauly revealed his cute daughter, many started to find his relationship. The woman's name is Amanda Markert who was a college student at the time and also a VIP waitress.

Pauly D is a DJ and a reality star who features in Jersey Shore
Image: Pauly D from the Jersey Shore is the father of Amanda Markert's Daughter 
Source: Daily Mail

Many speculated if she was his girlfriend and when the couple started dating each other. But none of that is true as Amanda and Pauly D met each other for the first time in Las Vegas night. The duo spent a night together and nine months later she gave birth to Pauly D's daughter.

Another Jersey Shore star, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro had a short-lived affair with Malika Haqq.

The Custody Battle

The duo never shared any romantic feelings with each other and only see each other due to their child, Amabella Sophia Markert. In October 2013, when the Jersey Shore actor revealed his daughter, he also filed for the full custody of Amabella.

At the time, Markert was working as a waitress and also a college student, so Pauly felt she was unfit to be a mother. But after months of a custody battle, the court favored Amanda and granted her full custody while Pauly can visit her every weekend. 

Amabella is Markert's Second Child

Before giving birth to Amabella, Markert was already a mother. She was raising her son, Mikey which Amanda conceived from her previous relationship. No, she was not previously married but Markert was in an affair with Mikey's father.

Amanda with her daughter Amabella enjoying their vacation
Frame: Amanda Markert with her Daughter 
Source: Instagram @covermythoughtsingold

Did you know? Amanda was arrested by the police for assaulting Mikey's father. One night Amanda returned home in a drunken state and in that state, she assaulted Mikey's dad. After that, the relationship between the pair was over as reported on online tabloids.

In this case, as well, the court granted Mikey's full parental custody to Amanda. As of now, she is no longer in touch with Mikey's biological father.

What's her Current Relationship Status? Is she Dating?

She's not a media personality so, there's not much information about her personal life. Amanda is, however, active on Instagram and frequently posts pictures of her children and personal life. 

Scrolling through her Instagram, we know that she is currently single and is only focusing on raising her children. In fact, after her one-night affair with Pauly D in Las Vegas, there are no reports of her dating anyone.


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