Valeri Vinatieri

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Wife of football player
Tue Nov 15 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Valeri Vinatieri

Husband : Adam Vinatieri
Valeri Vinatieri and Adam Vinatieri married on 2001.

Valeri Vinatieri is a well-known name in America, the wife of great and famous American footballer Adam Vinatieri.

Adam Vinatieri is a famous name in the world of sports, mainly football. He is the national footballer of America who played in the National Football League for 24 seasons.

Childhood of Valeri

Vinatieri was born in South Dakota, United States of America. She grew up and was raised there.

She doesn't belong to the celebrity's background but raised her fame after she got married to the famous footballer.

Personal life of Vinatieri

The lovely wife of Adam was a normal and ordinary girl from South Dakota who got to rose her fame after getting married to Adam Vinatieri.

She completed her education at the central high school at the South Dakota University of the United States. 

Vinatieri loves to do 

Vinatieri loves to read books, listen to music, paint, do yoga, play outdoor and indoor games in her free time.

She also loves to travel to new different places and explore the beauty of nature in her vacation days. She also loves to spend quality time with her family and loved ones.

When did Vinatieri got married to Adam?

The lovely couple became the talk of the town after they got married to each other in the year 2001. Though they have not shared their wedding venue yet with the media yet.

Valeri Vinatiari and Adam Vinatiari
Valeri Vinatieri with her husband Adam Vinatieri. Source: Apzo media

They got married to each other after dating each other for a couple of years. They are happily enjoying their married life since they got married.

How did Vinatieri and Adam meet?

The lovely couple Vinatieri and Adam met in the sports ground while Adam was playing for the New England patriots.

At the time, Vinatieri used to work as a cheerleader of one of the famous teams named Miami Dolphins due to which they met with each other.


The national League player Adam and the Vilantieri gave birth to the two children of their togetherness.

Their children are Aj Vinatieri and Alison Vinatieri. Aj Vinatieri is also a football player.

Aj Vinatieri and Alison Vinatieri, Adam Vinatiari and Valeri Vinatiari
Valeri Vinatieri with her husband Adam Vinatieri and children Aj Vinatieri and Alison Vinatieri. Source: Apzo media

Is Vinatiari's husband Adam still the placekicker

The player of Indiana polis colts and the husband of Valeri has played as a placekicker since 1995.

He had taken a rest from his career from the year 2021 and now he has not been playing from any of the clubs. 

The net worth of Valeri Vinatieri

The wife of a famous footballer is not as famous as her husband that's why she doesn't have her own net worth.

But her husband has a total net worth of $20 million. He has access to such an amount through his successful career as a footballer of America.

Rumor and controversies

The wife of Adam Vinatieri is a rumor-free personality. She has not been involved in any kinds of rumors and controversies that have hit the media highlight.

She loves to keep her personal life away from the media it is the reason behind her rumor-free personality.




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