Vanessa Lucido husband and Married Life

Sun Jan 17 2021
By   Selena

One of the successful businesswomen, Vanessa Lucido became the CEO of  ROC Equipment in Las Vegas, Nevada at age 26. It is a well known million-dollar foundation equipment company. 

After her rising fame, most of her fans are excited to know whether she is in a marital relationship or single. If then you are one of them then we suggest reading the whole article.

Does Vanessa Have a Husband? Her Married Life

Well, this question has confused many fans following her. Because of her secretive nature, her marital status is still unknown. There is no sort of any hint or evidence that leads her dating or having boyfriend.

Photo: Vanessa Lucido Along With A Dog
Source: Wiki Feet

The CEO of ROC Equipment is not active on social media. Vanessa has a Twitter account though but there are not many tweets that might give us some clue about her personal life. Any information about her comes through the reality TV show Curse of Oak Island.

However, sources claim that Vanessa being a married woman. There, however, are not any hard evidence about her wedding and husband. The sites even reveal that she is the mother of a child which may hint that she is actually married.

On the other hand, she shares a good relationship with her family and friends. 

Has a Daughter

Yes, many social online tabloids reveal that she is already a mother of a little child. But at the moment, she has not shared any further information about her baby on the media. 

Photo: Vanessa Lucido's Daughter Picture
Source: My Space

In one of the pictures, Lucido is seen with a girl child and her horse; which many claims that the girl child is in fact Vanessa's daughter. But to date, she not told the name of her baby's father. 

Also, her baby girl's name is also yet to reveal. Moreover, she rarely spotted along with her baby girl.

Became The CEO At Age 26

The company was previously owned by her father Lou Lucido and he leads the company as well. Vanessa is accompanied by her two siblings Rick Lucido and Marty Lucido. Her father one day sit down all the siblings and said whoever graduated and gets a degree first will lead the company.

Vanessa Lucido In Business Deal
Image: Vanessa Lucido In Business Deal
Source: TVOvermind

Vanessa did that and now she is not just a CEO but also a business partner in ROC Equipment. According to her LinkedIn page, she took over the position in August 2012 at the age of 26. Her late father taught Vanessa about the drilling at an early age.

Besides her current high position in the company, she was previously working as a consultant in other ventures too. From June 2005 to February 2012, Lucido worked at Becho Inc. as a Safety Director and Assistant Project Manager.

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