Vanessa Villanueva, Chris Perez Wife, How long was she Married?

Wed Sep 22 2021
By   Orish Thapa

Many people get famous through their hard work, and some get famous through their relationships. Today we are talking about the American actress Vanessa Villanueva. Despite it, she is known as the ex-wife of guitarist, Chris Perez, a member of the band Selena y Los Dinos.

Though Chris's ex-wife and an actress, Vanessa likes to keep her personal life private so, not much information is known about her. After marrying the lead guitarist and songwriter of the band Selena y Los Dinos, Vanessa came to the spotlight. If you want to know about Vanessa and Chris's love life, then go through the article.

Vanessa Married Life With Chris Perez

Although there is no information regarding Vanessa's early life and family, it cannot be said about her love life. As everyone knows, she was previously married to the guitarist and songwriter Chris Perez.

Venessa was married to Chris Perez for seven years.
Image: Vanessa Villanueva with her Ex-husband Chris Perez and their Children
Photo Source: E gossip 

Christopher Gilbert Perez, known as Chris Perez in the music industry, is a well-known American Guitarist. Chris has been a part of different music groups such as Selena y Los Dinos, Kumbia Kings.

Venessa and Chris first met each other around 1996-1997 through a common friend named John Garza. After their first meet, they eventually began to see each other and fell in love. However, their relationship began officially in 1998. 

Almost three years after their dating, in 2001, they finally decided to walk down the aisle on October 26, 2001. The couple was blessed with a daughter before their wedding. Vanessa gave birth to their daughter Cassie Perez in December 1998.

Vanessa Villanueva Is a Mother Of Two Children
Image: Vanessa Villanueva Is a Mother Of Two Children
Source: Celebrity Gossip

Moreover, after their wedding, the couple welcomed their second child, Noah Perez, in 2005. The couple seemed to be living happily until 2008 when the pair decided to get divorced.

Why Did Vanessa and Chris Decide to get Divorced?

Vanessa and Chris's married life didn't last long. The couple called it quits after only seven years of being married in 2008. According to the many sources, their divorce was Perez's drinking habit as he was not over his first wife.

According to Perez, his marriage with Vanessa was that he wanted to get over his first wife, Selena. Chris even said that he found her passing painful and thought it would heal him from the loss if he married, but it did not turn as he had hoped.

More so, he also revealed that whenever he was sleeping or in a daydream, Selena always came to him. To get over that illusion, he began to involve in alcohol and drugs. Venessa claimed that Chris never took good care of her as he was busying partying and avoiding her.

Vanessa's Ex-husband Chris was Previously Married to Selena Quintanilla.

Before getting married to Vanessa, Chris was in a marital bond with a Spanish singer named Selena Quintanilla. Chris and Selena met each other in 1989 when the guitarist joined Selena's band titled Selena y Los Dinos. After he joined the band, they became an important part of the band but also in each other life.

Before his marriage with Venessa, Chris was married to Selena.
Chris Perez with his late wife Selena Quintanilla.
Photo Source: Instagram@chrispereznow

The duo dated for two years before they tied the knot on April 2, 1992. Since Selena's parents were against the marriage, the couple had to run away and get married in secret. 

Chris and Selena were relishing their marital life until an unfortunate event struck them. Their romantic marital life ended when the singer was murdered by her manager, Yolanda Saldivar, on March 31, 1995.

To remember the love of his life, Chris wrote a book titled "To Selena, With Love," originally published on March 6, 2012.

Has Vanessa and Chris Moved On After Their Divorce?

After a couple of years of a split with Chris Perez, Vanessa moved on in her life. She has found the love of her life, Henry Soliz, and began dating him in 2012.

After her divorce with Chris Perez, Venessa married to Henry Soliz in 2018.
Venessa Villanueva with her new husband, Henry Soliz.
Photo Source: Glamour Buff

Almost after six years of being in a relationship with Henry, Vanessa decided to tied the knot for the second time in her life in February 2018 with her long-term boyfriend. The couple is enjoying their marital life and currently resides in Portland, Texas.

However, it is not sure whether the guitarist is involved in any romantic relationship or not, but Chris is rumored to be in a relationship with Melissa Jimenez. It seems Jimenez is a songwriter and singer by profession.

After his divorce with Venessa, Chris is rumored to be in relationship with Melissa Jimenez.
Chris Perez with his rumored fiancee, Melissa Jimenez.
Photo Source: Instagram@MelissaJimenez

The rumor  when singer-songwriter Melissa shared a picture wearing an engagement ring that Chris had given her. There was a rumor that he visited Jimenez in New York, though he has since revealed his place in the Big Apple where he records music.

However, since 2019 the two have not featured much in the media as a couple. For at least two years now, the engagement ring has been missing from Jimenez's finger.

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