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Sun May 21 2023
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Victoria Waldrip, famously known as Woah Vicky, is an American Instagram personality. She is also a businesswoman and Onlyfans model. Through Vicky's work, Waldrip earned millions and lives a lavish lifestyle.

Wladrip is a Youtuber having over a million subscribers on her Youtube channel. She worked as a rapper, releasing several songs, including Could Nevva. While her professional life is one click away, Victoria keeps her relationship elusive. Please continue reading to find out more on Woah Vicky!

Victoria Waldrip: Present Relationship Status

Victoria Waldrip is leading a single life and doesn't share any relationships as of now. Moreover, Vicky's kept the details of her present boyfriend/partner hidden from her adoring fans. So, many people believe Waldrip is single.

Victoria Waldrip enjoying her life in South Korea, Gyeongbokgung.
Victoria Waldrip had the time of her life in South Korea, Gyeongbokgung. (Source: Instagram @imwoahvicky)

Waldrip shares most of a glimpse into her life, personal or professional, on her Instagram handle. However, she hasn't shared anything on her IG that hints about her romantic partner. 

The lady may presently focus on her social media career and business ventures, as of now. People can only assume until she makes it official about her romantic life. 

Know In Brief About Victoria's Previous Relationship

Victoria Waldrip has been in several relationships in the past. Waldrip dated Papii JJ. However, Victoria and JJ shared only a year as a girlfriend and boyfriend.

Papii and Waldrip started dating in 2017 and broke up in 2018. Vicky broke up with her ex-boyfriend after she accused him of cheating on her with some other woman. 

Victoria Waldrip with her former boyfriend Papi JJ.
Victoria Waldrip with her former boyfriend Papi JJ. (Source: BIO WIKIS)

After the split with Papi JJ, she started dating Daivys Nicola, an Instagram star. She announced her relationship with him in March 2020 and possibly separated in the same year. 

Waldrip started dating John Gabbana in 2021 after splitting from Daivys. The details of their relationship were private, including the breakup and its reason. 

Did Waldrip Shared Children With Papi JJ?

Victoria Waldlrip hasn't shared any children with Papi JJ or her ex-partners. While Vicky claimed she was pregnant with Papi JJ's baby, It was a prank Youtube video. Waldrip later posted the gag on her channel. 

Waldrip pranked her ex-boyfriend with the pregnancy news on her Youtube. Victoria's claim was for video purposes, and the information was only rumors. 

Similarly, Victoria is not seen parenting any baby or kid. No details on Waldrip sharing any kids are available. Fans can ignore random speculations as well as rumors. 

The Net Worth Details Of Waldrip: An Overview

Victoria Waldrip has amassed an admirable net worth of at least $1 million. She has earned this wealth through her social media career and business ventures. 

Waldrip has earned a handful amount of money through her Youtube career. Victoria has crossed over 1 million subscribers with over 1 million views on several videos. 

Victoria Waldrip posing with her car Tesla Model 3.
Victoria Waldrip posing with her car Tesla Model 3. (Source; Instagram @ iamwoahvicky)

Additionally, the Instagram star Waldrip has a skincare line called Woah Skin. It is a digital skincare brand that offers products like serums, cleansers, and night creams.  

Similarly, Waldrip is fond of cars and shows her cars on her Instagram handle. Victoria owns the Tesla Model 3, and the car's price tag starts at $48,490

An Introduction To Waldrip's Parents

Victoria Waldrip was born to her parents, Steve Waldrip and Carla Johnson, on March 7, 2000, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Victoria turned 23 years old in 2023. 

Victoria Waldrip enjoying time with her mother Carla Johnson.
Victoria Waldrip was with her mother Carla Johnson. (Source: Instagram @ iamwoahvicky)

Speaking of Waldrip's parents, her father, Steve, works in real estate and home business. But Victoria's mother, Carla, is a complete mystery. 

Waldrip's parents have kept a low-key profile away from the media reach. Regardless, she is close to her family. Victoria can be seen with her family in many pictures on her Instagram.

Does Victoria Share Any Siblings?  

Victoria Waldrip has shared a half-sister Stephanie London from her father's side. She may be 31 years old, with an age gap of nine years between Stephanie and Victoria. 

London is professionally a fashion designer and owns a label called Waldrip NYC. She got her graduation from Savannah College of Art and Design. 

Victoria Waldrip with her fashion designer half-sister Sofia London.
Victoria Waldrip with her fashion designer half-sister Sofia London. (Source: Legit)

Stephanie was an intern at BPCM for a year, from 2008 to 2009. After the Intern, she worked as a design assistant for only six months. 

Presently, Waldrip's sister Stephanie is a designer at her label Waldrip. She started working as a designer in October 2011 and has completed over a decade in this profession. 

Has Waldrip Fallen Into Any Controversies? 

Waldrip has indeed fallen into several controversies throughout her career as an Internet personality. One of the most notable controversies was when she claimed to be black. 

The media personality Waldrip received backlash and accusations of cultural appropriation. She received several hate comments from the public for faking being black during that time.

Victoria Waldrip has been a part of different controversies in the past.
Victoria Waldrip has been a part of different controversies in the past. (Source: Instagram @ iamwoahvicky)

Furthermore, Waldrip also assaulted and trespassed the police officer. Also, she once compared herself with prominent singer Beyonce and was satirized by many people. 

Victoria badmouthed the social star Danielle Bregoli, which wasn't well received by the people. She said Bregoli was fake and commented on her cosmetic surgeries. People criticized Waldrip's comment on Danielle's sexual behavior. 

The Social Media Platforms Of Waldrip

Victoria Waldrip being an Internet personality, is active on all social platforms. She interacts with her fans through platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. 

You can find her Instagram at handle @iamwoahvicky, with 3.6 million followers. People can track some of her details by connecting to her Instagram handle. 

Waldrip is a Tiktok creator having a following of 8.9 million followers. She has amassed 285.4 million likes on her Tiktok. Vicky uses @imwoahvickyyy as her username.

Is Victoria Waldrip A Onlyfan Model? 

People have been curious to know if Victoria Waldrip is an Onlyfans model. To answer that question, yes, Victoria is indeed an Onlyfans model. 

Victoria Waldrip is an Onlyfans model.
Victoria Waldrip is an Onlyfans model. (Source: Instagram @ iamwoahvicky)

Waldrip hasn't kept it secretive. Furthermore, she shares the link to her Onlyfans account on her Instagram bio. She posted 799 pictures and 1417 videos having over 434k likes on her Onlyfans platform. 

According to Legit, she only takes pictures and videos of her feet. She will not send any full-body videos rather than her feet on her Onlyfans handle to the viewers. 

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