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Relationship Timeline Of Virginia Springsteen Shave

Husband : Mickey Shave
Virginia Springsteen Shave married her boyfriend, Mickey Shave. Mickey and Virginia are cherishing their married life and are very much in love.

Virginia Springsteen Shave is known as the sister of American musician, Bruce Springsteen. Virginia was born in 1950. 

Virginia is also called Ginny and is the second child but the first daughter of her house. Her name is kept after her aunt's name. Springsteen is a married celebrity sister of Bruce and a mother of three.

Virginia Springsteen Shave's Family Details

Virginia Springsteen Shave was born to her father Douglas Frederick Springsteen, and her mother Adele Ann Springsteen. Her paternal grandfather's name is Frederick H. Springsteen, and her grandmother's name is Alice Springsteen.

More, from her maternal side, Anthony Zerilli is her grandfather, and Adelina Sorrentino is her grandmother.

Virginia's Father's Profession

Douglas was a bus driver. Before that, he was an army who fought in World War II. Douglas drove the bus to San Francisco Airport. More, he also worked in St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church, Freehold.

Furthermore, he worked in many other places so as to feed his family. His continuous failure and low income made him depressed and led him to alcoholism.

Siblings of Virginia Springsteen Shave 

Springsteen has two siblings: a brother and a sister. Her brother's name is Bruce Springsteen who was born on 23rd September 1949. Pamela Springsteen is Virginia's sister who was born on 8th February 1962.

Virginia Springsteen Shave with her sister in a black cardigan.
Photo of Virginia Springsteen Shave with her sister (Source:

Bruce is a singer while his sister Pamela is a photographer by profession. Springsteen is very close to her siblings and loves them a lot.

Springsteen's Aunt

Virginia had an aunt, i.e. her father's sister whose name was also Virginia Springsteen Shave. Her aunt died in an accident at the age of five. It was the year 1927 when she was killed by a truck while reversing its track from a gas station. 

Springsteen's aunt was playing with her tricycle on the street. In the loving memory of her aunt, Virginia's parents gave her aunt's name to her.

Childhood of Virginia Springsteen Shave

Springsteen was born and raised by her parents in Long Branch in New Jersey along with her two siblings. they had a memorable childhood and were brought up in a peaceful environment.

Black and white photo of Virginia Springsteen Shave with her brother.
Childhood Photo of Virginia Springsteen Shave with her brother (Source:

Virginia was an adorable child since her early hood and was responsible towards her brother and sister.

Net Worth of Virginia Springsteen Shave

Virginia Springsteen Shave has a net worth of $500,000 from her profession. However, she has not revealed her profession yet. Virginia's living a comfortable life with her husband and children.

Is Virginia Springsteen Shave Married?

Yes. It is said that Virginia Springsteen Shave was pregnant while she was seventeen. Later, Virginia married her boyfriend, Mickey Shave

Virginia Springsteen Shave in a brown goggles with her husband.
Photo of Virginia Springsteen Shave with her husband (Source:

Mickey and Virginia are cherishing their married life and are very much in love. Likewise, Virginia and her spouse welcomed three kids.

Springsteen has two daughters and a son. Their names are not made public yet. But, Springsteen is already a grandmother. Furthermore, Springsteen takes care of her grandchildren and loves them greatly.

Who is Bruce Springsteen?

Bruce Springsteen is a singer as well as a songwriter. Bruce is popular for rock and country music. His first album was Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. He released this in the year 1973. 

Some of his songs are Dancing in the Dark, Tougher Than the Rest, Streets of Philadelphia, I'm on Fire, etc.


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