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Actor (1971)
Mon Nov 14 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Vladislav Galkin

Wife : Dariya Mikhaylova
Dariya Mikhaylova is the second wife of Vladislav Galkin married on 1998.
Ex-wife : Svetlana Fomicheva
Vladislav Galkin married to Svetlana Fomicheva on 1988 and separated on 1989.

Vladislav Borisovich Galkin is a famous name in the Russian movie industry. He had starred in many famous movies and television series which have made him known are The Master and Margarita, Spetsnaz, The Fall of the empire, etc.

He is also famous for being the son of a Russian actor and director Boris Galkin who has directed iyunya, Chyorny kloun.

Childhood of Galkin

The actor of The Master and Margarita was born in the year 1971 on December 25 in Saint Petersburg of Russia. He grew up in his own hometown with his parents.

He grew up watching films of his father and mother. Due to this he always had a dream of being like them and making his career in the acting field.

 Vladislav Galkin wearing black leather coat
 Vladislav Galkin was captured at a young age before his death. Source: techneurium.ru

Parents & siblings of Galkin

The actor of Spetsnaz is the son of famous Russian actors Boris Galkin and Yelena Galkin. He was the eldest son of his family.

He was blessed with one younger sibling whose name is Maria Galkin. He used to have a great bond with his sister.

Personal life of Galkin

The actor of The Fall of the Empire was a very hardworking and dedicated personality from his childhood according to his parents.

He started his career after he completed his graduation. He turned his childhood passion into his career due to which he had got an incredible return of it.


The son of famous actress Yelena Galkin had studied acting at the Russian Drama college of Moscow Russia Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute. Later on, he had studied related direction courses at the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography.

was a very hardworking and dedicated personality from his childhood according to his parents.

The first wife of Galkin

The son of Russian actor Boris Galkin was previously married to his long-term girlfriend Svetlana Fomicheva in the year 1988.

The lovely couple could not make their relationship and decided to get depart in the year 1989.

Married to Dariya Mikhaylova

The actor Galkin got married to the famous Actress from Russia Dariya Mikhaylova who has starred in the movie like Dalnoboyshchiki, Obyasneniye v lyubvi in the year 1998.

 Vladislav Galkin  Dariya Mikhaylova captured at the promotion of his movie
Vladislav Galkin with his second wife Dariya Mikhaylova. Source: Alchetron 

He got married to Dariya Mikhaylova after he got divorced from his first wife  Svetlana Fomicheva.

Is Dariya Mikhaylova still a widow ?

The second wife of Galkin had married Maksim Sukhanov who is a famous Russian actor, producer, and composer in the year 1985 and got divorced in the year 1991.

The news regarding the marriage of Dariya has not come to the media yet after the death of Galkin.

Did he have any children?

The actor Galkin and his first wife Svetlana Fomicheva did not give birth to any of the children.

He and his second wife Dariya Mikhaylova also did not give birth to any of the children. But Dariya has given birth to one daughter with his first husband  Maksim Sukhanov.

What was the reason for Galkin's Death?

The actor Galkin was found dead In the year 2010 on 25 February in his apartment in Moscow. 

The investigation regarding his death proved that he died due to a heart problem. But his family and fan claimed his death was a planned murder.



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