Weste Erickson

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Wed Jan 11 2023
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Weste Erickson was an amazing person in the horror movie industry. He was particularly recognized for his role in the 2017 horror television series, Terror in the Woods. Erickson's naturalistic acting would leave all his fans opened-jaw. He is truly missed by everyone.

Apart from his acting career, his nobility and kindness were far enough to certify his pureness and love for humanity. He was a humble, kind, and hard-working character.

Early Life & Hometown

The birth details of Erickson are not fully disclosed, his birth date and birth name are yet not available. However, he was born in 1983 in Forks, Sekiu, Washington. He was raised by his parents with three more kids. His childhood was cheerful and began his early education in his hometown.

Talking about his hometown, Sekiu is a place in Clallam County in Washington. This place is typically famous for fishing and bird watching.

Family Details

Erickson was a down-to-earth and friendly person who would never hesitate to share mere details of his family.

He loved his parents and other members of his family greatly. In fact, they were living together in their family house in Washington.


Weste Erickson was born to his father Ron Erickson, and his mother Karen Erickson. Both of his parents run a family business. His parents supported him greatly.

His parents are the owner of a Pysht Pottery in Sekiu. They are in this field since their children were born. Ronn and Karen brought up their children responsibly.


Talking about Erickson's siblings he had three siblings: two brothers and a sister. The names of his brothers are Lincoln Erickson and Thomas Erickson. Emma Erickson is the name of their sister. Weste loved all of his siblings sincerely.

However, the birth details of the remaining children of the Erickson family are also not revealed yet. More, they have not discussed anything regarding their education and professions. They must be engaged in some kind of business like their parents.

Erickson Deceased 

On 23 January 2017, Erickson was found dead in his residence. He used to live in Auburn then. He was not admitted to a hospital before his death nor did he have any serious health complications. He was only thirty-four years of age. However, he is yet alive in the memories of his well-wishers.

Weste Erickson in a black shirt raising his fist.
Photo of Weste Erickson (Source: www.youtube.com)

For many days, investigations were carried out just to find out his death cause but it went in vain. The actual cause of Erickson's sudden demise is yet an unsolved mystery. Based on his life story, there has been made a television series, Terror in the Woods.

IT Expert

Erickson used to work as an IT specialist at Tahoma Middle School located at Maple Valley in Washington. He was cordial and helpful to all his students, colleagues, and superiors. More, he is still admired for his gentle and kind qualities.

Furthermore, he was a qualified expert in the field of Information and Technology. He used to handle all the necessary responsibilities of the IT department at the school he used to work.

Married Life

Talking about Weste Erickson's married life he was single. Similarly, there is not much information available regarding his marriage and love life. Therefore, the information regarding his married life is yet very confusing.

Furthermore, there are no recent news and updates about his wife and children just in case he was married. 


Erickson has never been divorced. His marital life is not fully revealed. therefore, it is hard to describe updates regarding his wife, their conflicts, and divorce rumors.

Moreover, there is no recent news and gossip traced regarding his separation and any other legal issues in his married life.

Total Net Worth

Weste Erickson had collected a good sum of money from his vocation. Even though his actual net worth has not been revealed, Erickson probably had a total of $500 thousand ensued from his vocation.

Besides, he does not have a passive source of income. Therefore, his wealth constitutes his salaries, wages, and any other luxuries he owned.

Educational Status

Regarding Erickson's educational status, he completed his high school education at a reputed high school in Washington. He completed his higher studies there but the name of the university he attended has not been revealed. 

Furthermore, his university majors are yet to be updated. However, he probably majored in Bachelors of Information and Technology. Therefore, he holds an excellent degree in his hand.

Past Relationships

Weste Erickson never revealed his past relationship to the public. He has kept his love life in the dark.

Furthermore, his dating history cannot be traced as he had remained extremely low-key regarding this matter.

These Woods Are Haunted

The English television series Terror in the Woods is often known by the name ''These Woods are Haunted''. It was released on 10th October 2017 on Wild Dream Films. The show has now moved into the third season and is equally enjoyed and admired by the viewers as the first season.

It has been rated 6.8 out of 10 on IMDb and stars Debbie Rochon, Greg Clarke, and Leh Forrest. More, this series also received lots of positive reviews from the viewers.

Funeral & Commemoration

Erickson's funeral was completed in Auburn in Washington after the legal procedures were settled without any problems. All of his well-wishers, friends, colleagues, family, and relatives were present at his funeral.

Further, some of the funeral attendants even offered eulogies to the dead one and provided heartfelt condolence wishing his departed soul to rest in peace.

Social Media

Weste Erickson was not ever available on social media platforms. He did not have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Erickson loved to spend a simple and happy life. He was already socially active in his actual life and that might be the reason for him not being on any social sites.

However, descending from a strong technological background and working as an IT professional, he must have had at least one such account. This would make it easier for his fans to know more about him.

Hobbies & Interests

As Erickson was a technology enthusiast, he loved doing research in a similar field. He used to prepare journals on different aspects of information and technology. Furthermore, he used to update himself with daily news and updates.

Apart from that, he adored spending time with pets and kids. Whenever he used to be around children or pets, he would get involved with them and lost in their world.

Physical Appearance

Weste Erickson was blessed with a pair of attractive brown eyes and a light brown beard and mustache. Further, he has a rectangular face with a bald head. He looked really adorable.

Moreover, Weste stands at a normal height. However, the actual height measure and his weight are yet to be updated.

Find a Grave

Find a Grave is an online site that helps to locate the details of a deceased person from birth to death. As per www.findagrave.com, Erickson died at Auburn, King County in Washington. He was not buried but cremated. However, the location of the ashes is not known yet. 

As per this source, the memorial ID of Erickson is 176103793. However, his full date of birth and cause of demise have not been mentioned in any news sources and websites.

Qualities & Behavior

Weste was a great person by heart and work. He used to help everyone with all his guts. Moreover, he was a trustworthy employee of his workplace and strongly committed to his job.

However, he also had some weaknesses. Erickson was a nervous person in front of the mass in his early days. However, he worked on overcoming this fear and finally grew into a confident person.


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