What is Cleo Rocos Doing Now? Who is Her Partner?

Mon Sep 23 2019
By   Bibek

Cleo Rocos is a multi-artistic personality. She is an actress, producer, Presenter, and Businesswoman who reached her height of fame in the 80s and the 90s. 

Besides her glamorous role in The Kenny Everett Television Show, Rocos featured in the reality show Big Brother. Not just that, you will be surprised to know she was friends with Freddie Mercury, Princess Diana, and Benazir Bhutto. Now, let's now more about her current affairs.

The Kenny Everett Television Show

Rocos being a glamorous actress, really made her name after her appearance as the sidekick of Kenny Everett in the show. Prior to her role in the show, Cleo featured in small roles in the comedy series and also went on to perform in The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy

Cleo Rocos and Kenny Everett
Image: Kenny Everett (left) with Cleo Rocos (right) in the Kenny Everett Show. 
Source: Mirror.co.uk

Remembering her old days, Rocos praises director Alan J W Bell for believing on her and casting her on several roles in the TV films. Through Alan, her biggest break in Hollywood started as the sidekick of Kenny Everett. In an interview with Express, she says,

"I loved working with Kenny because it was just like being in a giant fantasy world; it was all happy mischief and never malicious".

She also appeared as the Earring Girl in the show and performed many sketches with him. Both of them bought the best out of each other. 

The Creation of her Own Brand

After the end of Kenny's show, many routes for her career started to open. She started her own show, The Seven Year Itch along with Daryl Hannah. Rocos, furthermore, narrated a three-part documentary series for 2014 FIFA World Cup.

After some years, Rocos decided to start her own premium tequila brand. The idea came to her after she observed a model in Vogue magazine drinking tequila.

Cleo Rocos and her tequila brand
Picture: Cleo Rocos posing with her Tequila Brand. 
Source: Express.co.uk 

 She says,

"I wanted my own brand of 100 percent tequila made from blue weber agave plant that was affordable. I spent ages researching and developing this and I launched AquaRiva Tequila in 2012".

For setting up the business, HSBC Bank and Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic helped her. Virgin Atlantic was looking for the path to Cancun, Mexico, and AquaRiva Tequila fell into that plan.

Cleo Rocos and AquaRiva Tequila
Frame: Cleo Rocos with her AquaRiva Tequila. 
Source: Express.co.uk

Has Cleo Rocos settled with any Partner?

The 52-year-old actress and businesswoman are single as of now. There are no details of any of her romantic affairs in the past. Rocos, however, is friends to many Hollywood celebrities, and it looks like no one's been able to steal her heart.

Cleo is very busy and focused on her business. While promoting her brand, she meets a lot of celebrities from George Clooney, Erin O'Connor to Richard Branson, and we can see the evidence on her Instagram. The actress is currently living in London with her mother.

Cleo Rocos and Richard Branson
Image: Richard Branson (left) with Cleo Rocos (right). 
Source: Instagram (@aquarivatequila)

There is no evidence that the actress wants to start a new relationship with someone. At the moment, she is enjoying her life being single. 

In addition to her business, Cleo is asked by many directors and producers to work in their show. But until and unless it is very entertaining, Rocos says no their offer.

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