What is Jonathan Schmitz Doing Now? Admitted to Killing But a Free Man

Mon Jan 17 2022
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Jonathan Schmitz is a convicted murderer from the USA  whose real name is Jonathan Tyler Schmitz. 

He killed his neighbor a 32-year-old man whose name is Scott Amedure and the person who told him that he has a crush on him.

Personal Life of Schmitz

Schmitz was born on July 18, 1970, in the USA. He is the murderer and was sentenced to prison for 50 years.

Schmitz is now a free man and living his life in the USA after he was free from jail due to his good behavior.

Jonathan Schmitz
Jonathan Schmitz Source: Detroit Free press

Admitted to murder

Jonathan Schmitz was the man who killed the person on 9 March 1995 who confessed to having a crush on Schmitz to the show host Jenny Jones in a Tv show.

The show advertised the segment that would admit to having a crush on the same-sex person so that he confessed it to his neighbor. 

Confessed of crime

Jonathan confessed his crime by calling the police after he killed the Amedure.

 But in court, he defends himself by telling he has a thyroid disorder and manic depression.

Scott Amedure
Scott Amedure was killed by Jonathan Schmitz. Source: Screen Rant

Punishment of Schmitz

Schmitz was sentenced to prison for 25 to 50 years after he killed his neighbor who once confessed to having a crush on him.

But he was free from prison after 22 years of his punishment due to his good behavior.

Was Jonathan having manic depression?

Jonathan's father Allyn Schmitz confessed to his depression in the police investigation.

His father told that he once tried to kill himself but was not successful. He did so due to his mental disorder.

Is the murderer of Amedure still alive?

He is now a free person and lives his life in the USA with his father and mother in his own hometown Lapeer, Michigan, USA.

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