What is Tyra Banks' Net Worth?

Wed May 17 2023
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Tyra Banks boasts a massive net worth as of 2023: Everything to know about her career!  

Tyra Banks was the first Black woman to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated issue in 1997. Said achievement made her the trailblazer for the legion of aspirants from minority communities. Tyra has had a most unique and illustrated career than her contemporaries. 

Banks is one of the top models in the country, but also a household face, thanks to her multi-faceted career. Banks hosted her flagship reality show, America's Next Top Model, till its last season in 2018. She also famously hosted America's Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars. 

Tyra Banks' Net Worth Revealed!  

If you're wondering how much a multi-hyphenated woman like Tyra Banks makes in the industry, then wonder no more. Reliable sources put the model's income at a staggering level. For instance, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the model-turned-host boasts a whopping $90 million as of 2023.    

Tyra Banks is a model-turned-business mogul.
Tyra Banks was the first Black woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. 
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Banks' earliest venture as a model began with the help of her mother, Caroline London. Caroline helmed and supported her daughter's ambitions for a long time. 

Tyra was only sixteen when she landed many runaway shows and twenty when she started nabbing lucrative brand deals, including with CoverGirl cosmetics.  

Not only was she the first African-American to grace the covers of Sports Illustrated and GQ issues in the 90s, but the also the first of her kind to appear in the catalog of Victoria's Secret, which led Banks to become one of the few Black models in Victoria's Secret, from 1997 to 2005.   

Tyra Banks has an estimated net worth of $90 million.

Tyra is an Emmy-winning television host. 
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Tyra's many groundbreaking milestones as a Black model and her long stint in Victoria's Secret catapulted her to become one of the highest-paid models by the early 2000s. 

But the California-born didn't stop at modeling. Tyra's distinguished profile allowed her to explore the acting world, and her journey there began remarkably.  

The Sports Illustrated model's first acting role was in the beloved sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, starring Will Smith. 

Banks made her film debut in Higher Learning. She didn't stop there, and Tyra went on to stack credits in Love Stinks, Love & Basketball, Coyote Ugly, Hannah Montana: The Movie, and more. 

Tyra Banks was a Victoria's Secret model.
Tyra Banks was a Victoria's Secret model from 1997 to 2005. 
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Tyra also owns her own production company, Bankable Productions. The model's company produced America's Next Top Model and her Emmy-winning talk show, The Tyra Banks Show.

Alongside many reality shows that Banks has hosted or judged since the inception of her television career, Dancing with the Stars. Banks left the show earlier this year to focus on her business.  

Tyra Banks' Other Ventures!   

Modeling and television aren't the only two domains where Banks has built a burgeoning repertoire. The Victoria's Secret alum has also dabbled in music and writing and is now a successful businesswoman. She kicked off her entrepreneurial dream in 2014 with the launch of her cosmetic brand, Tyra Beauty.  

Tyra Banks is a mother to one.
Tyra has been teaching personal branding at Standford University since 2016. 
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Banks launching the line of beauty products wasn't an impulsive move. The model had taken a hiatus to curate her business carefully and reappeared in the spotlight with the result. In 2011, Tyra attended Harvard Business School to achieve her dream of owning a successful business.

"The creation of my cosmetics experience has been years in the making," says America's Got Talent host as she breaks down her time in the prestigious Harvard. Banks followed her cosmetic venture launching her fashion and beauty website and later a cosmetic e-commerce site.  

The Emmy-winning television host proves that she is full of surprises as she gears up to foray into the flavourful world of ice cream. Banks announced the launch of her Smize & Dream ice cream brand in the UAE earlier this year.

Safe to say that Banks celebrates a stellar modeling and hosting career. Tyra is now laser-focused on cementing a versatile business empire.   

Tyra Banks launched an ice cream earlier this year.
Banks launched her Smize & Dream ice cream brand in UAE. 
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While dishing on the inspiration behind her latest venture, the business mogul says, "Ice cream is happiness for me." Tyra adds, "No matter where I am in the world when I tell people that I have an ice cream company."

In addition, the model has also taught MBA students the concept of personal branding at Standford University since 2016.   

In her 2018 memoir, Perfect is Boring, the multi-hyphenated star unpacks her lifelong journey to prosperity. The model-turned-entrepreneur explains that it wasn't just her various endeavors and feats that earned her the fat bank balance her frugal lifestyle played a crucial role. Tyra credits her mother for keeping her grounded and practical.    

Model-turned-business mogul, Tyra Banks, explains her inspiration behind launching an ice cream brand! 

With too much on her plate, Banks retired from her professional modeling career in the 2000s and has remained focused on other moving parts. Banks iconically reimmersed from retirement to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2019. At 49, the business mogul is unmarried and a mother to one.  

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