Where is Kenneth Ray Sigman Ex-Wife, Bárbara Mori, Now?

Wed Jun 21 2023
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Mexican model and actress, Bárbara Mori is known for her appearance in many Hollywood and Bollywood movies. She is the leading character of one of the most successful telenovelas of all time, Rubi

With her irresistible charm and undeniable talent, Mori has stolen the hearts of many. Speaking of hearts, the Mexican actress also married actor Keegan Ray Smith. But, Who is Bárbara dating now? Let's unveil the relationships and love life of Against the Wind actress.

Bárbara Mori Is Dating A Filmmaker Now

Yes, peps, the Kites actress, Mori is dating a filmmaker currently. Bárbara is in love with Fernando Rovzar. The couple has been together since 2018, the same year, Kathmandu's Mayor Balen Shah got married.  

Bárbara Mori and her current love partner Fernando Rovzar.
Bárbara Mori and her current love partner Fernando Rovzar. Source: Instagram @delamori

Love is in the air for Mori and her beau Rovzar, and they are not afraid to show it off on their social media; especially Instagram. Bárbara wished her current boyfriend, a very warm happy birthday via Instagram. 

Bárbara and Fernando spent their last day of 2022 and the first day of 2023 with each other in a romantic way by the beach. Mori couldn't help but gush about how being beside her boyfriend makes the world feel beautiful.

Who Is Bárbara Mori's Current Love Interest Fernando Rovzar?

Fernando Rovzar, the romantic partner of the Control Z actress, is an Emmy Award-winning Mexican filmmaker. Born on January 24, 1980, Rovzar has produced more than 30 movies. 

But wait, there's more! Mori's boyfriend also has 12 credits as a director and 8 credits as a writer on his IMDb profile. Fernando's creative touch can be seen in every movie & TV Series he does; such as Monarca, Control Z, Mentada de Padre, and so on.

Bárbara Mori looking at Fernando Rovzar and admiring him.
Bárbara Mori looking at Fernando Rovzar and admiring him. Source: Instagram @delamori

Before dating the My Brother's Wife actress, Fernando was already married. Yes, the Emmy-award-winning producer was in a nuptial relationship with Sylvia Wardly. The former pair tied the knot on October 30, 2004, and together they have built a family of two children.

Similar to the handsome hunk she is dating now, Bárbara was once married. Oh yes, Against the Wind actress tied the knot with none other than Kenneth Ray Sigman, a dashing American-Mexican baseball player.

Bárbara Mori's Married Life With Ex-husband Kenneth Ray Sigman

As the saying goes, age is just a number in love; Bárbara Mori and Kenneth Ray Sigman got married despite their 12 years age gap. The Mongolian Conspiracy actress is older than her baseball player ex-husband by a dozen years.

Bárbara Mori and Kenneth Ray Sigman wedding picture.
Bárbara Mori and Kenneth Ray Sigman wedding picture. Source: Instagram @delamori

Mori first met her former husband, Kenneth, in 2014. The love birds, however, kept their relationship a secret. Later, only in the year 2015, the Mexican actress-cum-model, spilled the beans on her dating life by sharing a picture with her boyfriend. 

The pair, Bárbara and Kenneth, took their relationship to the next level by marrying on February 2017, 2016. The newly-wedded couple hoped to be together forever in each other's arms. But, their once-promising love story started to go downhill and eventually led to divorce, a year after their marriage.

Real Reason Behind Bárbara Mori & Kenneth Ray Sigman's Divorce

The divorce of Bárbara Mori was a sad news for her fans. Against the Wind actress was only married to her ex-husband, Sigman, for a year.

Kenneth Ray Sigman and his new girlfriend Maria Reneé B.
Kenneth Ray Sigman and his new girlfriend Maria Reneé B. Source: Instagram @rayosigman99 

Although, neither of them has officially disclosed the reason for their divorce. Some people believe Mori cheated Sigman with another guy. While some believe Kenneth and Bárbara could not withstand their long-distance relationship.

Bárbara Mori Is Now A GrandMother 

It seems like yesterday when Bárbara was gracing on screens with her captivating beauty, and now she's a proud grandma. Her granddaughter's name is Mila.  Mori's only son, Sergio Mayer Mori, became a father in 2016.

Bárbara Mori with her granddaughter Mila.
Bárbara Mori with her granddaughter Mila. Source: Instagram @delamori

For your Information, Sergio was born in 1998 from the relationship between Bárbara and Mexican filmmaker-cum-politician, Sergio Mayer. The ex-couple dated for two years, i.e. 1996 to 1998, and the relationship has a story of its own.

Kenneth's ex-wife, Bárbara was only 17 when she got into a relationship with Mayer, 28. Due to their age gap, Sergio made the Mexican actress live under his orders. But Mori was not going to going to take it forever. She left Mayer after reaching the boiling point.

Other Relationships Of Bárbara Mori

Bárbara Mori is romantically linked with some other personalities over the course of her career. Among the rumored connections is her alleged involvement with Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, who co-starred with her in the film Kites.

Some other relationship are:

Names   Dated Year
Jose Maria Torre    2006-2008
Christian Meier    2017-2018

Bárbara Mori Is Back Into Acting Now

In 2014, Kenneth Ray Sigman's ex-wife, Mori took a decision to step away from acting briefly. She did not appear on the screen for long. The reason for Bárbara's disapperance was to take care of her family and focus on personal life.

However, the Mexican actress, Bárbara is back into acting now. She has appeared in TV Series as well as movies recently. Some of Mori's latest works include Lost in the Night and Control Z which aired in 2023 and 2022 respectively.

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