Who is Ashley Horner's Husband? Blaine Gamache and Horner Relationship

Mon Dec 20 2021
By   Orish Thapa

If you are a fitness freak, then the name Ashley Horner might not be new to you. Horner is a fitness model, instructor, hybrid athlete, and social media influencer who has inspired hundreds of individuals to live healthy lives. 

Furthermore, she also owns multiple successful businesses and also is philanthropic. Although a single mother of three kids, Ashley has established multiple businesses.

If you are looking for a success story to inspire your life, you have come to the right place. Below we will discuss how she overcame obstacles and who is her husband? 

Who Is Ashley Horner's Husband?

Apart from being a fitness athlete and philanthropic, Horner's love life has made quite a commotion in the media. She has been linked with numerous men, but currently, she partnered up with Cline James.

Ashley Horner is married to guy named Blu.
Ashley Horner with her husband Blu.
Photo Source: [email protected]

As per the source, Ashley met her now-husband while out on the run on Thanksgiving Day. Since Horner and her hubby are fitness enthusiasts, the two must-haves bonded over a common desire to lead a healthy life.

Since Horner beau works at a military base, the couple spends most of their time apart. Despite this, they both value their time together and support one another and their careers.

The fitness model has not revealed much about her relationship, so her partner's real name is still unknown. However, Ashley has tagged an Instagram user named  james_s.37 in several intimate photos with her partner. So there is the possibility that Blu's real name is James

Ashley Horner Was Previously Married 

Although Ashley and her current beau, Blu, appear to be the picture of perfection, he was not her first love. Horner was previously married twice. Another athlete, Christine Ohuruogu is still single.

Ashley's first husband was Blaine Gamache, whom she met while training a client in her gym. After seeing him for the first time, she was attracted to him. 

Ashley married Scott Cine in Alaska.
Ashley Horner with Scott Cline in a destination wedding in Alaska.
Photo Source: erosephoto

In an interview, Horner revealed that she was so attracted to him that she would stare at him while working out and even when he entered the gym. Later, the pair got married and, they often trained and hit the gym together.

After the marriage of Ashley and Blaine, the couple had to move every few years because of Gamache's work. Unfortunately, after a few years of marriage, the duo split and divorced.

The businesswoman tied the knot with her second spouse, Scott Cline, in June 2014 in Juneau, Alaska, not long after her divorce. Ashley and Scott even had a private photo shoot in a stunning white gown.

However, the athelete remains tight-lipped about when and where they met. Sadly, Ashley's second marriage also didn't last long like her previous marriage. Later the couple divorced. Regardless, the cause for the split remains a mystery.

Ashley Horner Is A Mother Of Three Kids

Since most people have seen Ashley as a fierce businesswoman, fitness instructor, and model who is always focused on her career, it is not easy to imagine Horner as the mother of three kids.

Ashley with her three sons.
Photo Source: [email protected]

However, Horner is a devoted mother to her three sons, Tripp Horner, Cash Horner, and Otto Cline. It is still unknown who their father is, but the proud mother prefers to keep her children from the public to safeguard their privacy. 

Nonetheless, being a single mother of three children is not easy, so we can only expect Ashley to care for and be protective of her kids. 

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