Who is Crice Rhodes Parents? Know about Present Status

Thu Mar 03 2022
By   angelina

Brice Rhodes is the name that shocked the media back in 2016. He used to get charged for some common anti-social activities in the past. However, that year, Rhodes finally followed the path of criminality. He got charged for the murder of three.

Currently, Rhodes is in a prison in Kentucky. He was the suspected murderer of Christopher Jones, Larry Ordway, and Maurice Gordon. It is said that he shot and killed Jones. A month later, the two teenagers Larry and Ordway were also found dead.

Who is Brice?

Brice is a Louisville rapper. He is renowned for Rambo X Trappin and Juggin, Jail Freestyles, and some more. His rap songs included violent scenes.

Brice Rhodes with his lawyer (Photo Source: www.courier-journal.com)

He was born on 29th November 1971. He is originally from Louisville, Kentucky. He holds American citizenship.

Who Are Rhodes's Parents?

The triple murder suspect has never disclosed anything about his parents, neither their name nor their addresses. However, they are probably somewhere in Kentucky as they are the Kentucky residents for a very long time.

However, it is said that Brice's mother once asserted that he was not mentally fit. Rhodes does not seem to be close to his parents. He is not even in contact with them.

Where Are Rhodes's Parents?

Rhodes's parents have never acclaimed themselves publicly. Neither they were present in the court while Brice was combating his case nor did they ever mention themselves as Brice's parents.

For now, it is still vague where Rhodes's parents are. They might be in the same city where Rhodes is in internment and awaiting his verdict.

Is Brice in Jail?

Rhodes is indeed in jail. On 4th December 2020, he got a new trial date for his triple murder. Further, he is also accused of assaulting a nurse when he was in jail. It was said that he hit the nurse on her face.

Moreover, the American rapper has also misconducted in court several times. He blamed the judge for having a sexual relationship with his attorney.

Brice Rhodes on Headlines

In May 2016, Rhodes was continually on headlines. His news left his fans puzzled. All of the news agencies were broadcasting the news about the murders he did and the behaviors he exhibited in the court.

Rhodes used to make fake accusations to judges and attorneys. He used to blame them as racists and even threatened them in court.

Rhodes's Courtroom Outburst 

Brice was defending his case in Jefferson Circuit Court. Rhodes always kept quarreling and creating misunderstandings with judges and lawyers. He used to speak unacceptable words and challenge the judge.

Additionally, Rhodes used to intimidate the correction officers. He also called his attorney a coward. Therefore, Rhodes always presented himself as an irrational person.

What Was Rhodes's Punishment?

All his prosecutors were always seeking the death penalty for Brice for killing three people. However, the court kept delaying his penalty and he is still in prison.

As Rhodes keeps firing his attorneys from time to time, his trial is being delayed. It was previously set for 26th February 2021.



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