Who Is Danny Masterson? Is He Married?

Mon Sep 11 2023
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Inside Danny Masterson's scandalous personal life: Complete story here!  

Formerly known for his stagnant acting career, Danny Masterson has had limited credits to his name to be called an excellent actor. The actor, 47, dabbled in DJing, hosting, and music early on in his career, but all transpired with little to no success. His single most popular work in a long time in his career was Netflix's The Ranch, from which he was fired after an explosive sexual assault allegation.  

Born Daniel Peter Masterson on March 3, 1976, in Long Island, New York, he had a bright start, working as a child model, and actor. Daniel's few notable credits include The '70s Show, Men at Work, and Cybill. After the scathing 2017 allegations against him by three women, Masterson is back in the news after being convicted of the crime.  

Dive into Danny Masterson's Relationship History!  

The media's interest in Masterson's personal life has been spiking for a while now. The actor once drew much love and fame for portraying the witty Steven Hyde on The '70s Show, alongside actors, and spouses Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher. It is safe to say that fans and co-stars have now turned up against Masterson after his recent sentencing for a heinous crime.    

Danny Masterson is an actor and now a convicted rapist.
Danny Masterson is best known for starring in 'The Ranch' and The '70s Show.' Photo Source: Instagram

Danny's romantic endeavors were hardly at the center of gossip tabloids in the past. As a result, the actor's life behind the screen was seldom discussed. But Danny's conviction and rightful sentence have unveiled his previously unexplored love life. Early in his career, the Long-Island-born actor dated Christina Carnell Bixler, a former model, and actress, from 1995 to 2002.  

Masterson's deep affiliation with Scientology, whose most famous members include the likes of Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and more, seems to be the key factor in his personal life, and his odious violations. The actor first met Bixler at the Church of Scientology in the 90s. As per Bixler, who is also one of Danny's victims, Danny raped her while they were in a relationship.  

Danny Masterson was sentences to 30 years in prison.
Danny's character was written off 'The Ranch' after the allegations. Photo Source: Instagram

Danny's ex, Bixler, revealed that the Ranch actor's atrocities against her took place between November, and December 2001. And when she took the matter to the church, they reportedly shut her up, saying, "You don't rape someone you're in a relationship with. Masterson was linked with Natalie Martinez in 2003, a brief relationship that remains buried in his pile of scandals.   

Danny Masterson has been found guilty of rape.
Danny Masterson allegedly raped two of his former girlfriends. Photo Source: Instagram

Masterson's other ex-girlfriend, Bobette Riales, also happens to be one of his victims. The pair reportedly dated in the early 2000s and it was during their time together that the Cybill actor allegedly raped Riales many times. Riales came forward with her truth amid the revolutionary #metoo movement in 2017. "I stayed quite long enough," wrote Riales as she demanded justice for herself and Danny's other victims.  

Danny Masterson's Conjugal Life Amid the Sentencing!  

It's hard to imagine Masterson, who is now a convicted rapist, and admonished predator, with a conventionally functional family. But truth be told, the actor has a wife, and a kid, who are standing behind him in this time of crisis. The Ranch actor has been married to Bijou Phillips since 2011.   

Danny Masterson is married to Bijou Phillips.
Masterson's wife, Phillips, believes that her husband is innocent. Photo Source: Instagram

The duo met at a poker game in 2004 and started dating shortly after. Masterson's now-wife, Phillips, 43, known for her roles in Almost Famous, Bully, and Raising Hope, shared many insights into her relationship with the actor when they were dating. The couple got married in 2011 after almost a decade of romance.  

They welcomed their first and only kid, daughter Fianna Francis, in February 2014. When Masterson's ruthless face and his vile crimes were in oblivion, the actor seemed like an ideal husband. Danny exhibited the actions of a good husband every now and then. Fans were all praise for the actor when he assisted his wife in her recovery after a kidney transplant in 2017.  

The actor has been sentenced to 30 years in prison after being convicted of raping two women! 

Bijou, in turn, became Masterson's rock when three women filed sexual assault allegations against her husband. While Danny's alleged victims came forward with their cry for justice, the actor's conjugal life went on seemingly unscathed as the duo commemorated every milestone amid the scandal, including their daughter's kindergarten graduation, and their anniversary.  

Highlighting Phillips' unbreakable support for her husband as he went through trials, an insider said, "Once in a while, he heads out — dressed down and as incognito as possible. But 99 percent of the time, it’s Bijou running errands, doing the shopping, and taking care of their daughter." 

Danny Masterson is a father to one.
Danny shares a daughter with his wife of twelve years, Phillips. Photo Source: Instagram

The Men at Work actor has been sentenced to 30 years in prison after being found guilty of raping two of the three women. The charges of the third victim were deemed to be a mistrial. An insider said that Masterson's wife is still standing with her husband and their family. "Danny is adamant he did nothing wrong and Bijou believes him," said the insider.  

In her letter to the judge before the sentencing, Bijou writes, "I know he has been convicted of serious crimes. But the man I married has only been an extraordinary husband to me and a devoted father to our daughter."  

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