Who is Kat Von D Married to? Inside the Tattoo Artist's Personal Life

Sun Oct 08 2023
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Inside Kat Von D's tumultuous personal life: The tattoo artist has been married twice!  

Kat Von D, 41, a tattoo artist, make-up mogul, reality television star, and singer, first rose to fame in TLC's reality show, Miami Ink. Reckoned as a troubled teen going through an identity crisis at the time, Von D would soon prove the common perception wrong and become one of the most famous cast members. Impressed by her magnetism in Miami Ink, the producer gave Kat her own spin-off show, LA Ink. 

Born on March 8, 1982, in Montemorelos, Mexico, to missionary parents, Von D was a misfit from the start. The tattoo artist once shared that her innate inclination toward the rebellious form of art was her parents' nightmare. Throughout her multi-faceted career in the industry, Kat has achieved various feats and has also been involved in numerous controversies.  

Who is Kat Von D Married to?   

After years of being under intense media scrutiny for various reasons, including her love life, Von D has seemingly opted to keep her personal life under the radar. Currently married to her second husband, author/musician Rafael Reyes, Kat has so far given fans very limited access to her second conjugal life.   

Kat Von D is a tattoo artist.
Kat Von D is a famed tattoo artist. Photo Source: Instagram

The Miami Ink alum and Reyes met in 2016 when the tattoo artist agreed to appear in Reyes's MV. The two collaborated on a few projects, including Reyes's song, Black Leather for his band Baptism of Thieves, before taking their relationship to another level. The pair tied the knot on February 21, 2018, in Beverly Hills, and welcomed their first baby, Leafar Von D Reyes, in December.  

"Meet our beautiful baby boy, Leafar Von D Reyes," the first-time mother wrote on Instagram as she announced her son's birth. Despite keeping things on the low, Kat and her husband have been the subject of a controversy or two. A year into their conjugal life, the tattoo artist and Rafael were accused of being anti-Semitic and endorsing neo-nazi messages.   

Kat Von D married Rafael Reyes in 2018.
Kat is married to artist Rafael Reyes. Photo Source: Instagram

"Just to set the record straight... I am not anti-Semitic," wrote the LA Ink star, who later garnered a lot of hate for opining against vaccines. Von D's husband, on the other hand, has been under constant vigilance, and scrutiny for a tattoo on his neck that seemed to represent the swastika.  

"I hated how it got stolen and turned into a symbol of hate and negativity," Reyes said while arguing about the symbol's vast meaning. The tattoo artist spoke up in support of her husband when he came under fire and continues to back Rafael. The spouses made a major life decision in 2021 when they relocated their life to rural Indiana.    

Kat Von D shares a son with Rafael Reyes.
Von D and Reyes welcomed a son in December 2018. Photo Source: Instagram

The Miami Ink alum at the time explained how she and Rafael felt more at home in Indiana after spending a little time there. Von D sold her LA mansion for a whopping $7.8 million and purchased a $1.5 million home in Vevay, Indiana.    

Kat Von D and her husband relocated to Indiana in 2021! 

"Aside from coming back to work on music with my band, we don't plan on returning to LA very often," said Von D, who shut her famous High Voltage tattoo shop after moving to Indiana. Von D's second husband, Reyes, 48, also known as Leafer Seyer, is an author and musician, particularly known as the frontman of Prayers, which once featured Travis Barker.  

Inside Kat Von D's Past Relationships!  

The tattoo queen endured a number of controversial relationships before meeting Reyes, with whom things have been relatively less scandalous. Von D delved into marital life pretty early. The tattoo artist-turned-singer was only 21 when married her first husband, Oliver Peck, a fellow tattoo artist, in 2003. The duo's union was brief, unhappy, and scathing to say the least.  

Kat Von D was married to Oliver Peck.
Von D was briefly married to Oliver Peck. Photo Source: Instagram

When the pair's rocky marriage ended in 2007, Peck didn't flinch topping over his estranged wife by opening a tattoo studio a few blocks away from hers. He bluntly accused Von D and her destructive habits for the failure of their marriage.  

The accusations against Kat included her alleged drinking problems, infidelity, and more. "She cheated on me, got messed up, and left me," said Oliver, who claimed that he tried to help his then-wife. Following her split with Peck, Von D moved on with Alex Orbison, Roy Orbison’s son, in 2007.  

And when the spark started to fizzle out with Orbison, Kat started dating Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx, who wrote a few lines about his dissolved relationship with Von D in his book, This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography, and Life Through The Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx. In the book, Nikki claimed that the tattoo artist broke his heart.   

Kat Von D dated Jesse James.
Kat Von D and Jesse James broke their engagement twice. Photo Source: Instagram

From 2010 to 2011, the Miami Ink alum dated Jesse James, best known as Sandra Bullock's ex-husband. Her romantic stint with the verified philanderer was no graceful period either. During their whirlwind romance of a year, the couple got engaged twice, breaking it both times. Von D later accused Jesse of cheating on her many times.  

After Jesse, Von D started dating and soon got engaged to record producer/musician Deadmau5, in 2012. Their on-off relationship ended after Deadmau5 allegedly cheated on Kat. The Mexico-born tattoo artist's dating history also includes her brief relationships with Steve-O, comedian Tom Green, and her last ex, Kevin Llewellyn.  

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