Who is Kelvin Gastelum Girlfriend? Know about her Relationship Status.

Mon Apr 19 2021
By   Selena

Who better to have as your girlfriend when you are a fighter than a strength and conditioning coach, such as the case for Lena Pattyson, Kelvin Gastelum’s girlfriend. She is a world-famous coach who has acquired a lot of popularity because of her relationship with Kelvin. 

The Los Angeles-based trainer has also amassed a decent fan following online especially, through her Ironside Performance page. Her fitness regiment and company has become a popular training company. 

Lena Pattyson And Kelvin Gastelum Are Sparring And Romantic Partners 

It is no secret that Lena and Kelvin train together, in fact, she helps him maintain peak physical form. In addition to this, they are also dating and are one of MMA’s biggest couples. While they maintained secrecy about their relationship. 

Lena Pattyson And Kelvin Gastelum are dating in April 2021
Lena Pattyson And Kelvin Gastelum are dating in April 2021
Image Source: Pinterest

However, pictures of her and Kelvin emerged that created waves among the UFC fanbase. The middleweight star is not like any other because he likes to keep his life private. He also rarely shares information about his dating life under wraps. 

Due to this, it was a big shock when his girlfriend was revealed. He also shared pictures of her while they were celebrating the holidays together which means they are serious about their relationship. 

Similarly, Lena also helps Kelvin in the Hexagon and spars with him from time to time, other than this she is responsible for helping him achieve his weight and work on his agility from a physical perspective. 

Are Lena Pattyson And Kelvin Gastelum Married?

Kelvin Gastelum is not married as of April 2021, in fact, he has never been married. He and Lena have not gotten engaged either. They seem pretty serious about their relationship and have made things official on Instagram. 

Lena Pattyson And Kelvin Gastelum are not married as of April 2021
Lena Pattyson And Kelvin Gastelum are not married as of April 2021
Image Source: MMAStar

The pair is moving forward at a good pace and are beloved by MMA fans. In a similar fashion, they have also been sharing a lot of their pictures together. She is Kelvin’s partner after he allegedly dated Macey Osomo.

Who Is Lena Pattyson?

Lena Pattyson is a trainer and a fitness coach who is currently training under a well-known coach herself. She helped him during a losing streak after getting in the gym with him and training him. 

Lena Pattyson is a fintess coach and trainer
Lena Pattyson is a fintess coach and trainer
Image Source: FB@Lenafitness

Similarly, she also has her own fitness company called Ironside Performance. A quick peek at her Instagram account shows that she is a fitness freak herself, in fact, most of her posts are about fitness and working in the gym. 


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