Who is Madison Elizabeth McMahon Dating? The Daughter of Julian McMahon Born in 2000

Wed Jan 05 2022
By   Orish Thapa

An American celebrity kid, Madison Elizabeth McMahon, who is pursuing her career in volleyball, is known for being the single daughter of Australian actor Julian McMahon and his ex-wife, model Brooke Burns. 

Madison McMahon was born on 10th June 2000 in Manhattan Beach in California. She has half-sister Declan Welles from her mother's second marriage. Furthermore, in 2018 she completed her high school educations.

Since Madison is the daughter of a well-known artist; she is always on the media's radar and her dad's fans. Many people are interested to know more about Madison. So, below is the gathered information regarding it.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon Relationship Status

Although the young athlete Madison Elizabeth McMahon, 21, is on the media's radar, she has managed to keep her love life private from others. So, there is not much information available regarding her relationship. But there is no doubt that she must have a crush on someone.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon was in relationship with Nate Hays for some time.
Madison Elizabeth McMahon dated a football player, Nate Hays.
Photo Source: Madison Elizabeth McMahon's VSCO account

However, it seems Madison was in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Nate Hays, a football player who played for Wake Forest Deon Deacons. Nevertheless, it seems they have already broken up.

Madison McMahon is seen with a mystery man in her several pictures.
Madison McMahon is seen with a mystery man in her several pictures.
Photo Source:  Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s VSCO

Apart from Nate, Madison was seen with an unknown guy who has made several appearances on her VSCO account. Both of them looked very close in the pictures.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon'sMcMahon'sMcMahon'smedia's Parents' Unsuccessful Marriage

The Australian-American actor Julian McMahon, 52, and model Brooke Burns, 43, were in marital relation for almost one year. The couple exchanged vows back in 1999 and divorced after two years in 2001. Moreover, the model welcomed a beautiful daughter Madison after their split.

Brooke Burns was in marital relation with Julian McMahon for one years.
Julian McMahon was previously married to Brooke Burns.
Photo Source: Pinterest

There are rumors that the Charmed star and Burns got divorced because Julian cheated on her with Shannon Doherty. Following their divorce, the ex-couple has already moved on with their life.  

After divorce with Julian McMahon, Brooke Burns tied the knot with Gavin O'Connor.
Brooker Burns with her husband, Gavin O'Connor.
Photo Source: Pinterest

McMahon has been happily married to Kelly Paniagua since 2014. On the other hand, after two years of engagement, Brooke married renowned filmmaker and screenwriter Gavin O'ConnorO'ConnorParents' in 2013. The duo welcomed a daughter Declan Welles in 2017.

Madison's Love for Volleyball

Julian McMahon'sahon'swomen'sn's daughter Madison is a sports lover. She loves playing volleyball and wants to make a career in it. In addition, she was involved in her high school volleyball team and was also part of the Elite Beach volleyball team. 

Moreover, she has played for many clubs like Sunshine Volleyball Club from 2014-16 and Southern California Volleyball Club (SCVC) from 2016-18. At the 2018 Pacific Qualifier, she finished fourth and has even played with USA High Performance 2 for indoor. 

The hardworking athleteElizabeth's has continued to play volleyball even after high school. Currently, she plays for the Wake Forest volleyball team.

Madison McMahon is Grand Daughter of Former Prime Minister

As mentioned above, Madison McMahon is the only child of actors Julian McMahon and Brooke Burns. Julian is famous for his roles in movies like Charmed and Fantastic Four, whereas Burns is well known for her role in Baywatch.

Madison McMahon is living happily with her father and stepmother Kelly Paniagua.
Madison McMahon with her father, Julian McMahon and stepmother, Kelly Paniagua.
Photo Source: Madison Elizabeth McMahon's Instagram (@madison.em)

Besides this, Madison Elizabeth McMahon is the granddaughter of the former Australian Prime Minister Sir William McMahon and socialite Lady McMahon (Sonia McMahon). So, her father, Julian, comes from a prominent McMahon'sMcMahon'sathleteElizabeth'sadison McMahon's Net Worth

In 2017, CharmMcMahon'sJulian McMahon's daughter Madison McMahon made her career debut with the women's volleyball team at the Pan American Cup, where she won a gold medal. Since she was also part of the Sunshine Volleyball Club, Elite Beach Volleyball Team, Southern California Volleyball Club (SCVC), her net worth is somewhere at $100 thousand.

The 52 year actor, Julian McMahon is the star of series FBI: Most Wanted.
Julian McMahon in the set of FBI: Most Wanted.
Photo Source: Julian McMahon's Instagram (@julianmcmahonofficial)

As of now, she plays for the Wake Forest volleyball team. Moreover, she is a rich celebrity kid whose father, Julian McMahon, has an impressive $16 Million net worth. He earned $6,700,000 from the TV show Nip/Tuck, starring Dr. Christian Troy.

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