Who is Shannon Sharpe Son?

Sun Mar 21 2021
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Shannon Sharpe is a former football player and NFL star who made a name for himself with his performances for the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. Other than this, he became notorious for his rocky relationship and personal life which saw him father 3 children, including son Kiari from different mothers. 

As a matter of fact, the star has had numerous high-profile relationships over the years. Learn more about the star and his rollercoaster love life below. 

Who is Shannon Sharpe’s Son? 

Information about Kiari’s mother and birthdate are missing from the public domain. However, according to various online outlets, he has 2 daughters, Kayla and Kaley, in addition to his son. 

Who is Shannon Sharpe’s Son?
Kiari with father Shannon (right)
Image Source: StarFame 

He once tweeted about Kiari when a user insulted him by saying that no-one from the younger generation knew him. Kayla was born in October 1992, like Kiari, she is also 29 years old. Not much is known about his other daughter Kaley. 

Kiari did not pursue a career in sports but opted to have a career in science and business. In fact, he enrolled on biology and business management at Georgia Southern. Other than this, not much is known about the star kid and his career. He lives with his mother while Shannon is a native to Chicago.

Shannon's NFL teams were Baltimore and Denver
Shannon Sharpe used to be a star player in the NFL
Image Source: FameBuzz

As for Shannon’s other kids, Kayla pursued a career in law, she took pre-law at Georgia Southern. Similarly, Kaley went to Florida State and studied medical science. She wanted to become a medical examiner but there is no information that confirms her career in medicine. 

Shannon Sharpe’s Past Relationships And Marriages 

Sharpe is not married as per this source, while he has been unmarried, the star dated Katy Kellner. She is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In fact, he got engaged in 2017 but separated before they got married. 

Shannon Sharpe's ex Katy
Shannon Sharpe with his ex Katy
Image Source: Sports Gossip

Their breakup was revealed when she posted a picture with a baby bump and the father of the baby Marlon Byrd. There are no reports of him dating anyone due to which fans have speculated that he is single. 

Prior to this, the former NFL star got into hot water when an ex-partner filed a sexual assault lawsuit against him. The details of the case are yet to be released to the public. However, some tabloids report that the lawsuit was filed around the early 2010s. 

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