Who Was Tony Bennett? Was He Married?

Tue Jul 25 2023
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Tony Bennett was married three times: The jazz crooner died at 96! 

Tony Bennett was a legendary jazz and pop singer. In his decades-spanning career as a singer, Bennett earned a staggering 20 Grammy Awards and several esteemed awards. Tony died at his home in NYV on July 21 after a prolonged battle with Alzheimer's disease. The singer was just days away from his 97th birthday.  

Born on August 3, 1926, in Long Island City, Queens, he is hailed as one of the greatest interpreters of the American songbook. Tony scored his first big hit, Because of You, in 1952, and in 2021, established his timeless talent, and enduring stardom yet again as his second duet album with Lady Gaga, Love For Sale, topped the charts.  

Inside Tony Bennett's Tumultuous Personal Life!  

Bennett's romantic songs didn't just pop out of a hollow pit. The women in the singer's life, in all likelihood, were the inspirations behind Bennett's soulful hits. The late jazz icon may have romanced a myriad in his lifetime, but three of them were fortunate enough to share a conjugal life with Bennett.   

Tony Bennett is dead at 96.
Tony Bennett, a legendary jazz icon, is dead at 96. Photo Source: Instagram

The 20-time Grammy winner married his first wife, Patricia Beech, in 1952. Tony was "taken aback" by Beech's beauty, who he met while performing at Moe's Main in Cleveland, Ohio. The young couple walked down the aisle in February 1952, and Tony notes, not many were happy. The couple's whirlwind wedding didn't receive much support from Bennett's fans and even his manager.  

The Rags to Riches hitmaker went on to welcome two kids with Beech and like every world-famous icon's story, their marriage strained over time due to Bennett's excessive touring. Tony and Beech finalized their divorce in 1971 after the Grammy winner initiated a relationship with Sandra Grant while married to Beech.   

Tony Bennett was known for his collaborations with Lada Gaga.
The jazz crooner married three women in his lifetime. Photo Source: Instagram

Bennett had come across Grant while filming The Oscar in 1965, around the same time when he started experiencing troubles in his first marriage. The Because of You Crooner welcomed a daughter with Grant before eventually tying the knot in 1971. The pair added one more daughter into their family and announced their separation in 1979.   

Tony's second wife, Grant, blamed the singer's busy work life, drug use, and a few more factors for their failed marriage. "I guess I married the wrong man. I am very happy to be free at last," Grant said. The pair's divorce was only finalized in 2007.  

Tony Bennett is Survived By His Widow, Susan Crow!   

The jazz crooner didn't waste any time in finding his next partner as he started dating Susan Crow amid his unraveling marriage with Grant. The pair were together for over twenty years before finally tying the knot in 2007. Susan, who is a former teacher, was with Bennett through thick and thin.  

Tony Bennett was married to Susan Crow.
Tony is survived by his widow, Susan Crow. Photo Source: Instagram

In his 2016 memoir, Just Getting Started, the late Grammy winner connects the dots and explains how he and Susan were meant to be. Bennett had met Susan's parents, who were his big fans when they were pregnant with Susan. "It's a photo we all laugh about, knowing the incredible turn of events that followed," Tony wrote, referring to the picture of him and Susan's parents in the 60s.  

Together, Bennett and his third wife initiated a couple of philanthropic projects, including their Exploring the Arts Foundation, which promotes arts education. The duo also founded a school, Frank Sinatra School, in 2001. Susan took over the role of Tony's primary caregiver after the Grammy winner was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2016.   

Tony Bennett was a father to four kids.
Bennett married Crow after twenty years of dating in 2007. Photo Source: Instagram

Now a widow of the jazz legend, Crow paid an emotional tribute to her husband after his demise at 96. "Benedetto, his family name, which I made my own when we married, means 'the blessed one,' and I was most certainly blessed to have Tony in my life," said the former teacher.  

Who are Tony Bennett's Children?  

Bennett is also survived by his four kids, through whom Bennett experienced the joy of being a father to seven grandkids. The jazz legend first became a father in 1954 when he and Beech welcomed their firstborn, D'Andrea "Danny" Bennett, now aged 69.   

Tony Bennett had four children from his first two marriages.
Bennett has left behind his two sons and two daughters. Photo Source: Instagram

Danny is widely applauded for reviving his father's career when Bennett was struggling with addiction and financial woes. Tony's firstborn initially dabbled in showbiz, with the establishments of bands, Quacky Duck and His Barnyard Friends. But after limited commercial success, Danny changed his career to become a business manager. 

Mourning his legendary father's inevitable demise, Dany said, "He was an artist, a humanitarian, and an inspiration to anyone who experienced his elegance and grace." Bennett's second son, Daegal "Dae" Bennett, 68, who he welcomed with Beech, is a decorated music producer. He extensively worked with his father, including on his album with Gaga.   

Bennett's second son, Dae, is a ten-time Grammy-winning music producer. 

Dae is the most successful of Bennett's brood, having won ten Grammys. Tony's oldest daughter, Joanna, 53, was born to him and Grant. Joanna dabbled in acting before opting to spend her life away from the public's eye with her little sister, Antonia, 49.  

Bennett's youngest daughter, Antonia, showed musical talent and aspirations early on. Tony even released a track, Antonia, dedicated to his youngest kid. She graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston and pursued music full-time.  

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