Wren Keasler - Facts About Bruce Lee's and Shannon Lee's Daughter

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Wed Nov 09 2022
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Wren Keasler is the famous star kid. She is the daughter of the famous American actress daughter of Bruce Lee Shannon Lee. She has risen her fame through the movies like Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Enter The Dragon, Be Water, I Am Bruce Lee, etc.

Her mother has been continuously contributing to the American movie industry through her incredible acting skills and talents. 

Childhood of Keasler

The famous star kid Keasler was born in the year 2003 in the United States. She is living in her own hometown with her family.

She is an excellent student in her class as to her mother Shannon Lee. She is also interested in acting like her mother as per her mother.

Wren Keasler taking selfie
Wren Keasler takes a selfie in front of the garden. Photo source: Etki Sigorta

Parents and siblings

Keasler is the daughter of famous American actress Shannon Lee and a famous art designer Ian Keasler. She is the only child in her family.

Grandaughter of Bruce Lee

Wren Keasler is the maternal granddaughter of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is a famous Hongkong and American multitalented personality. He is a martial artist, actor, director, producer, etc.

Personal life of Keasler

Keasler is currently busy with her study and related stuff as she has not been successful to build her career.

But she is interested in acting and martial arts like her mother. She will follow the path of her mother and becomes a successful actress in the near future.

Keasler's Instagram

The granddaughter of Bruce lee is quite active on social media platforms like other celebs. She is more active on Instagram than on other social sites.

She has 1,194 followers on her Instagram account @wrensl as of the year 2022. She has made her account private as she does not want to publish her personal life.

Keasler's parent's marriage 

The famous American actress Shannon Lee and famous American Art Designer Ian Keasler in the year 1994.

Wren Keasler and her mother Shannon Lee in a frame
Wren Keasler and her mother Shannon Lee in a frame. Photo source: Biography Pedia

The lovely couple Shannon Lee and Ian had got married after dating each other for a couple of years.

Relationship Status of Wren

The daughter of Shannon Lee, Wren Keasler is single. She has not been involved in any kinds of relationships and affairs that have hit the headline as she is more focused on her studies.

She has also not shared any information regarding past relationships on any of the social sites.

The net worth of Wren Keasler

Keasler has not built her career yet. So her mother Shannon Lee is a famous American actress and martial artist, businesswoman. Her mother has a total net worth of $10million. 

She has access to such an amount through her successful career as an actress. She does not have her business or other kinds of stuff that generate money for her.

Controversy of Keasler's Mother

Wren Keasler's mother Shannon Lee was once controversial when she spoke against Tarantino's opinion regarding her father Bruce Lee which hit the media headline yet. 

Tarantino had told Bruce Lee that he is an arrogant guy. She was against Tarantino's opinion about her father.

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