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Actress and model (1997)
Wed Jul 05 2023
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Xaria Dotson got popular with the release of the Netflix series Devil in Ohio. The extraordinary performance she did as Jules has been appreciated by many. Besides Devil in Ohio, Dotson has also appeared in TV Series like American Vandal, The Birch, etc.

As soon as one comes into the spotlight, their personal life is bound to come into the forefront, especially their relationship. So, here are some of the interesting things that you might not know about Xaria including her love life.

Who Is Xaria Dotson Dating?

Xaria Dotson is not dating anyone and is flying solo like Katherine Langford. She has not been married or engaged yet either. Dotson has been fully committed to making her professional career stable and has no time to be involved in romance.

Xaria Dotson living a single life
Xaria Dotson is living a single life. Source: Instagram @xariadotson

The Devil in Ohio actress, Xaria has not given a single clue about her dating life. Her social media posts speak more about her personal life and who she is but there is also no trace of her being in a relationship.

However, once Dotson starts doing okay in her professional life, she might find a suitable soul to bond with. It's only a matter of time before the Netflix rising star introduces her boyfriend.

Xaria Dotson Bio: Age & Early Life Revealed 

The film actress, Xaria Dotson, was born on December 27, 1997, in Portland, Oregon, United States. As per her birthdate, Dotson is in her mid-20s in terms of age. The Portland native grew up alongside her two siblings.

Xaria Dotson with her mother in a mud car.
Xaria Dotson with her mother in a mud car. Source: Instagram @xariadotson

Dotson's interest in acting began at a young age. She read lots of books, and rewind her favorite VH tapes, to mimic the character which all contributed to her acting journey. She joined the local children's theatre at the age of 11.

Besides this, Xaria has not disclosed information on her educational life. However, she has shared an interesting story about her class. Dotson shared a picture of a butterfly in a spider's web that she clicked while taking the picture of her class.

Xaria Dotson's Parents: Know About Her Mother & Father

Unlike other celebrities, Xaria is open about her parent's identity. Her mother is Bella Dotson while her father is Matt Dotson. Dotson's parents worked at ABC Kids and Teen, a vocational school for acting and modeling. This might be one of the reasons for the American actress to have dabbled into acting.

Xaria Dotson with her father on a beach. Source: Instagram @xariadotson

Xaria's mother, Bella Dotson, as per her is a stubborn badass. And, the actress is thankful to her for making her the same. Dotson traveled to various places and had some beautiful experiences while growing up with her parents. Speaking of Dotson's parent's interests, Bella loves arts whereas Matt has displayed his interest in fitness.

Xaria Dotson Siblings: Devil In Ohio Actress Has Two Younger Sisters

In Devil in Ohio, Xaria played the role of Jules who is the younger sister of Helen. In the series, the siblings are not that close to each other. However, in real life, American actress Dotson loves her two younger sisters and is quite close to them.

Xaria Dotson with her sister Zoe Dotson.
Xaria Dotson with her sister Zoe Dotson. Source: Instagram @xariadotson

Dotson often talks about her sister Zoe and Zamira Dotson. She talked about them on the occasion of national siblings day. Xaria was too happy being a big sister. 

According to Xaria, her sister Zoe is quite active and would bite her. Zoe would do anything to get the American actress out of her comfort zone. On the other hand, Zamira is a calm and intelligent lady since her childhood. She could persuade anyone with her charm.

Now, Xaria's sisters have embarked on their journey to be strong and independent people. Zoe is an aspiring graphic novelist. While Zamira prefers to live away from the spotlight.

Xaria Dotson's Net Worth: Earnings From Movies & TV Shows

Xaria Dotson is estimated to have a net worth of $1 Million similar to Denise Gordy. The rising talent has amassed this huge amount of wealth through her acting career as well as her modeling journey.

Xaria Dotson lives a luxurious lifestyle with her fortunes
Xaria Dotson lives a luxurious lifestyle with her fortunes. Source: Instagram @xariadotson

Dotson enjoys a comfortable lifestyle with her fortunes. As a vivid traveler, she goes on to various beautiful places and enjoys the beauty. Xaria is yet to disclose her earnings, real estate, and house.

Xaria started her career in 2013 with Red Courage. Following that, she has been to various movies like American Brothers, Chad, The Birch, etc. Furthermore, Dotson is a model whose pictures have been featured in different magazines.

Xaria Dotson's Height, Weight & Physical Appearances

The American Vandal's actress, Xaria Dotson stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 1 inch tall, i.e., 155 cm. She has maintained an average weight of 51 kg, i.e., 112 lbs. Dotson boasts body measurements of 32-24-33 inches respectively.

Dotson is blessed with her dark brown hair and captivating brown eyes. But, she keeps on experimenting with different hair colors like blonde, pink, and purple. Due to her ravishing beauty and extraordinary talent, Xaria has also been an accomplished model and actress.

Xavier Dotson Is An Aesthetic Person & A Pet Lover

Whatever the character she might be portrayed in the movies and series, Xaria is an aesthetic person in real life. She admires the beauty of the world and its creation. Dotson is a vibrant personality who loves to travel and learn new things.

Xaria Doston's pet cat Arwen.
Xaria Doston's pet cat Arwen. Source: Instagram @xariadotson

The American actress, Xaria is fascinated by bugs, plants, animals, and the beautiful scenery of the world. Dotson has also posted several pictures regarding this on her Instagram. 

Likewise, Dotson is also a pet lover like her sisters. Her sister Zoe has a dog named Kruso while Xaria has a cat named Arwen. The actress calls her cat Soft Marshmellow.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Xaria Dotson

Favorite movie  The Lion King

Reading, photography, 

learning, traveling,

 Internet surfing

Favorite color Blue 
Favorite TV ShowThe Walking Dead


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