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Tv actress (1970)
Mon Nov 14 2022
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Ylenia Maria Sole Carrisi was well renowned as the daughter of famous Italian singers and actors Albano Carrisi and Romina Power.

She was the talk of the town when the news of her disappearance was announced by his father Albano Carrisi. Her news hit the headline after one media has announced about her aliveness.

Childhood of Carrisi 

The daughter of the famous actor was born in the year November 29, 1970, In Rome, Italy. She grew up there only with her parents and siblings.

She did not face any difficulties in her childhood days for a good education and lifestyle as she was born in a well-sophisticated family.

Daughter of Albano

The Carrisi is the daughter of Albano Carrisi who is a great actor in Italy who has starred in many movies which are more famous.

Ylenia Carrisi wither parents Albano Carrisi and Romina Power in her childhood days.
Ylenia Carrisi was captured in her childhood days with her father Albano Carrisi and Romina Power. Photo source: Facebook Ylenia Carrisi

Her mother Romina Power is also a famous actress and singer who is the daughter of Hollywood matinee idol Tyron Power.

Sibling of Cristel Carrisi

Ylenia Carrisi is blessed with the five siblings with whom she used to share a great bond. 

Her siblings are Romina Carrisi Power, Albano Carrisi jr, Yari Carrisi, Cristel Carrisi.

Personal life of Carrisi

The daughter of actress and singer Romina power was a very hardworking and dedicated personality from his childhood.

She was fond of acting because she was grown up seeing her parents acting in the movies singing songs.

Maternal Grand Daughter of Tyrone Power

Carrisi is the maternal Granddaughter of the famous Hollywood actor who has gained fame through his romantic character.

He was also popular for the Matinee idol. It is the name given for him by his fan respecting him and his contribution to the industry.

Why was Ylenia disappeared?

Carrisi was disappeared from her existence when she was visiting  New Orleans Louisiana in the year 1994 on 6 January at the age of twenty-two.

She was an Italian Tv actress there is no valid reason come yet about her disappearance.

Ylenia Carrisi in her young age wearing blue t shirt and green pant
Ylenia Carrisi in her young days before her disappearance. Photo Source. Id Wikipedia org 

Is Carrisi found?

Carrisi maternal granddaughter of famous actor Tyrone power has not been found yet. Her father had announced her death in December 2014.

Her parents reported to the police for her investigation of her disappearance but no result was found.

Who is Alexander Masakela?

The sibling of famous songwriter Cristel Carrisi was visiting Louisiana with the boy whose name was Alexander Masakela.

According to the report, he was more senior than Carrisi who was and was a drug addict. It is still a mystery about her disappearance but he was doubtful.

The relationship status of Carrisi 

Carrisi was single. She was not in a relationship with anyone and also she had not shared any information regarding her boyfriend and affair.

Her past relationship did not come to the media. Though she was disappeared at a young age.

The net worth of Carrisi  

Carrisi is deceased and she does not have her own net worth. But her father Albano has a total net worth of $5 million he has that amount through his career as an actor and singer.

Her mother Romina also had a total net worth of $7 million through her successful career as an actress and singer.

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