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Fri Sep 15 2023
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Zack Bryan is an uprising American country singer and the public craves his relationship detail. Fans question" Is he dating Brianna Chickenfry" which is addressed here. If you yearn to explore Zack's music career too then this article is for you. 

"Has Zack Bryan served imprisonment" is people's interest which is tried to cover here. Fans can know in brief about the "Something in the Orange" lyrics meaning. You will get to know who inspires him in music and the secret person's identity through this piece.

Netizens are intrigued if they are sharing a lovely relationship

Discover Zach Bryan Girlfriend: Get A Scoop Into His Relationship 

Zach Bryan is rumored dating Brianna Chickenfry, a famously known Internet personality. Netizens are intrigued if they are paired like Internet personality Jayden Siwa. Rumors sparked after Brianna's surprise appearance at Bryan's concerts in June 2023. 

Zack Bryan with the Internet personality Brianna Chickenfry.
Zack Bryan with the Internet personality Brianna Chickenfry. (Source: The US Sun) 

Zack and Brianna initially met at the 2023 Academy of Country Music Awards. At the time of the Awards meeting, both were in a relationship. Things started hitting up after Zack's split with Deb Peifer and getting in touch with Brianna. 

Brianna Chickenfry aka Bri LaPaglia eventually broke the silence addressing girlfriend rumors. On the PlanBri Uncut podcast, she said" It’s fun, it’s casual, and yeah, I just wanted to address it." Brianna is dating Zack while analyzing the details of TODAY

Likewise, Brianna has talked about Bryan whenever questioned in every podcast. Considering the lady's podcast talks, they are on a casual date spending happy time. Zack and his rumored girlfriend Briaana haven't taken a serious turn in their relationship right now.

What About Past Relationships Of Bryan? 

Zack Bryan's music career has indeed got people's attention but are equally invested in his love life. In the past, Zack has been in a relationship with several women and that's the reason for people. 

Bryan was previously married to Rose Madden but it was short-lived and didn't last long. They tied their wedding knot in July 2020 and both called off their marriage by parting in July 2021.

After the split, it didn't take long enough for Bryan to move on hooking up with Deb Peifer. Bryan and his girlfriend Peifer often showcased their romantic life publicly including their dog. 

However, Bryan's relationship with Peifer probably didn't work as he announced the split in May 2023. Zack announced his split with Deb on Twitter and his statement is available in the Us Weekly.

About Bryan's Early Life, Parents & Age

Zack Bryan reached the age of 27 on April 12, 2023. He was born to his parents on April 2, 1996, in Okinawa, Japan. Zack grew up in Oologah, Oklahoma, and loves his small-town roots.

Zack Bryan and his late mother Annette DeAnn (Mullen) Bryan.
Zack Bryan and his late mother Annette DeAnn (Mullen) Bryan. (Source: Instagram @ zachlanebryan)

Zack is the son of Dewayne Bryan and Annette DeAnn (Mullen) Bryan. Bryan's mother is no longer with him but has released his debut studio album in her remembrance on August 24, 2019.

Dewayne and Annette didn't only welcome Zack but shared a daughter from their love life. The name of Zack's sister is Mackenzie but most of her details remain vague and unknown.

In addition, Bryan was close to music from a young age and started writing songs at the age of 14. At the age of 17, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served actively.

What About Zack Bryan Mom, Annette?

Fans are always curious to know about Zack Bryan's mom exploring the Internet. This curiosity has developed as Zack shares a close & unbreakable bond with his mother Annette.

Zack Bryan with his sister Mackenzie at the grave of their mother Annette DeAnn (Mullen) Bryan.
Zack Bryan with his sister Mackenzie at the grave of their mother Annette DeAnn (Mullen) Bryan. (Source: Instagram @ zachlanebryan)

Annette DeAnn (Mullen) Bryan was born on June 24, 1967, in the beautiful Stillwater, Oklahoma. She is the daughter of Proctor and Barbara Ann Sherman Mullen. Annette loved to care for people and her work as a Nursing Assistant reflects it.

Annette and her husband Dewayne divorced when Zack was the age of 12. Although Dewayne won his son's custody, Zack didn't completely abandon Annette. He often shares remembrance posts of his mother on Instagram after her demise in 2016.

Annette DeAnn's always noticed the potential of his singing and it became true due to his success. As noted earlier, he even released his debut album DeAnn in her honor. Overall, Zack sees Annette as his music's inspiration and guiding path.

What Was Zack's Career Before Entering Music? 

Before entering into music career, Zack Bryan served as a member of the US Navy just like retired Jocko Willink. He joined the Navy continuing the family tradition. Bryan was enlisted for the force at the age of 17 as noted earlier. 

Zack served for his country as an active-duty member from 2013 to 2021 later discharging honorably. During his military service, he reached the rank of Aviation Ordnanceman Second Class (AO2).

Bryan's love for music didn't get canceled at the Navy. The singer often used to write songs in spare time for his enjoyment. He then started a music career after his release from the Navy force.

Decoding Zakc Bryan's Net Worth: How Much Has He Amassed? 

Zack Bryan has been able to accumulate a net worth of at most $1 million similar to Camrus Johnson. He has been able to achieve this financial status due to his ongoing successful music career. 

Zack Bryan during one of his music concerts in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Zack Bryan during one of his music concerts in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  (Source: Instagram @ zachlanebryan)

Bryan easily generates money through the music rights of his songs and albums. He earns through music platforms like Spotify and has over 22 million monthly listeners on his Spotify page. 

According to Social Blade, Zack makes $186.4K to $3 million through his YouTube channel. One of the other revenue-adding sources of Bryan is his merchandise sales like music records.

Zack often tours in between the United States and Canada doing concerts. Some of his concerts are Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival and Auburn Rodeo among several others on the list. 

Bryan's Music Career: His Journey Of Rise To Stardom 

Zack Bryan is one of the most demanded American country singer-songwriters from Oologah, Oklahoma. He is not ashamed but proud of his small-town roots for which fans love him. Most of the time Bryan tries to be himself while serving music to netizens. 

Bryan initially started by uploading his music on YouTube with friends in 2017. He believed in consistency and eventually one of the songs Heading South went viral. Bryan made his official music career debut by releasing the album DeAnn in August 2019.

Zack continued to release several songs and tours after gaining certain popularity. Later, he also signed a deal with Warner Music to release music. Bryan blurs the lines between country, folk, and Americana bringing different tastes of music. 

It cannot be denied Zack's popularity skyrocketed with the release of his third album American Heartbreak. The album consisted of 34 songs and was released on May 20, 2022. This third album also includes Zack's major hit single Something in the Orange.

What Is Special In Zack's Something In The Orange Lyrics & His Music?

By far, Zack Bryan's Something in the Orange single is one of his greatest hits as of now. The lyrics reflect the story of a man who is left alone by his lover and desperately misses her.

Zack Bryan with Edward Spear in the music studio.
Zack Bryan with Edward Spear in the music studio.  (Source: Instagram @ zachlanebryan)

The title itself is metaphorically referring to the sunset, symbolizing the end of their love affair. Some of the lyrics are" Something in the orange tells me we're not done" which is the best part. 

Zack's music special is its rawness, simplicity, and emotional depth His music features acoustic guitar and minimal instrumentation. Some of his new songs are Summertime's Close and Spotless.

Likewise, Zack's concert tickets can be found on the official website called Ticketmaster. If you crave his merchandise then check out Zack's official website or Amazon. 

Is Zack Bryan In Jail? 

Zack Bryan was indeed arrested and served in jail for a brief period which made fans curious. According to People, He was jailed on September 7, 2023, for obstruction of an investigation. 

Bryan was charged with interfering with a traffic stop on his security guard, who was speeding. Likewise, it was later reported that he also stated" I’ll go to jail" to the police officer. 

Zack spent several hours in the Craig County jail but was released soon after posting a $1,000 bond. Later, he even apologized saying that he was "mouthing off like an idiot" and that he got "too lippy" with the police officer.

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