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Thu Apr 20 2023
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Many people are curious to know about Michael Schoeffling's son. So, Who Is Michael Schoeffling's Son?

Zane Schoeffling may have caught the attention of the public for being the son of Michael Schoeffling. His father is one of the prominent faces in the showbiz industry. Michael is worldwide popular for his performance in Sixteen Candles. 

People are always curious to learn about celebrity kids and Zane has fallen under the radar of their interest. You could explore the details of his relationship status, personal life, and other details in this particular article. 

Meet Zabe's Parents - Michael Schoeffling And Valerie Robinson

Valerie Robinson and Michael Schoeffling have shared their married life for over three decades. Unlike the scenario of a celebrity couple separating after several years, they have set an example of long-standing married life. 

The lovely duo Robinson and Schoeffling might have met or had their introduction through the entertainment industry. During the 1980s, they may have started dating and shared a romantic bond.

Michael Schoeffling with his lovely wife Valerie Robinson.
Michael Schoeffling with his lovely wife Valerie Robinson. (Source: Instagram @ scarloz)

The love birds Robinson and Schoeffling were not a show couple because they completed their marriage ceremony privately. They may have invited close colleagues and family members to their wedding.

Robinson and Schoeffling may be still together as the rumors of the hindrance in their relationship haven't circulated. They have smooth sailing of their love boat tackling ups and downs in their married life without divorce.

Is Zane Schoeffling Dating Someone?

Valerie Robinson's son Zane Schoeffling may be leading a single blissful life and hasn't made a romantic bond with anyone. It can be assumed he hasn't found the perfect partner to share a romantic life.

Although Schoeffling gained fame as being celebrity kid, he isn't active on social networking sites. The inactiveness in the social media platform has narrowed the source to explore his relationship details. 

People may have been curious about his romantic affair because of his looks and is already in his 30s. However, Zane has stayed behind the shadow and no assumptions about his relationship can be made. 

Is Zane Schoeffling The Only Child of Michael and Valerie?

It's true that Michael and Valerie welcomed Zane from their married life on August 8, 1988. He is the first child of the couple Michael and Valerie. However, their family members became even when Michael and Valerie welcomed a daughter, Scarlett Schoeffling.

Zane Schoeffling and Scarlett Schoeffling with their parents.
Zane Schoeffling and Scarlett Schoeffling with their parents. (Source: Instagram @ scarloz)

Zane's younger sister Scarlett was born on May 6, 1991, in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, United States. He may have shared his childhood memories with her. 

Zane may have shown love for his parents privately away from the public but it's the opposite in the case of his sister. She publicly shows love towards her parents by sharing their pictures on her Instagram handle. 

Educational Details Of Zane 

Zane attended a regular school before studying abroad for his high school education. He completed his diploma at Wallenpaupack Area High School in 2006. However, there are no details available to confirm whether he went to University. 

On the other side, Zane's father is also a well-educated man who completed his high school at Cherokee High School. For further studies, he was enrolled at Temple University majoring in Liberal Arts. 

What About The Net Worth Of Schoeffling?

The 5 ft 8 inches, Zane Schoeffling's profession is unclear which cuts out the to know about his net worth. The online platforms may have found the difficulty to know about his exact round figure due to his low-key profile. 

Zane's father Michael Schoeffling may have an estimated net worth of around $500 thousand that matches the wealth of Leslie Stefanson. He may have generated money from his acting and other works. 

Michael Schoeffling and Valerie Robinson picture while present in the showbiz industry.
Michael Schoeffling and Valerie Robinson picture while present in the showbiz industry. (Source: Tuko News)

Zane was a member of the Jepedos Army band, which had existed for some time and produced a few original tracks. He was able to discover his strengths as a musician through his involvement with the group. So he might have generated some money from it. 

Likewise, Zane's mother Valerie Robinson has earned a decent amount of money. She earned money through her professional acting and modeling career in the 80s.

Why Michael Schoeffling Left His Acting Career?

The celebrity son, Michael Schoeffling was born and raised in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He started his career in his twenties as a model, working for publications such as GQ. He transitioned into acting in the mid-90s. 

Michael left his acting career in the early 1990s despite his early success in Hollywood. His work in films such as Sixteen Candles and Vision Quest gained him wide prominence. 

Michael Schoeffling with his daughter Scarlett Schoeffling.
Michael Schoeffling with his daughter Scarlett Schoeffling. (Source; Instagram @ scarloz)

Michael moved to Pennsylvania with his wife and children. He opened a furniture company which he still runs today choosing a career in furniture over acting in the entertainment industry. 

Schoeffling's decision to leave acting was somewhat surprising. However, it is clear that he has found fulfillment in his new career as a furniture maker. 

Has Zane Left The Music Career?

As mentioned earlier, Michael's son was enrolled in the music band Jepedos Army Band. The band was not able to receive wide prominence getting international recognition. 

After releasing several songs Zane & his music Jepedos Army band did not get success. So, he eventually left his music career wanting to live a private life away from the public eye.

What Does Zane's Sister Do?

Zane's younger sister Scarlett Schoeffling is a famous American actress. She has been staying active in the showbiz industry for two years. 

Scarlett may her debut in the TV series Billions playing the role of Woman. She appeared in one episode which was released in 2020.

Scarlett Schoeffling is the sister of Zane Schoeffling.
Scarlett Schoeffling is the sister of Zane Schoeffling. (Source: Instagram @ scarloz)

After the debut from Billions, Scarlett characterized the role of Isabel in the movie Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story. However, she hasn't appeared in any TV shows or movies in recent years. 

Besides acting, Scarlett is also enrolled in a modeling career. She has modeled for several brands including Wacoal America. 

Is Zane's Mother A Celebrity Personality?

Yes, Zane's mother Valerie Robinson is a celebrity personality. She is a former American actress and model who was popular in the 1990s. She was born in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania. Her original name is Valerie Carpenter Bernstein.

Valerie Robinson is a former American model and actress.
Valerie Robinson is a former American model and actress. (Source: Pinterest)

Valerie C. Robinson's acting career began with a minor role in the 1977 movie Having Babies II. Her next movie role came five years later in the 1982 film One Shoe Makes It Murder

Valerie's final movie appearance was in the 2018 film Awful where she played the character Frances Ledbetter. 


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