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Mon Jun 12 2023
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Zoey Christina Ball is well-known for being the daughter of the American professional basketball player, Lonzo Ball. Her father played as a point guard for Chicago Bulls.

Ball, being a celebrity daughter, has received media attention since her birth. When a person gets into the limelight, people want to know their personal life. So, let's know about Lonzo Ball's daughter, Zoey.

How Old Is Lonzo Ball Daughter? Know Zoey Christina Ball's Age & Early Life

Zoey Christina Ball was welcomed by her parents on July 22, 2018. She is being raised in her birthplace, Chino Hills, California. Based on her born day, Ball celebrates her fifth birthday on July 22, 2023. She does not have any siblings.

Zoey Christina Ball with her mother Denise Garcia.
Zoey Christina Ball with her mother Denise Garcia. Source: Instagram @denniserean

The celebrity daughter Ball's life is kept private. Details regarding her educational life are out of media reach. Her parents are not together anymore but they have not let it affect her.

Zoey Christina Ball Parents' Relationship: Lonzo Ball & Denise Garcia

Zoey is the daughter of Lonzo Ball and his high school sweetheart Denise Garcia. Her parents were in a relationship since their college days.

Denise and Lonzo knew each other since their freshman days. According to Denise:

“Without knowing his name or watching him play, all I cared about was that fact that he caught my eye and had my attention.”

Ball started his career in NBA when Denise was in her senior year. The same year got pregnant with Zoey.

Later, their romantic love life came to an end with the infidelity of the Chicago Bull's Point guard, Lonzo. The year 2019 was marked as the year of their separation.

Lonzo Ball & Denise Garcia Are Co-Parenting Their Daughter

Despite the fact, Zoey Christina Ball's parents have parted ways. Ball and Garcia revealed that they were working out in their relationship for the sake of their daughter.

Zoey Christina Ball's parents are co-parenting her.
Zoey Christina Ball's parents are co-parenting her. Source: players wiki

While Denise and Lonzo are happy in their own respective relationships, they co-parent their child. Their split and new love life have not affected the life of Zoey.

After their separation, the custody of primary guardianship went to Denise. She had asked for $30k monthly as child support. However, Zoey's father denied and the matter was settled in private.

The NBA celebrity player Denise and his high school sweetheart are often spotted together at events. Looks like things are getting better between them.

Who Is Lonzo Ball Dating Currently?

The NBA basketball player Lonzo Ball is currently in a relationship with Ally Rossell. Ally is a social media influencer and a model, who has endorsed many brands. 

Zoey Christina Ball's father Lonzo Ball and his girlfriend Ally Rossel.
Zoey Christina Ball's father Lonzo Ball and his girlfriend Ally Rossel. Source: Instagram @zo

Lonzo and Ally started dating in 2019. The NBA star posts their picture on Instagram quite often. He uses romantic captions on those pictures. 

Zoey Christina Ball's Mother Was A Former Athlete Too

This might come as a shocking fact for most people, but Zoey's mother, Denise, was also an athlete before. She used to play soccer in her high school days. Born on April 14, 1996, she was one of the best players at UC Riverside. 

Zoey Christina Ball's mother Denise Garcia was a soccer Player.
Zoey Christina Ball's mother Denise Garcia was a soccer Player. Source: Buzz Nigeria

During her athletic days, Zoey's mother, Denise, won numerous awards and titles. Some of them are four-time Big West Conference Player of the Week and Big West Midfielder of the Year in 2015. 

Zoey Christina Ball's Net Worth

The celebrity daughter Zoey Christina Ball is just a school-going child. She has not stepped into professional life yet. Although Ball has no net worth of her own, she does enjoy her parent's huge fortunes.

Zoey is often spotted spending quality time with her parents. Maybe in the near future, she might follow her parent's footsteps and be a successful athlete.

Insight Zoey Christina's Parents' Net Worth

Zoey's mother, Denise Garcia, has a net worth of $12 Million. She works as a social media influencer as well in the health and fitness business. She had asked for $30k monthly for child support.

Lonzo Ball, Zoey's father has a staggering net worth of $40 Million. He has amassed this huge amount from his basketball career. 

Earnings of Chicago Bulls' point guard throughout the year:

Season Salary
2020-2021    $11,003,782       
2022-2023           $19,534,884

Lonzo Ball's Assets & Other Sources Of Income

Tina Ball's son, Lonzo does not only earn money from his NBA career. He invests money in real estate. He also does endorsements and was an iconic character on Ball in the Family. 

Zoey Christina Ball's father's luxurious house.
Zoey Christina Ball's father's luxurious house. Source: YouTube @The Sportest

The NBA celebrity has used his earnings in his luxurious household. He bought a $5.2 million lavish home in California's Chino Hills. The house features a swimming pool, gym, guesthouse as well as chef's kitchen.

Likewise, Lonzo bought an estate in Sherman Oaks, Cali for $7.3 Million. Speaking of Cars, Zoey's father has a Mercedes G63 and a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Both of the cars cost an average of $100k.

Zoey Christina Ball's Uncle Are Famous NBA Star: Who Is The Richest Ball Brother?

Not only Zoey's dad and mom, but her uncles do also have an athletic background. Yes, her father's siblings are also NBA stars.

LaMelo Ball is an NBA professional player who currently plays for Charlotte Hornets. Likewise, her other uncle LiAngelo Ball plays for Greensboro Swarm. 

Among the three Ball brothers, Zoey Christina's father, Lonzo Ball, is the richest one. Nonetheless, the three siblings are millionaires.

Zoey Christina Ball Loves Being With Her Father, Lonzo Ball

Currently, Zoey is being raised by her celebrity father Lonzo Ball. The NBA star often shares pictures and glimpses of his daughter's life.

Zoey Christina Ball with her father Lonza Ball.
Zoey Christina Ball with her father Lonza Ball. Instagram @zo

Zoey Christina Ball sure does love her dad. It can be seen clearly in the picture that Lonzo has posted on his Instagram. She is seen as quite comfortable and happy in his presence.

Furthermore, the celebrity daughter is often spotted in her father's basketball matches. She cheers up her father during the game. 


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