A Wife's Journey of Grief: The Story of Troy Dendekker Bradley Nowell's Wife.

Mon Jan 24 2022
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Troy Dendekkre is the wife of a late American musician Bradley Nowell and she is carrying the legacy of her last ex-husband, Bradley Nowell. 

After the death of her husband, she married Kiki Holmes On November 1, 2002. They stayed in a married relationship for about 15 years. However, they two decided to separate and are living their own life. 

Who was Bradley Nowell?

The Sublime singer was born on February 22, 1968, in California. Nowell was mostly recognized as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the ska-punk band Sublime. 

He was a promising American musician, whose talent was not fully explored due to his sudden death. 

He formed his band in his teenage years and after he did a lot of struggle and it took him many years to become the lead vocalist and the guitarist of the ska-punk band sublime.

How Nowell and Dendekker met?

During a 'Sublime' show in San Diego, in 1993 Bradley Nowell met Troy Dendekker and they started dating each other soon after their first meeting. 

Dendekker became pregnant with Nowell's child soon after they started dating. On June 25, 1995, their first son, Jakob James Nowell was born.

Troy Dendekker and Bradley Nowell posing for their wedding. Source: CelebSuburb.

A year later, the couple got married in a Hawaiian-themed wedding in Las Vegas. They were really happy about their marriage and also their new life.

The reason for Troy's second marriage?

The romantic couple was excited about their new life and things between the two were going pretty well but fate was not in their support and the tragedy struck unexpectedly. 

On the morning of May 25, 2016, just a week after their marriage, Bradley died of a heroin overdose. 

Troy Dendekker was only 26 years old at the time when her first husband died and that incident happened at the Ocean View Motel in San Francisco where Nowell's along with his band members were staying.

Dendekker still seem to love Nowell

It is hard for anyone to forget someone nearer to you especially if the person is someone you love tremendously and the same thing goes for Dendekker who lost her long-term boyfriend turned into a husband just a week after their marriage.

From the activities on her Instagram and other social media, it still seems that the 49 years old still keeps posting photos of her late husband and along with this, she also runs awareness campaigns on drug addiction, in the memories of her husband’s death from a heroin overdose.

Troy's Second marriage to Kiki Holmes

On November 1, 2002, Troy Dendekker married  Kiki Holmes a few years after the death of her husband. The romantic couple was together in a marital relationship for over 15 years. 

The former husband and wife are no more together despite all the bonding and immense love for one another.

Troy Dendekker wearing black vest and Kiki Holmes wearing black vest with silver chain.
Kiki Holmes kissing Troy Dendekker. Source: Liverampup.

 As per the documents, the couple filed divorced on July 25, 2018. Well, there are no updates on whether their divorce is finalized but they were happy with their relationship.

Troy's three children with Kiki Holmes

She has three other children apart from Jakob, who was born in Troy's first marriage. She gave birth to three kids, Rudy, Mary after the second marriage to Holmes. 

Troy Dendekker wearing black vest
Troy Dendekker having fun with her children. Source: ABTC

However, she has not revealed the name of her youngest daughter. She often shares photos of all her kids on her social media and has a healthy relationship with them.

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