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Merchandise Manager (1971)
Fri May 21 2021
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Relationship Timeline Of Troy Dendekker

Husband : Bradley Nowell
Troy Dendekker Married To Bradley Nowell In 1996

A beloved celebrity once said, "After we die the people who love us will miss us!" The grief of losing someone is very painful. Yet, Troy Dendekker who lost her husband just a week after her marriage overcame her tragedy and now she is an inspiration to people. She was married to Bradley Nowell, lead singer, and guitarist of the ska-punk band Sublime.

Troy was born on March 8, 1971, in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. She works as Sublime's clothing and merchandise manager. Troy remarried and has children. Let's know about her present married life and her past relationship with Bradley.

Troy Dendekker and Bradley Nowell

It was the early 1990s when Bradley Nowell started dating the beautiful Troy Dendekker. They first met when Bradley was touring across the state. As a result of their affair, Troy became pregnant in October 1994. She gave birth to a son, Jakob James Nowell on June 25, 1995.

Troy Dendekker and Bradley Nowell married in 1996.
Image: Bradley started dating Troy while meeting on a tour. They married in 1996, nearly a year after their son Jakob was born in 1995.
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Troy and Bradley exchanged thier wedding vows on May 18, 1996. Their marriage took place in a Hawaiian themed ceremony in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, Bradley passed away due to a heroin overdose on May 25, a week after his wedding. He had previously been sober after Jakob's birth. Like Troy, Vicky Karayiannis is the widow of Audioslave's frontman, Chris Cornell.

Troy with her son, Jakob Nowell.
Image: Troy Dendekker and Bradley Nowell had a son, Jakob. He is now a musician and lead singer of a rock band called LAW. 
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Talking about Jakob, the 25-year-old is the lead singer of a rock band called, LAW. Unsurprisingly, his music resembles his father. Further, Jakob is happily engaged to his girlfriend, Ashlyn.

Troy is a Happily married Woman

After six years of Nowell's demise, Dendekker married once again in 2002. Her second husband is Kiki Holmes, whose details are still a mystery. Troy and her husband has been married for 18 years as of 2021.

With her second husband, Troy shares three kids.
Image: Troy with her children, Erica, Rudi, Mary Jane, and Jakob.
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The couple shares three kids, two daughters named, Erica and Mary Jane along with a son named, Rudi. Troy shares pictures of her children on social media but prefers not to share additional information.

Net Worth

There is no exact information on Troy Dendekker's net worth. For a very long time, she has been working as a clothing and merchandise manager for Sublime. As per the average salary for merch manager, Troy might earn over $90,000 a year. However, the earnings largely depend upon the sales.

Dendekker mostly became known for her brief marriage with Bradley Nowell. She wasn't left with any will or wealth. Further, Bradley died at the peak of his career at age 28. Hence, it is hard to predict how much net worth he had at the time of his death.

Continuing Her Late Husband's Legacy

Troy still loves her late husband very much. Bradley's memory remained like a carved stone in her heart. She shares loving posts with Bradley and credits his music for giving her inspiration and colorful life.

Troy Dendekker as the Sublime's merchandise manager.
Image: Troy Dendekker works as the clothing and merchandise manager of Sublime.
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It's been almost 25 years since Nowell's demise, but Troy and her family work hard to preserve his music. Suzette Quintanilla is also dedicated to preserving her late sister, Selena's legacy.

Documentary on Sublime

In 2019, two time Oscar winner Bill Guttentag created a documentary titled, Sublime. The film details the rise of the band members from Long Beach and life after Nowell’s drug overdose. 

The film debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and it brought out a range of emotions for the band’s drummer Bud Gaugh and Nowell’s widow, Troy.

Watch a short clip featuring Troy, Bill, and Bud talking about Sublime and Bradley!

In an interview with CBS Local, Dendekker recalled Nowell's addiction. She said:

“It got to a point where the boys were sick of babysitting him because of the addiction. I got the same way and he needed to fight for it himself. It sucked at the time and I was pissed and angry. We went through a tragedy together. All these years later we are still being blessed by Bradley and his music. I don’t think Bradley would’ve made it no matter what because he was tired and we wasn’t a fighter.”

Troy lost her husband because of his drug addiction, therefore she is driven to aware young people about the dangers of drugs.

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