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Tue Mar 03 2020
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It is impossible to restore a broken understanding of marriage because trust won't refill the one, who didn't want to get it back. The following phrase is relative to Adrienne Kimball, who faced a struggle with her former husband, Christopher Kimball in marriage, where there was a typical type of misunderstanding.

Even though the divorce was quite messy due to Adrienne's disagreements upon spousal support and taking child custody, so, what happened in Kimball & Christopher's marital life that led them to file for divorce? Let's find out in the following sections.

A Glance of Adrienne & Christopher's Marriage & Children

Adrienne and the chef of America's Test Kitchen, Christopher were in a long-term marital union. The two walked down the wedding aisle in a small and private ceremony, held between their close ones in 1987.

Adrienne Kimball's former spouse, Christopher Kimball. What happened in Adrienne and Christopher's marital life?
Snap: Adrienne Kimball's husband, Christopher Kimball 
Source: Boston Magazine

The couple found joy when they welcomed their three daughters, Caroline KimballWhitney Kimball, and Emily Kimball into their life. The family of Kimball turned out to be four when Adrienne gave birth to a baby boy, Charles Kimball

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Sued Chris for Violating Agreement

Adrienne separated from her longtime husband, Christopher after staying married for overall 25 years. The pair finalized their divorce amicably by taking half-half custody of their four kids in December 2012.

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When their divorce was running persistently, Adrienne filed a lawsuit against Christopher, who violated the legal terms of the agreement leaving the company. Later, in the Suffolk Probate and Family Court, Christopher gave more than $112,000 for spousal support and child care of their four children.

Her Former Husband, Christopher Is Married Thricely!

Adrienne's estranged husband, Christopher is married three times, he first tied the knot with his first wife, whose name is still a mystery. They, however, divorced due to some misunderstandings.

On the other hand, Kimball is currently living with his third spouseMelissa Lee Baldino, whom he met during a job interview for the position of his personal assistant in September 2002. The two found they're meant to be after Christopher knew that "she is a risk-taker."

Adrienne Kimball's former husband, Christopher Kimball and his current wife, Melissa Lee Baldino. Know about Adrienne and Christopher's past marital relationship.
Photo: Christopher Kimball and his current wife, Melissa Lee Baldino 
Source: The New York Times

The two united as husband and wife on 29th June 2013 in a Memorial Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At that time, M.I.T's chaplain, Robert M. Randolph officiated the couple's wedding ceremony.

Following their blissful nuptial, the two proclaimed that they're going to be parents of their first child in mid-2016. Then, they welcomed a lovely child, a baby boy, Oliver Kimball on 4th May 2017, who is currently two years old.

Adrienne Kimball's ex-husband, Christopher's current wife, Melissa with her son, Oliver. Know more about Adrienne's current marital status.
Photo: Christopher Kimball's wife, Melissa Baldino carrying her child in her arms 
Source: Idol Persona

Adrienne's ex-husband, Christopher is spending quality time with his current marital partner, Melissa. They completed their 6th wedding anniversary on 29th June 2019 and shared a glimpse of their pictures via Instagram

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