Christopher Kimball and Melissa Baldino Marital Status

Mon Mar 02 2020
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Christopher Kimball grabbed the golden ring in a chain of marriage, whose starting is a glance of happiness, and the ending is eternity. He and his wife, Melissa Baldino are feeling the blossom after finding that their true love stands by their side, whether it is good or bad days.

New York-based chef, Christopher, and Melissa are working together in the half-hour long cooking show, America's Test Kitchen. What's going in the marital life of Kimball and Melissa? Let's take a sneak peek at Mr. and Mrs.  Kimball's marital life below.

First Meeting of Christopher & Melissa through a Job Interview

The 69-year-old TV personality, Christopher Kimball met his beloved wife, Melissa Lee Baldinoin September 2002, when she came for a job interview for the position of his personal assistant. During that time, he didn't hire her because another woman was already there.

More to that, Kimball called Baldino to offer her the job of his assistant when the women quit two months later. Melissa then accepted the position and started working as his assistant for several years. After time passes, Christopher promoted her as the producer. 

Baldino has served as an executive producer for Christopher's documentary series such as America's Test Kitchen, Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen, and Christopher Kimball's Milk Street. 

Christopher Kimball and Melissa Baldino are happy married couple. Do you know the marital partners first met?
Photo: Christopher Kimball and his wife, Melissa Lee Baldino 
Source: The New York Times

The duo became good friends after working together for an extended period of time. They also admire each other's business tactics, working spirit, and loyalty in entrepreneurship. 

During an interview with Kimball, he said that "Baldino is a risk-taker, who left a successful career in advertising and became his assistant in the food industry." Baldino and Kimball got engaged after Christopher proposed to her for marriage, and she accepted his proposal blissfully.

United as Husband & Wife in a Memorial Church

Christopher and the daughter of Rike Fossil Baldino and Jim J. Baldino of Portland, Melissa tied the knot on 29th June 2013 at a Memorial Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. During their nuptial, M.I.T.'s chaplain, Robert M. Randolph performed their ceremony.

Following their grand ceremony, the pair announced that they were expecting their first child in 2016. Later, Melissa gave birth to their child, a baby boy, Oliver Kimball on 4th May 2017, who is now three years old.

Christopher Kimball's wife, Melissa Baldino carrying their child, Oliver Kimball in her hands. Know more about Christopher & Melissa' married life.
Photo: Christopher Kimball and Melissa Baldino welcomed a baby boy, Oliver Kimball 
Source: Idol Persona

The marital partners later, welcomed their second child, a daughter, Rike Kimball in 2019. As of now, Mr. and Mrs. Kimball are sharing a healthy bond as a perfect married pair. They are jointly raising their beloved kids. 

Do You Know Kimball Is Married Thricely?

The Cook's Bible author, Christopher was initially committed to a marital union with his first wife, whose identity is still hidden from the media. The couple, however, separated after filing for divorce due to some personal differences.

Christopher then married his second wife, Adrienne Kimball in an intimate ceremony in 1987. During their reception, they invited their close relatives, family as well as mutual friends.

After living happily for two and a half decades, they eventually ended their marriage after Christopher find Melissa, who sees the potential in him and loves him so much in 2012. The duo divorced in December 2012, taking the child custody of their four kids, CarolineCharlesWhitney, and Emily Kimball.

Just like Christopher and Adrienne's failed marriage some other celebrities, including BlakeWilson, aka Batdad, and his wife, Jen Wilson also divorced. Blake is currently taking care of their four children.

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