Aged 65, Sex And The City star Chris Noth And Wife Tara Wilson Delivered Second Child, Keats

Thu Feb 20 2020
By   Muir

The famous celebrity couple, Chris Noth, famous as NYPD Detective Mike Logan on Law & Order and actress, Tara Wilson recently welcomed their second baby, Keats.

At present, not only the mother and father but equally their eldest child, Orion Christopher Noth, is also rejoicing the new young member in the family.

It was yesterday, 19th of February, 2020, the news surfaced when Sex and the City star, Chris uploaded a picture of his newly born baby and made an official announcement captioning, 

"Down from the heavens comes our second son- Keats! “ A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Keats Noth, new born baby of Chris Noth and Tara Wilson
Image: The Newly Born, Keats Of Chris Noth and Tara Wilson
Source: Instagram @chrisnothofficial

With a sweet caption, the emotion of the family's happiness can also be clearly seen in words. Many of their friends and fellow stars instantly congratulated him for the arrival of a bundle of joy. Well, baby Noth, Keats is taking a infant nap now. 

Recently, Enrique Iglesias Welcomes Daughter With Wife Anna Kournikova. In the case of the newly born kid, it is common for people to become curious regarding every piece of their postpartum period. Well, the junior Noth is named after an English romantic poet, John Keats.

If we go back in time, their expectation was already made public via Wilson's baby bump picture on Instagram. She even stated that her older son, Orion, is soon getting a brother.

Tara Wilson showing baby bump in her husband's Instagram post
Frame: Chris Noth's wife Tara Wilson's baby bump 
Source: Instagram @chrisnothofficial

Chris and Tara's first son was born in January 2008. After the birth spacing for 12 years, they finally delivered a healthy baby. The parents of two turned the page of their love life almost two decades ago. Reportedly, they began dating after their first meet when Tara was working as a bartender. 

Before getting married in 2012, their relationship had many on-off sessions. They even broke up plenty of times but never gave up on each other. As a result, they are now having a blissfully parenting their two offspring.


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