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Mon Dec 12 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Ainsley Harriott

Ainsley Harriott married to Claire Fellows on 1989 and divorce on 2012.

If you love cooking and eating food, you have surely come across Chef Ainsley Harriott, a big name in the food industry. He is famous for his BBC cooking game show 'Can't Cook, Won't Cook' (1995 to 2000) and 'Ready Steady Cook' from 1994 to 2010.

Previously, Harriott worked as a resident chef on the TV series Good Morning with Anne and Nick from 1992 to 1996. Besides this, chef Ainsely is a TV presenter, an actor, and a cookbook author. His signature cooking includes couscous, risotto, and soups. Let's learn more about his personal life and career in this article!

Wiki-Bio and Early Life

The English chef, Ainsley Harriott, was born as 'Ainsley Denzil Dubriel Harriot' on February 28, 1957, in Paddington, London. He was raised by Chester Leroy Harriott (1933-2013) and Peppy Strudwick(August 14, 1927 - October 29, 1993). His father was a pianist and singer, and his mother was a former nurse. 

Ainsley is very close to his mother.
Ainsley with his mother, Peppy Strudwick
Source: Instagram, ainsleyfoods

Harriot grew up with two siblings, Jacqueline Harriot, sister (born in 1952), and brother Chester Harriot Jr. (born in 1954). For his schooling, he went to Wandsworth Comprehensive School. Then he joined the Westminster Kingsway College for his culinary training, followed by an apprenticeship at the Verrey's restaurant.

From an early age, Ainsley had an interest in cooking and learned from his mother. Later, when he was in his sweet sixteen, he engaged as a trainee in a restaurant called "Verry's" in London and became a commis chef of that restaurant.

The Ready Steady Cook Star Ainsley Harriot's Married Life And Divorce

Ainsley Harriot is currently single, but he was once a married man. His wife was Clare Fellows, an English costume designer and the younger sister of comedian-actor Graham Fellows.

Ainsley Harriot with his former partner
Ainsley Harriot with his former wife Clare Fellows.
Source: Daily Express

The190 cm tall man first met his spouse in a clothing store and the pair instantly fell for each other and started dating. After one year of romance, the duo tied the knot in 1989 in a private ceremony in the presence of their close ones. 

But unfortunately, the couple decided to end their marriage after 23 years of their marital life and got a divorce in 2012. From some media, it came to know that the reason behind their separation was the extramarital affair of Ainsely with another lady in 2004.

Additionally, there were also rumors that Ainsley was gay, which prompted his and Clare's divorce. But later, on his Twitter, the 64-year-old clarified that he is not gay and is straight.

Besides talking about his interest, Harriot loves drinking and fancies cocktails and mocktails. In addition, he has a pet dog in his house named Bobby.

Ainsley Harriott is blessed with two kids!

From his marriage with Clare, the world-renowned chef is blessed with a son  Jimmy Harriott who was born in 1992, and  a daughter, Madelaine Harriott, born in 1995.

Ainsley has good bond with his kids.
Ainsely with his daughter, Madelaine Harriott
Source: The Mirror

Now, their kids are great cooks, and their father inspires them. Also, they love to serve dinner parties and cherish people. Despite, being kids of celebrities, they prefer low-key profiles.

Ainsley Harriott's Net Worth of 2021!

The Ready Steady Cook star, Ainsley Harriott, earned a considerable net worth of $4 million. In contrast, Luca Manfe who is an American Italian chef and author has $5 million of net worth. 

As for Harriott's salary, reportedly, he charges $13,000 for a television appearance as a judge. So he surely made handsome money from his career so far.

Ainsley is wearing pink shirtt with a black pant.
Ainsley engaged in BBC cooking show 'Ready Steady and Cook' from 1994 to 2010.

As a contestant, he participated in the reality TV series Strictly Come Dancing in 2015. He has also appeared in TV series such as Ready Steady Cook, Ainsley Harriott's Street Food, Ready Set Cook, and so on. 

Besides being a chef and television personality, he is a successful writer and has earned a large amount of wealth from his books. He published many books on food recipes, and some of his books are Ainsley's Mediterranean Cookbook, Ainsley's Caribbean Kitchen, Ainsley's Harriott's Low Fat Meals in Minutes, which cost $20.87, $21.62, and $20.12, respectively.

The father of two also has Couscous cereal bars in his name. The couscous cereals have a variety of vegetables and countries-inspired flavors. Furthermore, his jerk chicken recipe is also famous all over the UK.

Other than his cooking books and cereals, Ainsley's t-shirt is also a sought-after commodity. One can buy his t-shirt for $21.15 with an extra delivery charge of$8.45 on Amazon

Ainsley Harriott Memes

The author of Ainsley Harriott's Meals in Minutes writer is not just famous among the viewers as a celebrity chef but has gained incredible popularity as a meme as well. In December 2010, while he was spicing a salad, his facial expression went viral. 

For his meme, one of his quotes from his book Ainsley's Barbecue Bible, "Heh heh, boi,"  became a popular phrase. Other quotes of his that became widespread are "Spicy" and "Give that meat a good ol' rub."

Check out Ainsley Harriott's cooking video, which became a viral meme!

In addition to it, his facial expressions are used in many video games/memes as a troll face and dirty humor. Moreover, his funny face is also used in Gifs.

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