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Thu Mar 30 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of alayna finau

Husband : Tony Finau
Alayna Finau married Tony Finau in 2012.

Alayna Galea'i-Finau gained fame because of her marriage to a known American athlete. His name is Tony Finau, and he plays golf for a living. If you love watching golf, you should already know him. 

He has been competing in PGA Tour for many years now. Besides his golfing skills, golf fans also see him as one of the most excellent men in the game.

The Hawaiian Alayna was born in Honolulu on August 10, 1990. And her zodiac sign is Leo. 

Her Marriage With Tony Finau

It's common among famous athletes to get married and settle down with an athletic partner, whether from the same sport or a different one. Tony Finau, however, fell in love with an average woman in Alayna Finau. So, how did this happen?

The now happily married couple first met on New Year's Eve in 2010. They dated for a while before taking it to the next level by exchanging their wedding vows on May 12 2012

Tony Finau is on a suit and Alayna Finau is wearing a green dress.
Tony Finau and Alayna Finau Posing Next To Presidents Cup (Source: Instagram @laynafinau)

The couple has been married since and still are going strong together even after all these years. Alayna is not hesitant to show her love for her husband and is constantly sharing pictures of him on her Instagram.

Tony Wasn't Her First Marriage

As much as Alayna loves his golfer husband, Tony wasn't the first man she fell in love with. Tony was also not the first man she got married to. She was previously married two times.

Her first marriage came to a man named Joseph Shapiro. There is no information on him besides the fact that he is no longer around. She then found love again, this time to a man named George Lazenby. There is some information circulating on the internet that these two got married in 2002 and a few years later ended it in 2008.

Her Husband Missed Out On Playing With Tiger Woods Because Of Her

Tiger Woods is the legend of the game. Arguably, the greatest of all time. He has inspired millions to play golf. Playing with him or against him is a dream of many. So, imagine turning that opportunity down. Yep, that's what Tony Finau did. But why?

Tony Finau and Tiger Woods can be seen shaking hands as the crowd is cheering on.
Tony Finau and Tiger Woods in a match (Source: Golf Digest)

The reason isn't as dramatic as it may sound to some. It had to do with his wife's pregnancy. Alayna was pregnant with her baby, and he wanted to be by her side.

How Much Money Does Her Huband Make Playing Golf?

Alayna Finau doesn't need to be too concerned about caring for her family. Her husband, Tony Finau, has found success playing golf, and the success can be translated by looking at his income. The man's estimated net worth is $13 million.

His success on the golf course only seems to get better with time, and so does his wealth. According to the data published on Sportac's website, at the time of this writing, his estimated earnings through all the tournaments have been $33 million, with the golfer earning over $6 million in 2022 alone.

Alayna Has A Big Family (Five Children)

Alayna has a massive family, as she is the mother of five. Many people nowadays choose to have a small family. People have blamed the rising cost of living, stress, and balancing work and personal life as some of the reasons for it. It doesn't seem to affect the life of the couple.

Both Alayna and Toby wanted a huge family. Among their five kids, Jarice Finau is the oldest, followed by Leilene Aiaga, Tony Finau Jr., Sage Finau and their youngest, Sienna-Vee Finau.

Alayna Finau is carrying Sienna-Vee and other kids have surrounded her.
Alayna Finau with her kids Jarice, Leilene, Sage, Sienna-Vee, and Tony Finau Jr. (Source: Instagram @laynafinau)

Alayna loves her kids and is usually posting about them on her Instagram. She loves taking family pictures, unlike her husband. She has discussed it through a post she shared and the reason behind her love for family pictures.

She has talked about how family pics have always been important in her family. While mentioning her father's death, she spoke about how watching the old pictures brings back all the good memories she spent with her father. Alayna also said her husband is starting to get used to it.

A Devout Catholic (Her Association With The Church)

Alayna Finau is a religious woman. She is a Catholic and is also serving as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Not just she but her husband is also a member of the church.

Between the two, she has taken over the responsibility of taking kids to church on Sundays, as per Matt Cradock from Golf Monthly.

A Little Bit About Her Husband Tony Finau

Milton Pohua Finau, popularly known as Tony Finau, is an American professional golfer from Salt Lake City, Utah. (The same place Janelle Brown had her first marriage to Adam Barber). He was born on September 14, 1989.

As mentioned in the beginning, apart from his golfing, Tony has also made a reputation of being a nice guy with his contagious smile, and he carries himself well. Golf Digest named him number one on their list of Top 30 nice guys on the PGA Tour.

Tony Finau is kneeling down and has one hand on the trophy.
Tony Finau posing with the Houston Open trophy (Source: Instagram @tonyfinaugolf)

But he is more than just a nice guy. The man who started in 2007 has tasted some success in the PGA Tour. He won the Puerto Rico Open in 2016. He is yet to win big but has all the potential to make it happen.

Body Measurements

Tony Finau is a tall man. Well, he is in sports, so that shouldn't come as a surprise. But what about his wife, Alayna Finau? Does she look good when standing with her husband?

Spoiler Alert! She does look good standing next to Tony. Even though her husband is the tall one here, with his height of 6 Feet 4 Inches (193 cm), Alayna isn't that far behind with her height of 5 Feet 6 Inches (170 cm). She looks good beside him when she isn't wearing a heel.

Her Husband Was Sued With A Hefty $16 Million

Tony may be known for his smile, but that doesn't mean he is immune to controversy. He was once fined for a considerable sum of $16 million.

Per the news article by Adam Woodard for Golf Week, the lawsuit was filed by Molonai Hola, who claimed that Tony and his family were provided support with finances for many years. Still, the golfer never paid the money back. The total expenses amounted to almost $600 thousand.

If Not Golfer Her Husband Would Be A Chef

Alayna loves her husband and is happy and supportive of what he is doing now. But she would still be lucky if golf didn't work out for her husband. She would regularly have some of the best foods, as Tony loves cooking. 

Tony has also said he would probably be a chef if it weren't for golf. He has given credit for his cooking skills to his mother. In an interview with Helen Ross from PGA Tour, he said:

My mom was able to just look at what was on it, kind of taste it and the very next night she did her rendition. That was probably my favourite meal that she made us. … But she did that with a lot of dishes - anytime we go somewhere she would challenge herself to either to make the same sauce or the same burger or whatever the case may be.

Is Alayna Finau a Samoan?

The romantic couple, Alayna and Tony are proud of their Polynesian heritage and their shared faith as Latter-Day Saints. Tony, who is of Samoan and Tongan descent, expressed that it is an honor for him to represent his people at his current level. He believes that the Polynesian culture and the gospel are compatible, as they both promote respect and humility.

Alayna, on the other hand, considers it valuable for Tony to represent their culture on a global platform, as he is the first golfer of Samoan/Tongan descent to make it on the PGA tour and to participate in @themasters.


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