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Actor, Director, Producer (1988)
Tue Apr 18 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Alexander Vlahos

Wife : Julia Huard
Alexander Vlahos and Julia Huard married in 2022.

Alexander Vlahos is a British actor, writer, and director who played the role of Monsieur Philippe d'Orléans in the TV series Versailles. The Netflix show is a historical drama based around when the historical monument, the palace of Versailles, was built. The palace is considered one of the greatest pieces of work in French Art.

Vlahos was featured in the thirty episodes of the show Versailles. Only Evan Williams, George Blagden, Tygh Runyan, and Stuart Bowman are other actors who appeared in that many episodes. His other works include Death in Paradise, Prisoner Zero, Outlander, and Broke. 

Alexander Vlahos Married To Julia Huard

As of now, Alexander Vlahos is married to Julia Huard. They tied the knot on May 28, 2022, and now go by the name Mr & Mrs. Huard-Vlahos. Vlahos exchanged his wedding vows with his partner Huard in the French Countryside, in the presence of their friends and families, who were there for the most important day of his life.

Alexander Vlahos and Julia Huard are sitting in a swing in their wedding dress.
Alexander Vlahos and Julia Huard at their wedding (Source: Alexander Vlahos Instagram @alexvlahosofficial)

Vlahos's wife, Julia Huard, seems to be a private woman who stays away from the limelight. Even her insta account is private, and only people close to her can follow her on the platform. But Vlahos posts about her now and then on his Insta page so that you can learn a bit about her from there.

Vlahos Previous Relationships & Rumors

Alexander Vlahos had been involved with a few women before meeting Julia Huard. He has previously dated actress Lauren Samuels. The two even shared the stage in the play called La Ronde. Some reports suggest that these two were engaged for a while in 2018 and had first started seeing each other in 2016.

Before Samuels, the Versailles actor was also rumored to have dated a woman named Kajas Mohammar. She is a Swedish Model and an actress, and the pair was rumored to have been together from 2011 to 2016. If they dated or not remains to be confirmed.a

Who Are Alexander's Parents?

Alexander Vlahos is the son of Robert Vlahos and Nicci Vlahos. He has a mixed ethnicity, as his parents come from diverse backgrounds. His father, Robert, is Greek, whereas his mother is Welsh. The story of how his parents met remains a mystery. His parents divorced a long time back.

Alexander Vlahos is sitting in a chair as Nicci Vlahos is playing with him.
Baby Alexander Vlahos with his mother, Nicci Vlahos (Source: Alexander Vlahos Twitter @vlavla)

Both Alexander's parents are not involved in the entertainment industry. They are also private people and live away from their son's fame. They are on social media, but all their accounts are private. Even Vlahos hardly posts about them on his social media, so there is no way to learn more about them.

What Is Alexander Vlahos's Net Worth?

Alexander Vlahos has an estimated net worth of $2 Million, similar to actor Mike Lobel. Movies are his biggest source of income. Versailles, to this day, is his biggest work, and he made a lot of money from it, although the amount he received from it remains to be disclosed.

Besides acting, Alexander co-owns a production company called CowHouse Films Ltd. They have produced films like Watchtower, The Lord Won't Mind, and Daemon Parallel. Besides that, the company also sells merchandise and makes money through it.

Has Two Furry Friends

Usually, people are divided into dog lovers and cat lovers just like Paige Hemmis. Not in the case of the Versailles actor, Vlahos, as he loves both. He has both a cat and a dog. The cat's name is Gus Vla, and the dog's name is Arty Vla.

Both Gus Vla and Arty Vla are lying down in a grey blanket.
Alexander Vlahos dog, Arty Vla and cat, Gus Vla (Source: Alexander Vlahos Instagram @alexvlahosofficial)

Gus and Arty love each other's company and play together. When Vlahos's wife isn't home, he has these two to play with and give him company. You can tell how much he loves both of them by looking at the number of pictures and videos he posts about Gus and Arty on his Instagram.

Has Vlahos Learned Acting?

Yes, Vlahos has learned acting in his home country, Wales, at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. The music training school is located in Cardiff. He has a degree in Bachelor of Arts, and he graduated from the institute in 2009

The college is known for being a tough place to enter, so you can assume Vlahos was a bright student considering he studied at the institution. His time at the Royal Welsh College helped him learn more about acting, which has helped his acting career.

Controversy Of Versailles 

Vlahos's biggest work on television was also his most controversial one. The show Versailles was met with a lot of criticism as people took issue with all of the erotic scenes the show had. Many people felt the show was inappropriate, leading to widespread criticism, some of which were also targeted toward Vlahos. The show also featured actress Maddison Jaizani as Sophie.

Alexander Vlahos has long hair and some scars on his forehead.
Alexander Vlahos in Versaille (Source: YouTube Channel Ovation)

Alexander, in defense of the show, said that people were only focusing on certain aspects of the show instead of watching the entire show, which he believes was much more than that. He believed that there was no need for the show to be controversial like it got made.

Started As An Ice Hockey Player

Versailles Vlahos started as an Ice hockey player. There is a good chance that we could have seen him as a hockey player and not as an actor today. He started at the age of 8 and played the sport till he was 18 years old. He also captained his national side Wales.

Vlahos is now an actor, and it was also a film that made him fall in love with hockey. He has credited it to the Mighty Ducks. Metro has reported that the film is what led him to pursue his career as a hockey player. He loved the film for its story of the underdog's triumph. 

Career Highlights 

Alexander Vlahos has been part of a lot of movies and tv shows. Per his IMDb page, the actor first became active in the industry in 2010 with the series Doctors. He was in the show's five episodes and played the role of Lewis Cutler

Vlahos's role as Monsieur Philippe d'Orléans in the TV series Versailles is his most recognizable work. Not only the fans, but this role is Vlahos's favorite. He has said that the role was challenging, but that was the fun part of him. He also revealed that the role affected his personal life, but in the end, he is proud of what he achieved with this character.

Some of Alexander's other popular performances are the role of Mordred in the show Merlin. His award wins his status as a top actor. He has been honored with the September Award at Art Blocks International Film Festival. Also, as per his IMDb page, he has won the It's My Shout Award, Latitude Film Award, and Independent Short Awards.

Loves Lego

Very few things give the Versailles actor Alexander as much joy as lego. He loves playing with it. Not only plays but also loves seeing other's lego work. He loves the show Lego Masters and has watched every single episode. 

In an interview with Square Mile, Alexander loves buying lego, and he revealed he has an ECTO-1 Ghostbusters Lego set. In the same interview, he also said that legos cheer him up no matter how bad the day is for him. 


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