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Meteorologist (1969)
Fri Jul 22 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Alexandra Steele

Boyfriend : Jim Cantore
Alexandra Steele is in a relationship with Jim Cantore.

Alexandra Steele is a weather analyst from the United States, renowned for her professional articulation and allure on Television. Her impressive telecommunications skills have made her one of the most popular woman climate columnists in America. She went on to work with the very best news channel like ABC and CBS.

Born on 1969 in the city of Albany, New York State. Alexandra has a bachelor's degree in thermodynamics, Hydrology. Moreover, she got her degree from the American Meteorologist Society. She is also one of the Journalists who raise voice for environmental change.

Is Alexandra Steele is Married?

There are numerous rumor about Alexandra's relationship status. According to most of the media, she is having an affair with Jim Cantore- even you can find on the internet that they got married.

However, there are no official announcements made by Alexandra and Jim Cantore. The rumored lovebirds remain tight lips but they frequently spotted spending time with each other. Scroll down to know more about, the work colleague lover Alexandra and Jim.

Jim Cantore is also a famous meteorologist who served as an anchor on CNN.  Besides, CNN her partner Jim is best known for American Morning, Storm Stories, Tornado Chaser.  According to JustRichest, Alexandra and Jim started to date while  he was working for CNN.

Alexandra Steele And Jim Cantore
Image: Alexandra Steele And Jim Cantore
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Over the year, the couple affair referred to as the scandal which has somehow affected Alexandra's professional career. Furthermore, Jim is a married man and by having a relationship with Alexandra, he apparently cheated on his wife. Scroll down to Know More.

Alexandra's Partner Jim Was A Married Man

Meteorologist Jim Cantore is a married man who tied a knot with Tamra Cantore in 1990. Jim has spent almost two-decade with her former wife Tamra and the couple is blessed with two adorable children.

 Jim Cantore And Her Ex-Wife Tamra Cantore
Image: Jim Cantore And Her Ex-Wife Tamra Cantore
Source: zimbio

Jim is the father of a daughter Christina Cantore and son Ben Cantore. Jim has dated Alexandra before getting separated from Tamra. For instance, Jim got a divorce from his wife on 2009. 

During the time of divorce, Tamra was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. He has left his wife to have a relationship with Alexandra. Scroll down to know about her daughter.

Rumored To Be A Mother

The Television personality Alexandra is rumored of having a daughter. But it's a total mystery who is the father of her daughter. Most of the people often speculated that her daughter's biological father is Jim. But the couple never came out with the real truth.

Alexandra gave birth to her child in 2008. Furthermore, there are no proper details regarding her daughter as well as her personal life. Scroll down to know her income and earnings.

What is her Net Worth and Salary?

Alexandra leads a pleasant and happy existence with her journalism career where she is gaining much Fame and glory.   As of 2020, her net worth is valued at around $400,000 which is similar to ABC meteorologist Sarah Harman.

Alexandra Wrking From The Studio
Image: Alexandra Working From The Studio 
Source: Weather live

Being the face of many news broadcasts, she must earn a salary between $45,000 and $65,000 a year. Like another anchor, Liana Brackett who makes $55,000 a year.

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